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Mulloway stocking in Lake Tyers

NEWS Flash Fri 13th May 2016:  The first Mulloway likely to have been amongst the ones released below have been caught and released in Lake Tyers. For a full report on this very interesting observation read the Special Issue of Around the Jetties.  Please note that in an effort to document this experiment, any catch (and release) of Mulloway should be reported to John Harrison (Ph 51565648).  Please record date, length, approximate location, bait or lure and whether kept or released.   If John is not available, then contact Lynton Barr on Ph 51564674 with your catch details. John is also contactable by email at johnbethharrison@gmail.com  Please remember the legal minimum length for a kept Mulloway is 60cm (bag limit 5) .  Your contribution to this valuable research is greatly appreciated.

130 day old Fingerlings released in at Nowa Nowa 15 Oct 2015

Lake Tyers was stocked with 5000 Mulloway fingerlings today and released at Nowa Nowa and  Devils Hole.
Car and trailer carrying Mulloway fingerlings to Lake Tyers
After a 2:30 am start in Sydney the precious cargo arrives at Nowa Nowa at 1:30pm in soaring heat.
One of 5000 fingerlings at Lake Tyers.
The 5000 fingerlings were in two 600 litre tanks with their own oxygen bottles per tank to help aeration.
Measuring temperature and oxygen levels
Measuring the temperature and oxygen in the tanks, and also the local lake water, to make sure the fish will not go into shock when released. Only about 1-2 degrees difference.
Beginning Acclimatisation to local water for Mulloway fingerlings
The water from the lake is pumped into the tanks and excess is released to allow a flushing effect to acclimatise the fish gradually to the local water's temperature, oxygen levels and salinity.
Fingerlings of Mulloway in a beaker at Lake Tyers
Fingerlings in a beaker ready for the that photo opportunity.
Showing the fingerlings in a beaker
Lots of fun. Not shown is that Harriet Shring, (Member for Eastern Victoria) was the only one to walk barefoot into the water and actually get wet, mind you not 'on the water', but in the water at least :-)
Mulloway Fingerlings Scooped out of holding tanks
The fish were netted in the big tanks and transferred to buckets,  then either onto boats to be taken to Devil's Hole, or released from the buckets off the local jetty.

Somehow these fish have been marked so if you catch a legal one, keep the head or dissect the ear bones (osteoliths) and send it to the university they will be able to verify it was one of the fingerlings and therefore you will know how old it is.

Very few fish were lost, maybe 50-80 overall.  An excellent job guys. About 70-80 kgs of fish in the tanks.
Goverment reps working hard
Congratulations to all levels of government and clubs who have contributed to this bold and memorable experiment.  Best wishes it comes to fruition and plenty of big Mulloway are eventually found in Lake Tyers.  Well done folks.
The fingerlings will take 3 years to get to sexual maturity.
A cooperative effort between the NSW and Victorian Gov's.