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Bream at Lake Tyers

Fishing Tips from No Fuss Guss 

Guss knows the local conditions
and has skippered many fishing parties
 on the lake over the years. So here it is -

The Lake Tyers

Fishing Report

Check Water Wheel Beach Tavern for your mates' next trip.
No Fuss Gus at Lake Tyers
26th November 2021: Who knows what comes and goes?
Lake Tyers Beach haul by Matthew, nice workMatthew bagged this nice selection of local Black Bream a week or so ago. Not many fishers out to day. The winds have been icy and the drizzle very unhelpful. However we have had about 221mm of rain in the last two months, so that will help keep the lake open just that bit longer. It is hard to take by the farmers hoping to get crops in by now, but better than East Gippsland being as dry as a chip and going up in smoke.
As we have said on these pages before: a drought on land, causes a drought in the rivers and lakes. So hopefully we have plenty of insects and other tucker carried into the lake for fish feed over the next few months.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
18th November 2021: Who knows what comes and goes?
Joe Costoso, channel at Lake Tyers Beach openingJoe Costoso landed this magnificent King Fish while flicking for Flathead. Needless to say this was a very pleasant surprise from the monster lizards he usually lands. And all on a 3Kg line! Nice work Jo. Check around the sand flats for a chance yourself.
The lake water is in excellent condition with incoming sea water, that is salty, running in underneath the fresh water from recent heavy rains. The lighter fresh water is escaping on top out of the opening.
This is very likely to bring a good Prawn event around Easter time next year. Passing Prawn larvae will be carried and be able to bury into the bottom and grow into full sized prawns.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
27th October 2021: Another excellent day out
Another nice haul, Number 2 Jetty Lake Tyers BeachManaged to fit in another weekday trip. Using the frozen Prawns supplies bought at the end of the last seasons Easter Prawn run. They still pack a punch. Went out with Pete again and got onto some good Bream below Devils Hole and mainly searching the banks, and a bit around the snags. More delights to be divied up at NFGB. Also had to doctor up Pete with a gash in his leg from a knife accident. All in a days work!!

The locals chasing Flathead have also been having success, especially Neil and Bernie, these guys are the legends of the Lake!! Catch Neil on Facebook. Now that Covid Lock Downs are gradually being lifted we will see many more tourists around, so just to let you know, be nice to each other, be nice to the fish, and be nice to the environment!! Hope to see you on the water.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
12th October 2021: Bream running well at Lake Tyers
Guss at the cleaning table, Number 2 Jetty Lake Tyers BeachWent out with Limpy Peter this time and cleaned up on good sized Bream, reports of quite a few 40+cm are around. Using local Prawn (bought fresh last Easter and frozen in my Zip-lock bags) proved very effective (and economical). The flushing of the Lake has stimulated the Bream and these were caught above The Island.

As you can see behind me the lake is tidal, but maintaining a good level for fishing and general access to the lake. Plenty of fillets to share with my mates back at the NFGB. John and Tommy will be into them.

Quite a bit of easterly wind coming in lately as expected this time of year, but as Lake Tyers runs basically north-south on both arms, it is easy to find a quiet spot above the bottom lake area.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
9th October 2021: Weather and fishing on the improve
At Lake Tyers, one of Guss bag of 9 good BreamAs Victoria struggles to lift itself out of the Covid lockdowns the fishing continues to improve. Good fishing has been reported around the Devil's Hole and Cameron's Tracks. Fishing close to the banks will produce good catches of Bream at the moment and the weather has been improving all the time as well. If you get a chance talk to others on the lake, you never know who you know in common and brighten up someone else's day.

The lake continues to be strongly tidal and is getting one of the best flush outs ever. Tidal effects are being noticed close to the Nowa Nowa end of the lake, so this is an indication of how much water is quickly moving in and out of the entrance.

I had a good day out with Peter B bagging 9 Bream in all. Going out again this Saturday, so more news later folks.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
27th September 2021: It is on for Young and Old
Archie lands a really good one at Long PointA communication from one our young fishers, Archie (pictured left) at Long Point is a shot of one of his best catches. Well done mate!! Great to see people using what limited time Covid restrictions allow us to be outdoors and people are finding time to be with their children or grandchildren. We have missed nearly two years of open interaction with our families in many ways.

I hope Australia's Covid Road Maps out of this pandemic let us enjoy more outdoors and to do the things we really value as a nation.

I know I will really appreciate being being able to plan a really good fishing trip and be confident it will happen. Tight lines!!!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
23th September 2021: Open again, entrance and for fishing.
Ray Schmitt with a sample of the days catch at Lake TyersThe Lake has opened again and is tidal again. Good Bream are being caught towards the middle to upper reaches of the lake. Success was had early on with Prawn, later on cubes of Pilchard and then to return to the Prawns again. A great sample of excellent Bream. Some young guns fishing off the floating jetties reported they had seen Lemon Sharks around the edges but could not tempt them with baits. Who knows what else is coming and going at the moment with such a healthy flush going on.Thanks to Ray (left)  for the info and tips.

Some of you may have been frustrated to find the ramp at Nos2 Jetty was blocked by a sand bank last week. They have got an excavator in and the Jetty is now more open than it has been for ages. The bank builds up from tidal action, but also from the boats that use the motor thrust themselves up onto their trailers. This digs out the sand inside the floating walkways and piles it up at the deeper end of them. With the lake level measuring 35cm on the Blue Level at the moment, for many boats this can be significant. It should take quite a while before it is a problem again, so full steam ahead!!

Best cure for the Covid blues is some outdoor activity so why not go for a fish on Lake Tyers to blow the blues away, and drop in at the new General Store for some coffee and refreshments. Hopefully The Tavern will be fully open soon as well. Both are operating within Covid restrictions at the moment, so limited numbers.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
29th August 2021: Temperature and lake level rising

There is speculation that the 60mm of rain we had over the last few days will bring on the Bream. The East Coast Low was very welcome (the 100+km/hr winds in the storm from the west at the start were not so welcome). The lack of boats at the #2 ramp on a quiet Sunday afternoon either means either there is not much confidence in the fishing, or people are being really good and obeying the anti-Covid recommendations to minimise travel and social activities. We saw a rise of 45cm since mid July so that is reassuring. The brief opening may have been enough to refresh some species in the lake and we can only cross our fingers and rods (not our lines!) and hope for the best.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
14th August 2021: Trickle of reports of Flathead

There has been a trickle of Flathead catches in a kayak trip by a friend to Burnt Bridge collected 3 nice Flathead using plastic lures. The lake is at excellent height for kayak adventures with a good level of water, but not tidal. Another friend was landing Bream, and managed 4 good Bream on bait  at Long Point.

The Toorloo Arm is shallow in the upper reaches but well served by plenty of access roads (some are not city suburban sedan friendly so be careful) and kayaking. The Fishermans Landing jetty has a dedicated kayak launching bench and Long Point and Mill Point are some other popular places. Putting in at Burnt bridge or Cherry Tree will put you within quick striking reach of the upper reaches, near the Toorloo Arm Bridge.

We are still not out of all Covid restrictions, so carry your mask. With travel for country Victorians eased, a few more of you will no doubt join us here at beautiful Lake Tyers. Hope to chat soon.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
20th July 2021: Lake Closed

The activity has slowed to a trickle at the moment with Covid restrictions on boating and fishing. We are pleased that they the authorities have allowed fishing to continue with social distancing and mask rules rather than a complete ban. The lake closing over so soon, about a fortnight after the opening has left a few people scratching their heads. The level is at 38cm at the moment, somewhere around mean tide level. So no great change to the fishing expected, though 200cm less of water to find the fish in. Take care with the boating as the sandbars in the lake (and there are quite a few) will be more dangerous and may have changed position.

So the lake is open and you are welcome, all of you that live 5km around it. We are blessed with such a pristine waterway so close to our back doors.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
20th May 2021: Special Day

Good fishing is to be had on plastics with Bream at the moment. There is a small but steady stream of boats making use of the #2 Jetty and the so far fine weather in the school holidays. The flow of fresh sea water can be seen right past the buoys and Glass House. With the lake being tidal you need go no further than the #2 Jetty to land a Salmon of good size. While we are enjoying a bit of Covid freedom and good weather (we all wish NSW well and hope they get on top of it soon), it is time to strike out the rods and go for a fish on Tyers. Don't forget the Tavern is always a good backup if all else fails.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
20st May 2021: Special Day
First Catch, Lake Tyers
Today is No Fuss Guss's birthday!! (Pictured in 2017)

So I am talking the helm and wishing him a happy birthday, well earned and well deserved.

The lake has been fishing quite well though the lake has risen 70+cm in the last fortnight and this does not happen without a lot of bad weather so not much to report. The Flathead challenge was successful so it means in spite of dropping temperatures (above and below the water line), the Flathead are still active to some extent and can be tempted. Rob

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
21st April 2021: Higher up is best
First Catch, Lake Tyers
To catch a fish is a great thrill for many people, but to have the wait finally over and to catch your first fish and land it your self is a true milestone for many young people. It is easy to forget  that the mystery of the waters and animals they don't don't know too much about is a really interesting experience? The Bream were very active on green Prawn above the  Devil's Hole, next to the bank with medium weight rigs. Can you remember your first catch?

A Facebook report of an enormous Snapper was made this week. About 54cm long it was a whopper. It was at the stage where the bump on the head was becoming obvious. The long time it has been since the lake last opened has had some positives in that the trapped big fish have continued to grow. These fish would have left the lake system long ago had it been opening every year.  Maybe this year it will open. We are certainly in the best position for a top up and spill over very soon.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
21st March 2021: Good Bream for the taking
Tailor, Lake TyersRecently Julian and son Jed had a great time at Lake Tyers getting into the Bream with a couple of good bags over a couple of days. This is a team we may see a lot more of if Jed really gets the bug. A nice Bream shown here but also good Flathead keepers were also reported.

We have had some heavy downpours of rain lately, but none that have really reversed the dropping level of the lake. It may have slowed the lowering level, but not much else. Conditions are pretty ordinary at the moment as NSW is flooding and we have had about 3-4 weeks of steady Easterly winds around the 20-30km/hr. Tiring after a while, however we may get a bit of rain from the current huge rainfalls on the NSW east coast if it continues to move southward. Not much to complain about given what NSW is going through, our thoughts are with them.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
15th February 2021: Mystery Big Mouth
Tailor, Lake TyersFor those of us who like a good yarn, it is easy to get carried away and stretch things by an inch or two, but when the photo's provided, it is hard to argue with.

This Tailor was on the line (Mar 2018, thanks David Y), fighting vigorously and being hauled in. Suddenly there was a big run, and it just went heavy. Once the fish was landed it was easy to see why. Some much bigger fish with a mighty bite had helped itself to a snack. Most likely a much bigger Tailor, or is there something more sinister in the lake? Bream have been landed in a similar condition.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
3rd February 2021: Big tailor abound
Tailor, Lake TyersThere was a a discussion about the Mulloway fingerlings that were released a few years ago. We have only seen one Mulloway caught that has been documented by a TV fishing show. This catch was most likely a trapped juvenile that had grown a bit in the lake. It was unlikely to be one of the fingerlings. However Tailor have been the prolific big fighting fish of Lake Tyers this year.

The accompanying photograph of a recent catch shows what you might have to deal with if you hook onto one.  These fish are common in the lake, with numbers varying from year to year. Every now and then though there seems to be a bumper crop of large tackle crunching Tailor. This maybe related to the higher lake levels this summer which are unusual. (We have not had high lake levels over summer for 10-15 years, the summer levels are usually low as the lake is refilling after opening in the previous winter.) Even in years when we have had higher rainfall and the lake has opened in winter-spring, it has meant the lake closes over by about December and remains pretty low over summer. It is a rare set of circumstances when we get enough rain to fill the lake to just below over flowing, like now, but not get enough for it to break through and empty.

We have have had 50mm over the last few days in a three heavy downpours. We will have to see if it is enough to break it out. The rain will have to raise the lake by about 90cm to do it.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
30th January 2021: Two familiar faces?
Trent Davis with a nice Flathead, Lake TyersTrent Davis is a popular poster on Facebook and would be well known to many local and visiting anglers. The 95cm Flathead could also be as well known with the catch and release operating so successfully at Lake Tyers. The serious anglers abide by this rule and have themselves contributed to building one of the best sporting lakes for Flathead in this country.

If the photos of the heads of the Flathead caught were collected I would guess it would be possible to give the Flathead names as well, they could become as famous as Trent (maybe!). If people send me a clear photo of the head of their Flathead catches (info@laketyersbeach.net.au) and a suggested name, I will publish them so others can look them up. First person in with a particular fish will get naming rights, and subsequent catches will have their photo and catcher's name will be listed with that fish. It could give us a good idea how many are caught and released successfully.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
26th January 2021: Really fishing locally
David Ray with a 42cm Bream, Lake TyersIt would appear to many a bank fisher that the bigger the boat, the further one goes and the quicker one gets there, the bigger the fish caught. Well they might take comfort in David Ray's catch off the bank between the Tavern car park and Number Two Boat Ramp.

This healthy 42cm Bream specimen was landed by David on a beautiful day at Lake Tyers Beach. Now that the Australia Day Holiday is over and the kiddies and teachers are all heading back to school (along with the bus drivers, lollipop marshalls and tuck shop people), the waters will continue to quieten down. Drop in and see if you can match David's skill.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
24th January 2021: Welcome back
Rob with very healthy Bream at Lake TyersBream are on the go with plenty of reports of people bagging out. There is a bit of black weed on the bottom at the moment so probably avoid sinkers dragging your bait into it and fish light-weight. Stick to the edges higher up. Prawns appear to be the go. Avoid the supermarket prawns and go to a reliable bait shop, the last thing we need is White Spot down here from over there. Better still, just buy some off the trawlers fresh, and freeze what you don't need for your own supply chain. That is what we really mean by "local Prawn".

Big Flathead have been taking soft lures since early November and the large number of these exciting fish you will find in the lake is a testimony to the slot size. Our big breeding females are critical to keeping our stocks up and we should look after them. People are supporting their fish for their Trophy Photos these days (Check out Neil Simpson on Facebook) rather than doing the dead-man hanging trick. The churning of the waters over Xmas-NY has subsided, and now is the time for slowing down, so if you like a fish, a feed and fine beer then consider the Tavern while you are in town.

If you like to live dangerously, go for a trawl for Tailor, there are some 70-90cm jet propelled monsters out there.
Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
28th November 2020: Plenty around
Elise,Trinity and No Fuss Guss with their day's catch  at Lake TyersGus was on the water last week with two excellent assistants who were keen to sample the fishing fun at Lake Tyers. Elise and Trinity joined Guss for a scenic tour first, and then some serious fishing. The girls contributed a couple of catches and the boat bagged out. The Bream were taking local school Prawns kept over from last year. Fishing above the Devil's Hole and close to the banks, the catch ended up gracing the plates of a few friends that evening. 

Maps of Lake Tyers: You can buy a map of Lake Tyers at the local shop and have a great coffee and snacks while you are at it.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
12th November 2020: Lake not open, but Victoria is!
Handy Bream taken by No Fuss Guss at Lake TyersNo Fuss Guss bags out at Lake Tyers
A beautiful day in Lake Tyers and No Fuss Guss and partner Roxy (great photos) headed off a day of relaxation in what has been a hectic time for both of them. With a bit of local know-how and enthusiasm they got a bag of really nice Bream. Using standard local baits and running sinker line rigs above the island and close to the banks, and excellent day out ensured. Dinner plates at Tommy's, Peter's and Garry's houses were loaded with goodies. The Lake is in beautiful condition and the big Flathead are there to test your skill, but also many take home sized catches as well too. A 50+cm Snapper was caught last week which would have been in the lake since it was last open in mid 2016. While large Flathead feature frequently as trophy catches, there are also others taking the keepers too.

There have been some inquiries about Maps of Lake Tyers. You can buy a map of Lake Tyers at the local shop and have a great coffee and snacks while you are at it.   

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
23rd October 2020: Grand Final Holiday
Lake Tyers Beach still popular, Nos2 Boat Ramp.
There was a healthy number of vehicles and trailers in the car ark at Number 2 Boat Ramp on AFL Grand Final Holiday. Not everyone has had time off during this pandemic, and have actually been working harder than ever,  and now that fishing is back on the agenda, all those people who worked right through it deserve a day off. There was a report during the week that one angler had spent the day on Lake Tyers and yet had come home empty handed!!! That was after catching five Flathead, all over 50cm. Not a bad way to be disappointed.

The lake level as measured on the Blue Marker is steady at 148cm, so about 60-70cm more required before a breakout is likely. It could mean we get a summer with plenty of water. The water is very dark due to the tannin in it from recent run off, but on the whole it is healthy, and not "dirty".

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
17th October 2020: No Fuss
No Fuss Guss with a 40cm Bream from LTBI set out with Rob last Thursday for a quick fish up the lake and after losing a hook up, landed this nice 40cm Bream just below Devil's hole. We were using Blue Bait and Prawn for bait. Some early bites came in on the Blue Bait, but the prawn proved decisive later on, as it produced the goods. This was passed onto John B for dinner as he had placed his order the previous night.

The lake has dropped a little from a fortnight ago. The water is very dark with tannin from the dead leaves from the runoff. So the water looks very dark, but in fact is not dirty, but quite healthy. It is providing the fish plenty of good cover and hopefully they will be plentiful over summer. There is also plenty of algae around, though not much of the long green strands that form mats in the warmer summer months in the shallows and then drift across the lake. The water temperature was around the 18degrees mark so the Flathead should be stirring in numbers soon.

Not many boats out but reports suggest that the lake is fishing well and what has been caught is in good condition. It is a pleasure to navigate the lake at the moment. We will need the lake to rise by about 50-70cm to get a breakout, but it could provide a welcome restock of fish that don't breed in the lake. Speaking of which, we had a first hand report of the shark that was seen in the lake, probably about 50-70cm over near the eastern end of the sandbar. No photo to prove it, but an interesting story never the less.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
27th September 2020: The Devil may care?
Matt and Tim hit the Bream at lake Tyers BeachThe cleaning table at Nos 2 Boat Ramp  was graced by a couple of young enthusiastic locals, Matt and Tim. They had cleaned and filleted 6 nice Bream out of 10 caught, 4 returned. Working from Nowa Nowa to the Devil's Hole these guys had some decent fish. Well done lads, it gives us all hope there is plenty left to find.
The keen eyed among you will note the  lake is still high and not broken out. We can't say for sure when the lake might open as all these things are in the lap of the gods. However it is primed for an opening this year, unlike the previous three years.  A good East Coast Low could do it, or a very freakish blow from the west might just do it (most of the weather from the west has been "empty" these last few years). eg A heavy Snow dump in Ballarat this week show how variable things can be.

Overall though the lake is in prime condition and fishing well. Easily navigable and coming off a period of under utilization due to the Covid crisis.

In spite of recent good rains we are still facing a hard summer coming up. If the monsoons above the equator break early and not late, like last year, we may escape the worst of it. Otherwise batten down the hatches for another firey summer.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
30th August 2020: Good waters
About 16 trailers at the boat ramp today. Not much evidence around the cleaning table of catches, but many of the keen anglers these days are catch and release, and have been working the upper reaches with soft plastics (worms and grubs) The Blue Rule at Nos2 Jetty is reading 150cm at the moment and is making launching and retrieval of boats a cinch. Even the party boat as launched today. That thing has some engine!!

The weather was calm and not doubt there would be canoeists in the upper reaches too. The Tavern has changed it operations to a Mini-Mart at the moment and can offer take away cryo-vac'ed meals, fresh fruit and produce, along with take away liquor sales. So if you are town for a fish, then drop in buy some supplies from our favorite store. Fingers crossed we can find a sweet spot between doing more together soon and keeping Covid19 infections low, and away from our most vulnerable citizens.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
14th August 2020: Kingfish
An onshore angler reported this morning he had caught a Kingfish in the lake around Long Point last week. As well he had also had some luck with Luderick in the town end of the lake. Others have been getting good catches of Bream on soft plastic grub lures up higher above the Island. The lake level is reading 93cm on the blue rule at Nos2 Boat Ramp, so everything is much more navigable, smaller tinnies should be able to make it right to the back of the sandbar. Much of the islands are submerged, so there could be new feed around them that will attract hungry fish.

Stage 3 restrictions are still in force so show your support for the community effort by wearing your mask as often as possible. People are infectious 2-3 days before they are aware of significant symptoms. A mask is not perfect, but bloody good insurance. Now we all want to catch something when we go for a fish, but, yo all wear a mask ya hear, and make sure what you catch is definitely not Covid19!!!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
29nd July 2020: Lake Levels
We have been lucky to have had about 70mm of rain in falls within a fortnight. This has risen the lake by about 60cm. So by the blue Rule at the Number 2 Boat ramp the level is reading about 58cm. There has not been a dramatic increase in fishing activity, but now the weather has quietened down again we should see plenty of people trying their luck on the lake.

Take care and fish safe, as the Covid19 pandemic is far from over and social distancing is still required. Fortunately fishing has not got a bad press as a source of unexpected infections, so we must congratulate those fishers who have done the right thing and made it easier for all of us to enjoy our sport.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
19nd July 2020: Estuary Perch
There has been increasing numbers of Estuary Perch being caught in Lake Tyers of good size. Others are catching similar sized Bream as well. The stocking program of a few years ago nay well be paying off with this iconic fish now more plentiful in our waters.

The Corona Virus Pandemic continues to hit the sporting life, and fishing is no exception. There has been a notable decrease in activity since the June/July outbreak in Melbourne suburbs. However Lakes Entrance and Surrounds have not looked so good for many years. The emphasis on the Esplanade for walking/cycling/scootering space for families is excellent. the fronts of chops have been looking much better as well. The coffee shops and Fish and Chip shops are bravely soldiering on and can be relied on for a good break to devour in our very pleasant surroundings.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
2nd June 2020: Plenty of action
Not Lake Tyers fish, but Wahrfy and son Billy cleaning an "Outside" catch at the number 2 Boat ramp Wharfy and son Billy cleaning a nice catch of Pinkies from 7 mile Reef from
"Outside" at Number 2 Boat ramp. Not much news from Lake Tyers though the Fisheries people reported some beautiful Estuary Perch and others have had good Bream over the 42cm, other locals have bagged Flathead.

The talk in town has been about the Whiting fishing in the main lakes. Good catches of size and above Whiting have been reported. Whether this is a sustained bounty so soon from the absence of the netters in the lakes will take years to determine, but it is a promising sign. At this stage all we can do is cross our fingers and hope as Lakes Entrance could do with some tourists in town. Hit by the drought over the last 3-5 years and extra hot and large bush-fires over summer, then the Covid19 lock down, we could do with a change of luck. Hope to talk fishing with you soon....

The Esplanade and surrounding areas have had major facelifts and the town is really looking ahead at the moment.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
19th May 2020: Class act!!
Neil Simpson takes a bloody good catch at Lake Tyers Beach. This is from a few days ago, but my contact Neil, who is a guaranteed an LTB success story, has been out on the lake and trying his best to inspire you guys to give it go (do I recall someone with that message recently, mmmmm probably imagining things, but do you really get a go?) with this handsome catch. (Now how much did Bernie do the assist in this operation, how much credit should we give her?)

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
17th May 2020: Some action

There have been big differences in reports coming in. Some good Flathead (well done Neil!) and enormous Tailor (nice on Mick!) but others targeting Bream have found it hard work and not much to show for it. Camerons Arm and Reedy Arm, which have been safe bets for some anglers over the years, have yielded nothing for the morning's effort.

The water is about 12C so a bit of the cool side, but should not stop all fish. The boat ramp at Number 2 Jetty is somewhat shallow. Boats can be launched, but if you have a larger one then possibly the steeper ramp at Mill Point might be a better option. Someone has fixed the drainage pipe on the cleaning table at Number 2, so thanks for that. The left hand has a slighter better entry where some "dredging" by drive on boats has occurred.

There was only 7-8 trailers in the car park yesterday afternoon, so things are pretty quiet.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
11th May 2020: Back to it....

The news is out Fishing is now permitted in the lightened CV19 lock-down measures. It is well worth remembering that there is much to be cautious about. We are hoping that recreational fishers will respect the intent of the lock-down and not undermine our gains with reckless behavior that brings our favorite hobby into disrepute. Fishing alone at Long point probably should never have been banned, but how many of us can remember the crowded piers around Port Phillip Bay. So how do we draw a line that is practical for our hard working Police to enforce. Sometimes we have to give a little to gain a lot.

So try to keep your distancing rules (fishers are sociable chatter boxes, so this will be a challenge) and if you are feeling unwell then err on the side of caution and cancel, rather than spending all day in the boat and maybe infecting your best mate. Keep your number of fishing companions low and don't travel far, don't fish with ten different people from all over the state in ten days :-).

Most fishers we know are very conscientious in obeying catch and bag limits etc etc and feel confident that this is one group of sports people the Government can have confidence in. Show em' it is not unjustified.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
4th March 2020: Snagged at Isolation Point

Well Victoria appears to dodged the first CV19 bullets, but we must not forget that the virus is not a one hit wonder, it will seek out the weakest links and use them again and again without warning. So those of you who are making the daily sacrifice of limiting contact with other people, our thanks goes out you. Especially parents of school aged children who are not at school and could also be suffering business, employment or other economic hardships.

In spite of all these challenges our world down here was brightened by an email from a reader, Geoff (a long time Lake Tyers fan), letting us know how much he was missing the fishing and visiting the area. His wife is so confident she has booked up two trips down here later in the year. Now that is what I call refreshing optimism.

Geoff's main inquiry was "How is the level of the lake?". Well it is very low, as low as locals can remember. It would take a rise in levels of about 2.3m to get it to open. However with changing weather patterns over the last 4-5 years (the big East Coast Lows have stopped), the drought as a result, then devastating bush fires, the underlying economic downturn in EG, finally the Covid19 threat, we have had a bugger of a time. The Golden Tags idea was a glimmer of hope for a while, but they will still be swimming around after the CV19 is manageable. The main Gippsland lakes will be getting a real rest with the pro-fishing businesses gone from the big lakes (though bait fishers are still allowed), and as Geoff hinted it could be a bumper return for amateur anglers.

If anything good comes out of these times we hope it is a revitalisation of local tourism and and a renewed appreciation of what beautiful areas we have here in East Gippsland. If any of you are itching to get back to Lake Tyers then you'd better get in quick like Geoff's wife and start booking now, :-)

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2nd April 2020: Going outside? No fishing
Latest clarification from the Minister Pulford, is the Police are going to take the strictest interpretation of the lock-down and stay at home rules, so non-professional fishing is going to be impossible to justify. Good luck with any Police you run into, as we are saying "Stay Cool, Stay at Home and Stay Safe". Flattening the curve is not going to eradicate the disease overnight, but it is giving our health experts extremely valuable time to be in the best possible place to support us if we run into trouble, Corona Virus or any other medical emergency (these will still occur).

We were all prepared to help the Firies, now it is the turn for the Medicos, right through to the Check-out chicks (sorry fellas) to get our support. It is as easy as staying home as much as possible and observing social distancing when out. Time to get out YouTube and enjoy a few of your favorite fishing or wildlife shows.

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1st April 2020: Stricter monitoring
It has been bought to our attention by several locals that with the new restrictions, the boat ramps are being monitored by Police to make sure the rules "no more than two in group" and "no unnecessary travel" are being enforced. Responses to inquiries have varied as to whether a couple of people in a boat can go fishing. We do not want to undermine official actions in this time of community stress, but just giving the warning that you might find your access to the water restricted. If you do load up the boat, then don't be surprised if your best plans for the day come undone.

The authorities are taking the Corona Virus threat very seriously, and so should we. If you want to laugh about it, go home and watch YouTube, and stay there. However if you are unsure, to avoid disappointment, phone the local Police before you set out and get a local update. There are fines for not obeying current restrictions on movement and gatherings. The Corona Virus is the lottery none of us want to "win".

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19th March 2020: Social distance.....
$10k Winner from Bemm River, photo at Lake Tyers Beach
Just when East Gippsland thought it had seen the worst of the bush fire economic battering, the Corona Virus Pandemic turns up and piles it on even higher. Many of the big sports that roll in the big money are being hit very hard with playing games with no spectators or no games at all. Fortunately fishing has two main advantages as a sport, the first being it puts high quality fresh food on the table (no fights in supermarkets) and secondly, has always incorporated a sense of social distance. It has never been polite to park up close to another fisher, even if you are in the same group. You pick your spot and work it. This applies whether you are up a river, on a boat in the lakes, or out on the 90Mile Beach. Fishing at this time could be just what the doctor would order to soothe a worried mind.

So get out in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful Gippsland Lakes. Stick to your bag and size limits, and see if you beat the "panic merchants" in the supermarkets to the best meals you could possibly have. You might just pick up one of the Tag Prizes as a real bonus. All the $10,000 prizes have been taken, but each subsequent tag is worth $2000 caught before 28 February 2021. The VFA presented the cheque to a winner (their photo above left) recently.

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15th March 2020: Those tags just keep popping up
Prize winning Tags from East Gippsland
The State Government's initiative to release tagged fish into the rivers and lakes of East Gippsland has attracted a lot of interest in anglers, and while the big $10,000 prizes have been claimed by the first ten tag catchers, there is still plenty of fishing gold lurking around in the waters. (VFA details)

East Gippsland has been hit badly by recent bush fires and businesses will appreciate your custom. Many of the people living here have had livelihoods and community connections knocked about heavily, so having a friendly face saying "Good morning" and asking how they are going could help a lot.

The drought (which has not really finished, the lake is not full yet!) that preceded the fires has also meant the rivers and lakes have been doing it tough too, so if you are chasing the golden tags then please consider catch and release, and observing closely all bag and size limits. Don't flog the system if you expect it to give back to you when times should become more abundant.

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25th February 2020: The long weekend is looking good
Julian with a couple of lovely Bream at Lake Tyers Beach
The Bream are active around the Toorloo Arm area, down to the main lake. Fishing between the start of Blackfellows Arm and up to Lonely Bay can produce good Bream on whole local Prawn. There are also Pinkies to be had in the same areas. Swim lures and glide lures continue to be popular alternatives. Julian (left) managed a couple of nice keepers last weekend around the middle of the day.

Lake Tyers Angling Club narrowly pipped the Lakes Entrance Angling Club at their annual "fish-off". We have have had 70mm of rain approximately in the last fortnight, and this will will add some welcome fresh water to the system. This will not make a significant change to the lake level and visitors should not expect the lake to have changed much from xmas-new year.

The catchment for Lake Tyers is not that big and extends up towards Buchan, where the Tambo and Snowy catchments pinch it off. The lack of very heavy rain at this time has meant that there has not been big flows of runoff from burnt areas into the lake. Because the lake is closed incoming water tends to stall at the very top of the lake. Fortunately for the lake its catchment and surrounding forests escaped major damage this time around. The water remains in pretty good condition, even though very low.

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11th February 2020: Lake Tyers Angling Club starts it comp season
No Fuss Guss with winning Bream at Local Comp
The Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club held its first comp for the 2020 season last weekend and No Fuss Guss and partner Roxy thought they would dangle a line and give the comp a go.

They hit the water on the Saturday for an early start in pretty fine conditions. The bush fire smoke had nearly gone and the weather friendly. They landed a Flathead and a Bream between them. Not overly confident they weighed in the fish on the Saturday. However Sunday turned out to be shocker with high winds and rain. Much to their surprise their early start had payed off and they won $20 each for best fish in the comp. Guss is shown with Roxy's lovely Bream. The Bream are continuing to bite well with plenty of young ones to strip your bait, but hey that is OK, that is where the big ones come from.

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28th January 2020: Good tales, tall and true
Logo from Reelitin.com.au
Over few beers at the Tavern we caught up with Bernie and Neil. Turns out Neil had taken Bernie out on his club fishing comp and she came up trumps with this winner Flathead. Not only was Neil impressed (he is smiling and photo-bombing at the same time), his club members were even more surprised by the stellar performance of the new comer.

Good catches of Bream continue, with along with others varieties like 50cm Trevally, and Estuary Perch (more on this later from Neil) taken from the lake, and Salmon from the surf. The lake has been very popular over the long weekend, but if you are looking for quieter, more sedate conditions then they will begin when school resumes and the rush is over until we see you all again at Easter. Take care on the water and the roads, we hope you have had a safe holiday.

Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers Beach are open for business...

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18th January 2020: Local expert's tips from Reel It In and Dusty Stalker
Logo from Reelitin.com.au
Well we have rolled into 2020 and so far Lake Tyers Beach and surrounds has not been really threatened by bush-fires. However we are aware that the wind changes that helped us, have bought untold devastation to other peoples' lives and the very nature of our local bush, and its unique flora and fauna. Our sympathies are extended to all those who have suffered in this crisis.

A holiday rental over the road has brought Troy from "Reel It In" to town and I was able to share a few fishing stories. Notably Troy got to work with Trent Davis (AKA The Dusk Stalker) and put together this highly informative, and in depth video on how to catch a Lake Tyers Monster. Check it out on YouTube. There are some excellent descriptions of glide lures and swim lures and the techniques used to fish them at Lake Tyers. The fish were all caught from wading in shallow waters and released in good condition.

The fire situation is quite mild here (at the moment) so if you are thinking of coming down, then don't hesitate as long as you keep up to date on the Emergency Victoria website and other authoritative information sources, and are prepared to quickly follow advice on roads, and evacuations etc This could change overnight, as happened at Mallacoota for example, so be prepared to alter your plans according to the risk level.

Good sized Pinkies are about and the outer end of the buoys in the southern end of the lake have yielded good results. Try larger baits like Pilchards and whole local prawn.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

23rd December 2019: Tailor lurking
25cm Bream hooked, then attacked by a Tailor @ Lake Tyers
Local gun fisherman, Joe, hooked this undersized Bream (maybe 25cm, but who knows?), then before it was even near the boat a second major bite was felt, and it was landed in Black Snake Bight with the back half neatly chomped off.

Jo is convinced it was a large Tailor that took that bite. It is an amazingly clean bite. If you are inclined to chase the not so famous monsters in our lake, the Tailor, then you better pack some decent wire traces and leaders. These are high level predators, and very fast, the Cheetah of our waters.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a happy and safe holiday period and we would love to hear of your exploits.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

21st December 2019: Don't discount shallow water

Bream have been taken in the shallower Northern side of the bay after the Trust going up the Nowa Nowa Arm using local Prawn from a boat, fishing back towards the side. The fish were good size and provided excellent sport in the afternoon. Deeper does not always equate to bigger fish.

Others have reported really good catches of Estuary Perch further up the lake. These fish have been stocked into Lake Tyers in 2016 and have had nearly 3 years of growth, so would be reaching reasonable size by now. This is a part of the "Target One Million" program and was supported by the Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club members. This a classic East Gippsland fish the we should hear more of over the next few years.

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14th December 2019: Trevally, a giant!
Trevaly 70cm landed after 30min battle in a kayak @ Lake Tyers
A reader sent in this worthy photo of a 70cm Trevally caught by Flynn Shields after a 35minute battle in a kayak. Now that is some feat, as Trevally are notorious for fast powerful runs and sharp turns, let alone a biggy like this one.

Well the lake continues to offer up surprises. Any interesting catches, large or small we would love to hear about them.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

14th December 2019: Chicken anyone?
A 101cm Faltty By Kev' from the Tav' @ Lake TyersKev' from the Tav' bagged this 101cm monster a week or so ago. Mention was made of marinated chicken being involved in the catch. Now you will have to either figure that out yourself, test it yourself, or just go and talk to Kev' over a few, to find out what really went on.
There is plenty of interest in Lake Tyers so far this season. We have long running fires to the North of us, around Bruthen and Buchan. There are plenty of fishers that come from that way and enjoy a fish down here, so we hope that they are going ok. There has been plenty of activity from our local East Gippsland volunteer fire fighters and we applaud their skills  and dedication in difficult times. Thanks folks!

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9th December 2019: Flathead on the go

Frank (Caltex) with a 40+ Bream Lake TyersGood reports coming in of Flathead and Bream on lures and bait, even marinated chicken (but more of that later). The lake is still very low and plenty of algae growing in the warm shallow waters.  This year these parts are very shallow and the algae is trapped for the most part and not drifting into the open waters. However it should be providing plenty of food and cover for fish fry working their up the food chain.

Plenty of boats on the water and the cleaning table is busy. Frank, from the Caltex Servo (+61 3 5155 5966) in the Esplanade is featured today with an excellent 40+cm Bream. He is also running fishing tours we believe, so give him a ring, and/or drop in for some supplies (bait and tackle) and have a chat about the local scene.

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27th October 2019: Waking up and Hungry
Dusty Stalker on Lake Tyers, Oct 2019
Trent Davis (aka Dusty Stalker) and his mate Tim have also shared a photo with us of early Flathead and Bream catches. Like Joe these guys are early starters in the season, and the extra effort pays off.

I gave the boat a run last week, to get ready for the season. The lake is in good condition. We are getting some fantastic weather for fishing, but occasionally very strong winds when the cold fronts from the west go through. Unfortunately they are carrying very little rain for us by the time they get here. Keep an eye on the forecasts.

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20th October 2019: Catches are trickling in

 Jo and the GT at Lake Tyers A couple of locals have contacted me with news of catches in the lake. A regular, and known for his huge Flathead achievements has teased us with a photo of a Trevally, but apparently he also caught Flathead and Bream as well. Joe is an early starter and his interest is a signal for all of us that we should get moving, because the Flathead and others are warming up.

The lake continues to be low. We have have not had any really decent rain now for about 4 years and the lake has not opened for the last 3 winters. 

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7th October 2019: Winter season over?

Things are warming up, Flathead observed but hard to catch, not really on the bite, more news soon.

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28th August 2019: Early or Late Bream?
Brodie and Guss'  haul at Lake Tyers.
Just thought I would take Brodie out on his first trip to target Bream. It looked like the weather, later in the week, was going to cut up rough, so Tuesday was it. We fished up around The Island and managed 4 Bream with two of them 40cm. Now whether these are early Bream for the coming summer or should be considered late Bream from last summer is just splitting hairs, but it was a great day using the local prawn (deep frozen supplies from last summer's Prawn runs) and made history with Brodie landing his first official "No Fuss Guss" Bream.

These are particularly good fish for this time of year, and given how low Lake Tyers has been, it is incredible how good the fishing still be. No doubt though the lake like the rest of the country around our lakes is under stress, so take care!

Great day, thanks mate!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

10 August 2019: Snapper
A large Snapper for Lake Tyers.Last week a pair of mates went out on a recreational fishing trip and caught a 50cm Snapper just before Devils Hole. Using local Prawn they managed to bag a very nice fish. Thanks for the photo Gazza!

Other very persistent fishers have also bagged good Bream on local prawn lightly weighted at the top of the lake, launching their boat at Nowa Nowa.

Though the rains have been disappointing so far this year, no sign of any opening and a freshen up, the fish continue to be caught, albeit in much lower numbers.

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19 Jun 2019: Mal brings a change of fortune
Mal and me went out last Monday and bagged four nice Bream near the Green Shack. Using local peeled prawn from the supermarket we got a few and lost a few. The higher up we went the smaller they got, the water was about 9C degrees, moving to about 10.5C above The Island. Things have slowed down considerably. There was one lone trailer in car park on Tuesday. However the recent rains of about 40-60mm in the last 30 days have lifted the lake a few centimetres. Better than nothing!

The "No Fuss Team" are gearing up for the Twin Rivers Competition for 2019. It is hard to snag a decent bream in these conditions, and it demands the very best from the anglers. Hope to see you there to share a yarn at the very least.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

27st May 2019: Hookers hooked on LTB
Rowey, reported to us, the Happy Hookers Fishing Club have been successful once again at Lake Tyers. This happy band of fisher-gentlemen have bagged some nice fish.
A handy bag of flathead and a Bream, Happy Hookers, May 2019
A handy bag of flathead and a Bream, Happy Hookers, May 2019
Notably they also reported an Estuary Perch around the 40cm mark. This is a fine fish, not often landed and hopefully we will see more of these appearing in catches as the fingerlings released in 2016 also mature. This fish can be distinguished from other species by the notch on the gill cover high up the shoulder.
Estuary Perch, Lake Tyers, May 2019
People are gearing up for the Twin Rivers Competition for 2019. lake Tyers is fishing quite well, but this current bout of cold weather (record snow in the alps!) will slow things down considerably. Catching any sort of fish in the middle of July will test the best of us!!!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

21st May 2019: Temperature dropping quickly
The lower lake has meant the water temperature has dropped fairly quickly this year. Accordingly the Flathead are going quiet, but encouraging reports of Bream and Snapper catches are coming in. Again try around the buoys and the Glasshouse. The preferred bait for Snapper are whole Pilchards, and the Bream are on local prawns, and in places hitting vibes really hard. Others report heaps of small fry, while irritating now, are the catches of the future. So the lake is looking to have healthy fish stocks, even though its been locked for the last three years now.

I am hoping to fit a few trips before the winter really draws in, so stay tuned.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

23rd Apr 2019: Snapper on the bite
We have heard that Snapper, in the form of 30-45cm Pinkies are to be had in the lake on Pilchard, either pieces or whole ones if you have the right size. Those in the know have bagged out. Around the Channel Markers and over at The Glass House have been good performers. There also plenty of undersized Bream around so keep a bit of bait on hand.  You may also get a big run from a Tailor that will make short work of a Bream rig.

Still looking for some good rains though, as is half the country. we did a level measurement last week and it had actually risen 4cm, so Rob was wrong and that 40+mm of rain had made a small difference.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

17th Apr 2019: In spite of very low levels...
Reports have been indicating Easter should bring joy to many fishers. Mixed bags of good Flathead and bream have been taken, though on bait mainly. The boat ramps are getting a bit challenging and a few boat owners that have have not taken care have found themselves stripped to the underwear and pushing vessels off a muddy bank!! We are in for a little rough weather in the next day or so, but it should blow over in time for major outings from Friday to Sunday, the lucky ones will get Monday too! The recent 40mm storm has not caused the lake level to rise to any noticeable degree. Fingers crossed for a very wet and stormy winter.

A special hello to Neil M who has provided some valuable feedback on this column for us to work on. Comments by readers are greatly appreciated and always read in detail. Thanks Neil!

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20th Mar 2019: Even, more catches
Just to add, Flathead have been quite prominent too in catches with people who target them regularly getting the trophy sizes (remember 55cm and over, handle and return safely!). Huge Tailor have also been encountered, so if you want to catch them heavy traces and lures are recommended. If they are around expect to lose your Bream tackle!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

11th Feb 2019: More catches
Anglers have enjoyed more success this weekend with people able to get their bag of Bream and a few "take home" Flathead. Reports of the larger Flathead are around with recorded catches of the monsters sizes around the 85cm mark. Other reports suggest that there are many Flathead in the lake at the moment and the lake would be appear to be in good condition in spite of being at its lowest level for a couple of years. Check the report on the Lake Level.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7th Feb 2019: Plenty of Variety
Neil, a local gun, with a very nice TrevallyApologies for the long holiday break. We have no excuses there has been plenty going on, but keyboard time has been low!

The lake continues to be at it lowest level for many years with sandbars appearing everywhere. However local gun fisherman Neil has been cutting through and has shared three nice catches with us. Show here is the very nice Trevally taken last week. He also landed a really decent Flathead and Bream that are shown on the bragging pages.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

26th Dec 2019: Flathead are stealing the show.
Blake Cameron's Dad  at Lake TyersRemember Blake Cameron? Well his dad, Gordon has been in touch this summer with a very nice 80cm Flathead taken off the bank near Mill Point. This is a magnificent breeder and essential to be returned to the water unharmed. Keeping these big females in top condition and breeding well is the back bone to keeping Flathead numbers up, and making sure there are plenty of <55cms (and >29cm) to take home for the plate.

Plenty of small Bream cleaning up hooks, and if you are not rigged up the right way, the Tailor will just take your whole rig off, full stop. So take plenty of bait and tackle!!!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

Measuring up an 80cm caught off the bank  at Lake Tyers

26th Dec 2018: Flathead Special
Trent Davis (Reel It In) at Lake TyersTrent Davis (of Reel It In fame) and Scott in Flathead heaven. What gorgeous looking beasts? And we are talking the fish obviously. These are the future of the Flathead sport in Lake Tyers, properly landed, held and returned to live and breed another day.

However it does require a bit more work than flopping a lure over the side of the boat. These girls are not easily fooled and you may have to work harder than you think to land one.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

Trent Davis (Reel It In) at Lake Tyers
Scott from Frank's Holiday Retreat at Lake Tyers
22th Dec 2018: Tailor puts a big fight
Cooper Wilson (11yr lower Plenty) with a grand 68cm Tailor at Lake TyersCooper Wilson (11yrs, Lower Plenty) with a grand 68cm Tailor caught in the Nowa Nowa Arm on light Bream tackle. The fish launched itself out of the water several times and put up a real fight. Cooper eventually won out on the day and very proudly landed the catch in a net.

This is the sort of fishing that captures young people's hearts and minds. Great to see the lake providing such opportunities.

The algae is building up in the shallows over the sandy areas, and the lake has not risen significantly even though we have fairly regular bursts of rain. The temperature would be above the 20's and evaporation would be taking its toll as well with this hot summer burst.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

20th Dec 2018: Flathead lead the school
Sprinkles (aka Shane Greaves) with a grand Flathead at Lake TyersFlathead continue to capture the top news spot with plenty to brag about. Sprinkles (aka Shane Greaves) has landed a good catch on the shallows near The Glasshouse(?). There is still plenty of water and idyllic spots to be fished on Lake Tyers this summer, but do take if you are in a boat and especially if you are the skipper. Get you and your crew back safely and enjoy the day out. Lake Tyers is frequently patrolled by both Fisheries Inspectors and Water Police, take care of yourselves and the fish! See you in 2019.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

18th Dec 2018: Bream are not yet goin' easy
Trent Davis witha pretty cool Flathead at Lake TyersTrent Davis is pictured kicking off his season with a really nice Flathead. This may need to be your target species as the Bream are hard to find and not really responding to any baits or lures. It will be a canny fisher who can bag out on Bream at the moment.

The rainfall has been low again this year. From mid year 2016 (when my daily records began) to late December 2016 we had 327mm in that half year, whereas in all year in 2017 we had just 435.7mm, and so far in 2018 all year we had 401.7mm. This is barely over half of the 2016 rainfall. However the lake appears to remain in good condition and able to weather this dry cycle for a good bit longer. The El NiƱo predictions apparently say we will have a slightly wetter than normal summer, but that is at the expense of the overall decrease in annual rainfall, and especially over winter where crop growth is essential for farmers, and also for opening the lake!

Low rainfall here also means the lakes does not have excessive run off from farm land with nutrients from fertilizers or live stock or natural vegetation break down. So the water is still in pretty good condition, even if not very high. It would be good to get a flush of the lake soon and a fresh influx of species such as Leather Jacket and Snapper that do not breed in the lake.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

1st Dec 2018: Flathead are hotting up
Smokin'Joe getting into the groove at Lake TyersWell known local, Smokin' Joe has thrown down the Flathead challenge with a 95cm catch in the last few days. This guy knows his Flathead and how to work a boat and lures.  Well done Joe, a handsome catch indeed!! Note the support for the fish's body.
We have had a share of 67,500 Estuary Perch fingerlings released into Lake Tyers last week. We get very few reports of EP's taken in Lake Tyers, but we were reminded that this elusive and slow growing fish is hard to catch and it was only 2016 when the last batch were released, not that long ago really.
We have had nearly 50mm of rain recently over 4 days and has provided welcome relief to local farmers, but not really a breaking of the drought. Likewise we expect a bit of runoff into the lake, and some fresh seawater over the bar from the mild storm, but no great change in level.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7nd Nov 2018: Finally!
An 80cm Mulloway was caught and released by the team from "Reel It In". They captured the moment on YouTube, so unlike other Mulloway catches reported there is no doubt about this one. We doubt it is from the fingerlings, or more catches of smaller Mulloway would have been reported (the growth would have had to have been spectacular, and stayed through a number of openings). But this one certainly has been holed up for about 2 and a bit years as the lake has not been open for that long.  Whatever its origins it was certainly keeping in good condition, and congratulations boys on letting that one go!!! Well done!!!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

2nd Nov 2018: Good advice!
Young lad with two handy Flathead at Lake Tyers BeachAfter a chat with me I suggested to Paul to try Trident Arm and he reported back success with old Prawns and hauled in a 34cm Bream on the last prawn. (see left)

A report came in of a large Perch being taken last week. Above the 40cm, so unlikely to be the fingerlings that were released a few years ago, but indicates that the habitat for Perch is OK and maybe we can be hopeful the fingerlings are doing well and will be legal size soon, if not already that size. Very few reports come in for this species.

Contrary reports on Flathead catches which is opposite to last week with indications they are biting much further up the two main arms. They are probably biting wherever there is natural food/bait to bring them on. Keep an open mind.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

1st November 2018: Wide ranging fish activity.
Many reports are coming in highlighting that the fish are on the move. Reports of Bream around the middle of the lake system down to the buoys, and Flathead sightings much lower, even in the shallows near the sandbars. Also plenty of bait-fish being chased by packs of Tailor as well. Though the water level is as low as possible, the lake appears clear and healthy. Weed is a nuisance in some of the more protected coves, but it also provides excellent feed and cover for juveniles. Don't forget the Tavern Fishing Challenge. Well organised and great prizes, with catch and release organised.

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15th October 2018: Lake is warming, fish are biting
The lake has begun to reach that critical temperature when reports begin to come in. Catches of 40cm Snapper around the glasshouse on Pilchard. Trawling for large Tailor has been mentioned, and Bream being taken up above Cameron's Tracks and at Cherry Tree. Hard-body lures have also been popular up around Nowa Nowa. The temperature may have to lift a bit more to get the Flathead stirring to biting stage, but some early catches indicate things are on their way.

I had the pleasure of taking a couple of very special guests out on the water recently and all on board managed to bag a decent fish. Given that this was early in the season, it was a really good effort. A sign of better days to come. Well done folks, fantastic to have you aboard!!
Early catches of Bream
No Fuss Guss on Lake Tyers

Looking forward to seeing you out on the water, and even more so to meeting you at the cleaning table!

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20th August 2018: No-Fuss Tinny for Sale
We don't run boat adverts here normally, just mention our friends occasionally. But in this case I must make an exception, No Fuss Guss is selling his Tinny for $4000. This tinny has been maintained by Guss so you know it will be in great condition and includes electric starter on the 25hp Johnson outboard, 2 anchors, two additional spare alloy wheels, rego to March 2019, sounder, lights and all boat safety gear (sorry, no PFD's).
No Fuss Guss Tinny 4 Sale
No Fuss Guss Tinny 4 Sale
No Fuss Guss Tinny 4 Sale
Contact Guss direct if you are interested. Mob: 0429 700 024 Click on image for enlargement.
Rob (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

28th August 2018: Fish are hard to catch
A few reports have come in of successful outings but they have been been sporadic and there has not been much consistency. The fish at this time of the year are spawning and talk has it that, when there is a drought on land, and we are having a "green drought" (ie the paddocks look green but there is very little in the way of true fodder on them), there is a drought in the fishing as well. We have been deliberately not putting up too much here as the stocks that are there, appear to be already under pressure anyway (Pro's, chemicals, Cormorants etc etc?), and we should be patient until the next generation has been spawned before we go after the mums and dads. We should also be giving thought to supporting a slot size for Bream, ie if it is 40cm or bigger, we should put these breeders back in the water. I reckon it has worked for the Flathead, so why not Bream too? After all a good stud breeder does not send their prize bull or ram off to the butchers for a quick dollar.

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24th June 2018: Upper lake for Bream, Tailor are plentiful
Above Cameron's Tracks for Bream and Pilchard in the lower lake for Tailor and Pinkies.  Otherwise pretty quiet and conditions demanding even for experienced and usually successful anglers.  The Happy Hookers bucked the the trend recently though with nice catches of Bream and Flathead (see Bragboard).

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10th June 2018: Bream still main catch, Flathead still active
Bream have been taking hard-bodied lures and prawn high in the lake system around Camerons Tracks and above. Some have been found around Long point and higher up the Toorloo Arm.  Tailor and Pinkies (Snapper) have been going for pieces of Pilchard.

This is the pointy end of the season where the only the best fishers regularly catch fish, so it is with hope we are looking forward to the Twin Rivers Fishing Competition.  It is a great event, with great prizes, so consider entering, and we can catch you up there. Only the best will win.
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18th May 2018: Pinkies making someone's day
Pinky Snapper taken around the lake, early morning, late evening.There are still good big Bream actively taking local Prawn, in the 40-43cm range. However at the moment Pinkies around the 35-40cm mark are turning up in good numbers. Try Pilchard early morning or late evening. All the fish are in fine condition and carrying plenty of meat. Large Flathead are also around with Kenneth Jonasson landing an 86cm on a plastic and No Fuss landing an excellent 77cm catch on prawn in the last week or so.
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25th April 2018: Big Bream to be found
The cleaning table was worth a chat the other day when a local fisher had his bag that included two 40cm Bream, caught on local Prawn. No Flathead, but plenty of good Bream. The Flathead have been hard to find since the big competition a month or so ago.  However the quieter waters since the Victorian and NSW school holidays have finished to have lifted the Bream catches. Still no sign of rain and the lake is as low as I have seen it for about 12 years. We will require some huge falls if the ground is to soak up first, and then fill the lake.
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10th April 2018: Luderick on the move
If you are into Luderick fishing then there are a few on the bite in the arms of the lower lake on weed.  Good catches were reported the other day, surprised us and probably have been off the radar for most people.  You will need slightly smaller hooks, set under a float weighted with split shot to maximum sensitivity. Depth of bait can be critical and some experimentation around 75cm would be a good place to start. Weed can be "woven" onto the hook or loosely tied. Weed should be bright green, long and loosely filamentous. A few tugs on the float, and then a dive, should spell success.
Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7th April 2018: Activity with Bream improving
Young lad with two handy Flathead at Lake Tyers BeachPlenty of small Bream around, but bigger ones to make up a bag are also to be found. The lake appears to be in good condition despite very low rainfall. The water level is at its lowest for many years (~10cm on #2 Rule, about 20-30cm drop since October), but the weather has been kind with no real heat waves likely to make the water temperature get too high, causing the oxygen to drop, and consequently causing a major fish kill.

Local baits such as fresh School Prawns from the local trawlers are ideal.  Chunks of Pilchard will work with nearly any of the fish. The traffic at the #2 Jetty has dropped off dramatically since Easter Monday, and the water is a lot quieter for fishing.

We are featuring a photo of young Blake again who continues to fish well.

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18th March 2018: Bream are down, but Snapper up
Snapper have been the highlight over the last fortnight. Serious fishermen (aren't we all serious?) have been struggling to make good Bream catches and the Flathead have gone a bit quiet as well. However local prawn and Pilchard around the end of the channel markers and at the east end of the lower lake have been yielding 40cm+ Snapper. These maybe a cohort that have been trapped inside for the last 21months, and probably arrived as medium Pinkies when the lake was tidal. There has been a considerable build up of windblown sand on the inside of the sandbar, however the water that was really murky a fortnight ago was as clear as crystal today. If you hook up a Trevally, as one young lad did, be prepared for a good fight! Half-peeled local Prawn has proven effective in other local lake systems.

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3rd March 2018: On track for record Flathead year Tailor landed incomplete, a big bite?, Lake Tyers Beach
Flathead have again been reported most in catches.  People have bagged out, people have caught PB's, and others happy with a decent keeper. However Bream have been harder to come by.  The fact the lake remained closed last year has seemed to have reduced Bream activity.  There still plenty going on though, with Tailor around as well.  Many of these fish are going to have to survive at least until the middle of the year before they might be able to exit the lake, so presumably continue to grow. There is evidence of a larger fish than usual being trapped inside over summer. Thanks to David for this one (left). Speculation is that it is a big trapped Mulloway, though others have said maybe a Seal (bite too clean and none have been sighted or heard?). Anyway using Pilchard along "gullies" on the bottom lake, and Blackfellows Arm, and on the drift, has been very successful with Flathead, it even bagged a 40cm Pinkie. Local trawler Prawns for bait have been hard to come by, but should improve closer to Easter.

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13th February 2018: Lake is fishing well Keepers caught at Fishermens Landing, Lake Tyers Beach
There have been many reports all over the lake for good fish. Fishing early morning, or later towards night is a good variation if you are struggling for a catch.

Plastics for Flathead, and bait for Bream perform well, with the space between boat and shoreline giving good results for Flathead. Chasing up local fresh green Prawns, eg off the trawlers in town, will be better bait for Bream than commercial products.

There are plenty of Tailor around as well. So be prepared to up your leader strength if lose a fish quickly after a short run.

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28st January 2018: Myth is "BUSTED" 1metre Flathead caught at Lake Tyers Beach
There has been a lot of talk about the existence of really big Flathead in Lake Tyers, and this photo above should settle the arguments.  Matthew Thewma has cracked it and landed a "magic monster" just over the 1metre.  This is a grand old girl and thanks to his careful treatment should live to fight (and breed!) another day.  Generally the Flathead have been reported as the most frequently caught. The boat ramps have been very busy so things have been pretty churned up. If you prefer a quiet fish then it may be best to hold off, until the weekend is over.
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21st January 2018: Fishing is a family affair Blake's Dad at Lake Tyers Beach
Things have been hotting up down here and all over the state.  Just to show fishing can be a the best family fun, I suggested to Blake's Dad that Flathead don't just bite during the day, and maybe he should try a spot of night time fishing.

As a result Dad landed this 80cm in the dark.  Nice angling!!!

There has been plenty of activity at the cleaning table over the last fortnight.  However, no kudos to the people who cleaned a Bronze Whaler at #2 yesterday and just chucked major junks of the carcass out into the water out the front of the cleaning table.  Just a reminder, the Pelicans will not eat this and Lake Tyers is not tidal, so this waste will hang around for a long time.
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Looking for a well run Angling Club to join that has a great social side, as well as good comps that go up against teams from across Gippsland?  Well have a look at the Lake Tyers beach Angling Club's program for 2018.
11rd January 2018: Flathead and Bream abound Blake's PB at Lake Tyers Beach
Well we are off and running into the 2018 Fishing Year.

Sharing a yarn about fishing in the Tavern, I got talking to Blake Cameron and his dad. Young Blake landed 45 cm on soft plastic in front of the Tavern! His family lives in Seville (Yarra Valley). This was Blake's personal best (what a way to start!) and just prove it was not fluke he went out and caught a similar Flathead the next morning. (See Brag Board).

Other catches of Flathead, both keepers and monsters have been reported both on bait and lures. However be careful about the bait, especially Prawns and see if you can source the genuine local specimens.  They should be a bit bigger and worth the little extra.
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