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Kids Fishing

by Hailey Paxevanos

This is a small book that was bought from a shop in Flinders for $9.90 (June 2017) and if you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for any child remotely interested in Fishing then this is a really great idea. It promotes responsible, environmental friendly approaches to fishing and pitches the skill level just about right, so not too hard for kids to absorb themselves, but sound enough technique to very likely reward them with a catch. Or maybe just to have one around for when the family comes visiting?

Kids Fishing by Hailey Paxevanos

If you want to help your children and/or your grandchildren to pursue a healthy outdoor hobby, then it is highly recommended.

Here are the page headings and will help show the range of topics covered.

  • Notes to Parents and Guardians
  • Things you will need
  • Sun Smart
  • A visit to the tackle shop
  • What Rod and Reel do I need?
  • Tying a Knot and re-Spooling
  • Baits we can collect
  • Baits we can buy
  • Learning to cast
  • Rigs
  • Fish you can Catch
  • Salt Water Fish
  • Fresh Water Fish
  • Lure Fishing
  • Caring for Fish
  • Taking Care of the Environment
  • Some other things that will help
  • Ready to go Fishing
  • More help? A note to parents...
  • Safe Boating Tips...
  • Sponsors
  • Thanks for Reading my Book...

 ISBN 978-0-9871345-0-9