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Fishcare at Lake Tyers Beach
The other day I was driving past the Tavern and I saw the FishCare guys running their program with heaps of interest going on.  These guys are volunteers and take their fishing education duties seriously.  These four blokes have in excess of 200 years of combined fishing experience to share with the up and coming fisher men and women of today.
Fishcare trailer at Lake Tyers Beach

Their very well kitted out trailer was full of goodies for people to take away to read,
or to borrow for a lesson or two during the morning.
Fishcare educating at Lake Tyers Beach
The FishCare people work from Warrnambool in the west, Ballarat in the north and to Mallacoota in the east.
Lake Tyers Beach must seem like just an afternoon out!!!
Volunteers for Fishcare Lake Tyers Beach
Thanks guys from Lake Tyers Beach, great to catch up!!!

These people are involved in