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Lake Tyers History

Lake Tyers House steps circa 1903 This collection of  photos are courtesy of the O'Donnells and give a good perspective on the life of the priveleged at Lake Tyers around 1903.

Firefly a Lake Tyers boat This collection of photos are courtesy of the Gomez family, the present proprietors of the Rubeena, though it is the sister ship, the Firefly featured here.

Bung Yarnda on Princes Highway An interesting roadside site dedicated to the Kurnai-Gunnai people and their environment pre the arrival of the Europeans.

A quiet and restful area for bite of lunch on the tables and a wander.
The early days of the Tavern at Lake Tyers Beach
The Water Wheel Beach Tavern has had a long and treasured place in our hearts.

It is just not a watering hole but a meeting place with great atmosphere and locals.

An original pamphlet came to light recently and we thought it deserved a place on our history pages.

However don't expect the Tavern to look the same it is being renovated!!!
Ruston Proctor Co Lincoln There are some interesting relics from the days of steam and extensive logging to be found at the  Mingling Waters Cafe at Nowa Nowa.

The Tressle Bridge just before you come into Nowa Nowa from Lakes Entrance is a fascinating insight into the times when wood was the main building material.

The Curlip

The Curlip at Lakes Entrance
The Curlip is a  lovely bit of recreated history with a reconstructed boat of a bygone era on the lakes and rivers.  This is normally moored at Marlo on the Snowy River and is available for hire on a restricted basis.

PS Curlip Inc, PO Box 358, Orbost VIC 3888
She has lovely lines, and has a geat ambience when steaming along.