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Place of Peace

This valuable facility at Lake Tyers Beach has huge potential as a community asset.  It has the capacity to provide a wide range of support to many groups within our community who currently lack a focus of a "place" to operate through.
Spring time at Oneonta, Lake Tyers Beach

The only truly community space in the area that I am aware off is the Community Hall near the Toorloo Arm Primary School, and while other places such as the LTB Caravan Park Chapel, the LTB Angling Club rooms, the local LTB Shop, boat ramps and the Waterwheel Tavern are some examples where people meet and exchange ideas and work together, there are precious few other opportunities to provide for a broader range of activities.
yellow flowers Oneonta at Lake Tyers Beach
Most importantly though Oneonta could become the embodiment of how the Lake Tyers Beach community feel about and work with it's native environment.  These are extremely important issues if we are to preserve the key values about the community and environment that have brought many of us to Lake Tyers Beach in the first place.

However to kick off this page and give it a more light-hearted focus to begin with, an Oneonta Bragging Page is presented here to promote the Community Garden, what can be achieved and the enjoyment it can give.
Further contributions are welcome through email info@laketyersbeach.net.au

Oneonta: Bragging Rights!!!

Conrad Decker with Oneonta produce! To open the score is Conrad Decker with a cracking tomato and a huge marrow.  These monsters were grown in a regular sized plot at Oneonta and are a testimony to what care, good soil preparation and fertilization can produce.

Feb 2013

A Frog at Oneonta Don't forget that all our friends of Oneonta are not all humans and that some of the little ones that lurk near by need looking after.

This specimen was in the Green Manure planted by David and fortunately it was harvested by hand and no one was harmed!!!

May 2013

Scare Crow at Oneonta, Lake Tyers Beach
Scarecrow did not work on the Shire Council who came along and demolished the Oneonta house, saying was derilect (mind you it got that while in their care for 15+years :-( ). Neglect is a self fulfilling process.

The comments here are the opinions of the Website and not official comments from the Oneonta Committee, please attend the meetings and become involved to hear the full story.  Contact:   Susan or David