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Around the Jetties

By Lynton Barr

A regular independent Newsletter published to promote Recreational Fishing

Lynton Barr, author of "Around the Jetties"
Lynton Barr
These publications, "An Anglers Newsletter"have a relevance much broader than Lake Tyers and Lake Tyers Beach.  Without doubt recreational fishing has a huge impact environmentally and economically on our Lake Tyers area, and of course, on the entire Gippsland Lakes systems. All these interacting issues are very relevant to how we think about our own environmental systems.  I invite you to read Lynton's newsletters Issue List 2005-16 and reflect on our own practice, the official policies around us, and try to ensure our actions help and support a responsible and sustainable sport/hobby to stay viable.

It with great sadness that we publish Lynton's last newsletter, Nos104.  We must thank Lynton for his fishing insights, untiring efforts, and unshakable integrity, on behalf of all fishers, locally and nationally.  Similarly we must also thank Dawn his trusty publisher partner who also contributed to the publishing of this newsletter. I trust this tribute of thanks will be one of many for their hard work over the years.  Rob Ward
Information Sheet: August 2016 -Banning Netting at the Gippsland Lakes River Mouth, Black Bream Stocks in the Gippsland Lakes,  Recommendations (5 in all),  Editors Comment, Recreation Forum for Anglers (2nd November, Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club), Mansfield Trout Conference (5th November, Mansfield), Excellent photo of the opening of Sydenham Inlet (Bemm River) being opened with explosives!! What a blast!!

Issue104: August 2016: Contents -
Final Edition Editorial, An Anglers Assessment of Trout Regulations, Background, What went wrong, Suggestions- Size Limits, Bag Limits, 2Fish Bag Limit, 5 Fish Bag Limit, Slot Limits, Stocking Rivers, Stocking Lakes, Victoria has five new Fisheries Officers, Gippsland Lakes River Mouths Netting ban, Spread of the Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) to tackle Carp, Carp in the Gippsland Lakes, Introduction of English Perch in Australia 148 years ago, Memories of fishing lake Eildon in the 1960's, recreational Angling and the Law (Anglers congratulated), The Bemm River Report 1st August 2016, Submissions Re: The increased Fishing Licences cost from July 1st, Fishing Competitions, Unfinished Business: Nicholson River Dam, Closure of 2kms of the Silt Jetties Road, The Maasbanker continues netting beaches, Oyster Parasite Attacks Native Flat Oysters, Conclusion.

Issue 103: June/July 2016: Contents -
Lake Tyers Opens to the Sea (7thJuly), Fishing Licence Fee Changes to Boost Investment, 2016 Gippsland Assessment Meeting, Stock Assessment: Consultation and Feedback Meeting (Simon Conron and Bill Lussier), Snapper Measuring in Port Phillip Bay, Case of Koi Carp, Expired Flares a Problem for Anglers, Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers report, A glimpse of the Future, Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, Barrumundi at Hazlewood Pondage, Gippsland Lakes and Mulloway, Bonanza for local fishermen "Flood event means major fish kill 6/7/2016".

Issue 102:  May/June 2016: Contents -
Sub Editor's Note, Stunning news regarding Mulloway in Lake Tyers,  A startling catch, A few facts of interest on the Broadbilled Swordfish, A Golden Perch travels the Murray, Another recent angler verified report(Mulloway catches), Stocking the Tambo, Results from Angler Diarists Work.

A special message from Dawn Barr:
his survey came to us and Lynton has asked me to pass it on to his readers of Around the Jetties. If you wish to participate you will need to return the survey by 10 June 2016.
The letter reads in part....
Undertaking a fish assessment includes considering fisher knowledge which DEDJTR will collect (Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.) Using the enclosed local knowledge survey. Please return your completed survey to Simon Conran at simon.conron@ecodev.vic.gov.au or post to P.O.Box 114, Queenscliff Vic 3225 by June 10th (Bear in mind Aus Post is snail mail so send it early)
I know Simon will appreciate as much data as possible. Prior to the 2016 Gippsland Lakes Fish Stocks Assessment. later in the month.
Next issue of Around the Jetties may be a little later for June as Lynton is very tired and thinking is hard work at the moment. But he will revive and already has some good photographs lined up  ready to add an article
Dawn Barr

Editor: Please respond to this request ASAP and support Lynton in the way he has supported us. Apologies that I cannot offer a live data entry from this portal.  Sorry, but print and snail mail, or fill out and email is the way to go.

Special Issue: May 2016: Contents -
Confirmed catch of Mulloway in Lake Tyers, What are the Implications for Anglers?, Predictions, A Small Piece of History catch/Possession limit, What can we anglers do now?, A disturbing report to hand (May11th).

Issue 101: May 2016: Contents - Editorial "Mulloway Stocking is a gamble", The law and recreational Anglers, The Final Curtain for Abalone Poachers, Meanwhile at Mallacoota over Easter (Blood Cockles), Bass and the Nicholson River, Local Fish Releases (Mulloway at Lake Tyers), Barramundi release in Hazlewood Pondage, Silt Jetties Petition Presented to Parliament, Bemm River Angling Club Fishing Report, Cobia- A new fish on the plate, Murray Cod closed season removed at Lake Eildon, Bag Limit Reduction for Golden Perch, Whiting decline forecast in the future, The change to marine environments continue, Come to Victoria for big game fishing, Silver Perch in Lake Boga, The upgrading of tracks into Lake Tyers, Johnsonville Jetty upgrade, Torquay reef named in honour of Trevor Buck,  Passing of Don Ellis, Welcome to Wangaratta Angling Club.

Issue 100: April 2016: Contents -
Editorial 100th Issue, Increase Fishing Licence Cost for Anglers from July 1st, Licence Background, This Licence Increase, recreational Fishing Licence fees Regulatory Impact Statement (March 2016), An important Winstanley observation, the use of Increased Licence Funding, Bob McNeill's Report, The Silt Jetties Issue Continues, Anglers and Scientists to Assess Murray Cod Populations, Son Cunningham's Bemm River Fishing Report, Mulloway Research Angler Program, (congratulations to Lynton for reaching the "ton" in these newsletters. Ed.) NB
A Correction on the note with the last newsletter.
Submissions on Licence Fees to Jaala Pulford,
Submissions of Protection of Spawning Fish at River Mouths To Craig Ingram, and
Submissions on Closure of Silt Jetties Road to Mitchell River mouth to Minister Lisa Neville .
You will find contact details in the last two Newsletters.

Issue 99: March 2016: Contents -
Protection of Spawning Fish at River Mouths, Commercial Netting, Fish Statistics, Wider Effect of the Decline in the Gippsland lakes Recreational Fishery, Closure of 2km of the Silt Jetties Road, Have your say on netting or Gippsland's River Mouths, Port Phillip and Corio Buyback a Success, Funding in East Gippsland, Great News! Bemm River Launching Ramp Approved, Bemm River Fishing platforms, Other East Gippsland Projects approved, Johsonville Landing Jetty Upgrade, Nicholson Boat ramp Upgrade, Transient Jetty Paynesville, Lake King Destination Jetty, Mallacoota Main Wharf, Kingfish in the Gippsland Lakes, A Developing East Coast Fishery Under Threat, Don Cunningham's Bemm River Fishing Report, Amateur Fishers in a legal fight,  Report on Shellfish Reefs, Program for hatchery Bred Flathead Fingerlings, Mitchell River Silt Jetty Closure still an Issue, Tracks into Lake Tyers, Gippsland Lakes Coordinating Committee, Water inflow into the Gippsland Lakes, A new radio star is born, Salinity Seagrass and Black Bream of the Gippsland lakes.

Issue 98: February 2016: Contents - Proposed Closure of Angler Access to the Mitchell River, Carp in the Headlines, Salinity effect Carp numbers in the Gippsland Lakes.  Sea Grass in the Gippsland Lakes, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Snapper Fishing Off Portland Trawler Wharf, Syndicate Members Jailed for Illegal Abalone, Dusky Flathead in Cunningham Arm of the Gippsland Lakes,  Meeting of Fish Diarists, Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers report, Son Cunningham's Bemm Report, Mansfield Trout Conference, A wonderful Story (Dugong), lake Tyers and Parking, New dredge for Gippsland Lakes, Lake Toolondo gets a Drink, Coordination Committee for the Gippsland Lakes Announced, Summer Issue of Fishing Lines, Death of Allen Beveridge 14/1/1925 to 12/12/2015.

Issue 97: January 2016: Contents -
Release of Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, Background, The Release, Commercial Fishing phase Out in Port Phillip Bay, Coalition Supports the End of Commercial Netting in the Bay, A big Week for VRFish and Recreational Anglers, VRFish Releases an Economic Study of Recreational Fishing, Economic Value of Boating on the Gippsland Lakes, Gippsland Fishing Forum for recreational Anglers, Marine Fish Stocking, Major Trout Conference held in Mansfield, Talk Wild Trout 2015, Lake Bolac Estuary Perch under Threat, The Law and Recreational Fishing, Items in Brief- A surprising catch, Over the Bag Limit Crabs Yield Big Fine, New Study to Investigate Yellow Tail Kingfish, Bass News that effects Gippsland, Whiting and Commercial Nets, 2014/15 Commercial Catch Figures, Rock Beaching on the Mitchell River, Bush Tracks Into Lake Tyers, Bow Fishing for Carp a Possibility, Cormorants Numbers on the Gippsland Lakes.

Issue 96: November 2015: Contents -
Editorial - Crisis in the Gippsland Lakes, Netting in Port Phillip Bay to End, Netting in Gippsland lakes to Remain, Mulloway released in Lake Tyers, Some Mulloway Statistics, Important Mulloway Research, Estuary Perch successfully spawn, Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers Report, Letters, The Law abd Recreational Anglers, Wild Trout Conference in November, Bemm River Report don Cunningham, Recreational Licence Fees Advisory Group, New plastic fishing licences available from Nov1, East Gippsland Anglers Forum, Petition presented by One Man Band, Dusky Flathead regulations Remain, Development of the Victorian Fisheries Authority, VRFish and the Geelong Star.

Issue 95: October 2015: Contents - Editorial Nicholson River Dam, Gippsland Perch Success, The Bemm River Report from Don Cunningham, Reduction in Black Bream limit, Dusky Flathead Fisheries Notice, Wild Trout Conference Next Month, VRFish supports Game Fishing in Victoria, The Bemm River Report - Don Cunningham, Lake Tyers and the Gippsland lakes, Minister Honorable Lisa Neville comments on Nicholson Dam, No Help Forthcoming, Coroner Calls for Life jackets, Barramundi on Menu at Marlo, School Whiting being Filleted, Dry Conditions pose Problems, A little bit of history, Around the Jetties and Local Newspapers.

Issue 94: September 2015: Contents - Editorial State of Bemm River ramp, More Northern Pacific Sea Stars found, Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable Forum, Great Estuary Perch Search, that Nicholson River dam,Protection of Spawning at the Mouth of Rivers, Proposed cap for Commercial Fishers in Port Phillip Bay, Reunited after 20 Years, Don Cunningham's Bemm River Report, Recreational Anglers and the Law, Sand Crabs in the News Again, Letters Letters Letters, Calamari in port Philip Bay, Bass at Blue Rock Dam, Mercury levels in Black Bream and Dusky Flathead, Work Underway at Lake Tyers.

Issue 93: August 2015: Contents - Editorial (Why Stocking?), Estuary perch for Lake Tyers?, The Meeting, Mulloway stocking?, Mulloway Research Program, Now to catch a Mulloway, Bob Mc Neil's Lake Tyers Report, A Sad Passing, Gippsland Lakes recreational fishers urge the Victorian Government to buy back commercial licences, Anglers invited to a wild trout conference, Don Cunningham's Bemm River Report, Cost of Removing Nicholson Dam an Estimated $9 million. Items in Brief- Yellow Eye Mullet in the Gippsland Lakes, Statewide Recreational Round Table, Bass Stocking in Mitchell and Tambo Rivers, Ports and Harbours Survey, Ports and Harbours Survey, Seals cause havoc, Boating Safety and Facilities Program, Vision from the Past - Salmon on the Coast, Lake Tyers Opens, Trout Cod Fishery Opens at Beechworth, Sea Stars found in Gippsland Lakes

Issue 92: July 2015: Contents -
An Historical Item, Mulloway in the Gippsland Lakes, Mulloway Research in NSW, VRFish and Corio Bay, Building a Trout Habitat Rock by Rock, the Twin Rivers Fishing Competition, Launch of a new Book "Maritime Incidents on the Gippsland lakes and Adjacent Coast", The Law and the Recreational Angler, Another large fine for poachers, Lakes Entrance Crab Poachers to Face Court, Trout Cod Fishery is a Possibility, Record Stocking of Golden Perch and Murray Cod in Victoria, A Snobs Creek Special (Bruno!), Don Cunningham's Bemm River Report, A moments Relaxation, Letters: Cormorants on the Gippsland Lakes, Statewide Angler Forums, Statewide Recreational Roundtable, Willow Removal in Victoria, Opposition to Geelong Star Fishing continues to grow, New dredge guaranteed for the Gippsland Lakes, The value of Recreational Fishing to the Gippsland Lakes, The Nicholson River Dam.

Issue 91: June 2015: Contents
The Maquarie Perch, Editorial: Mitta Mitta River and tributaries, The Trout Cod and Maquarie Perch in the Mitta Mitta catchment, Commercial Catch in Gippsland lakes for 2013/14, Rock Walling and Wooden Debris in Local rivers, Cormorants and Local Rivers, VRFish Expresses concern at Large Trawler Operations, VRFish seeks information from Jetty owners in Paynesville area, Recreational Anglers and the Law, New Plastic Fishing Licence and More, Don Cunninghams Bemm River Report, Letters: The Nicholson River Dam, A Note from the Executive Director of Fishing Travis Dowling, Meeting With Craig Ingram, Items of Interest, Rocklands Reservoir Upgrade, Survey of Murray Cod in Murray and Ovens River, An Angler Reports.  Statistics for "Commercial Catch in the Gippsland Lakes 2013/14".

Issue 90: May 2015: Contents -
Editorial - Bullock Island Hatchery, Gippsland Lakes and Commercial Fishing, Target One Million Plan.  Target One Million Plan a Boon for Fishers and Families - What will it mean for our lakes?, Are you Aware of these Projects?, A time of change, Shellfish in Port Phillip Bay, What is Nature Conservancy?, Trout Cod fishing becomes a Possibility in the North East,  Macquarie Perch, Bemm River report by Don Cunningham, Statewide Roundtable Meetings, An Interesting Fish and More, (Bridled Goby), Stocked Estuary Perch Fisheries Coming of Age, Stocking the Key to Lake Eildon's Future, VRFish says, "State Budget is a Winner", Recreational Angling and the Law - Breach of Prohibition Order, Letters - VRFish and Private Jetties, Nicholson River Dam, Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable Information again available, Survey by Naglers of the Gippsland Lakes, Some Facts on Black Bream in the Gippsland Lakes, Gippsland Angling Clubs Association fishing survey for the Gippsland Lakes. Late news on "Target One Million" Appointment.

Issue 89: April 2015: Contents -
New Executive Director of Fisheries appointed, Editorial- Fish stocks in the lakes, Sea Grass and the Gippsland Lakes, Bastion Point Launching Ramp, Bemm River Anglers offer Assistance, Bemm River Fishing Report from Don Cunningham, Gippsland Reefs Update, Bob McNeill's Lake Tyers Report, The Law and Recreational Anglers, The Future of the Nicholson River (Bass and the Dam Wall), Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable, Sea Eagles face threats, That Mystery Fish at Lake Tyers, Legal? But is it right?, Minister on the mailing list, Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, Mulloway Research, Recreational Boating and the Gippsland Lakes, Stockman Mine Update, And Finally a Commercial Bait Fisherman Comments

Issue 88: March 2015: Contents -
A massive change to European Carp and the Gippsland Lakes, Maasbanker and VRFish in discussions (+VRFish Response), Commercial Netting in the Gippsland Lakes, Bemm River Fishing Report, Recreational Round Table, Bream Tracking in the Latrobe River, Reproductive Mysteries of the Dusky Flathead,  Towards an Understanding of Estuary Perch in the Gippsland Lakes, Working Together, Items of Interest Effecting Recreational Anglers: Bemm River Access, Large trawl Fishery off the Australian Coast, Large Marlin caught off Lakes Entrance, Concern for the Future of the Tambo River, King George Whiting catch trending upwards, but not in Lakes, Tenders called for Lake Tyers Boat Ramp, Luderick Catch in the Gippsland Lakes,  A mystery fish in Lake Tyers, Recreational Anglers and the Law, Netting the Maribyrnong, Letters, Estuary Perch Catches, Access to Lake Tyers at the Glasshouse, A day to Remember - KG Whiting in Tyers.

Issue 87: February 2015: Contents -
Editorial, Stocking of Estuary Perch at Lake Tyers, Investigating the historical abundance of  Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, The Estuary Perch, Estuary Perch and hybridisation with Bass, Bob McNeill's Diary Report, New Items for Anglers, A Major Artificial Reef, Water for Toolondo, Bank Fishing Areas in Lake Tyers Under Threat, The Stocking of Prawns in Lake Tyers, Have we learned anything?, Access to Launching Facilities for Anglers, Fishing for Murray Cod, Wimmera Gets a Boost, Empty Chair to Fill, Living Fossil Captured, New Fisheries Appointment, The Law and Recreational Anglers, More information on Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, an Important Letter for Anglers from Dr Joel Williams,  Some thoughts on Estuary Perch and the Gippsland Lakes.

Issue 86: January 2015: Contents - Editorial,
The Policy - Labour Angling for One Million recreational Fishers, An Angler Review of this policy, Quotes attributed to the New Premier, Daniel Andrews, Meet the Minister, Protection of ASpawning Fish a Sad Joke, Don Cunningham's Bemm River Report, A Diary Angler contributes to Fishing Knowledge, A Special Morning on Lake Tyers, The Dilemma of Dusky Flathead and the Gippsland Lakes, Bass in the Nicholson River, A Comment from East Gippsland, New Jetty at Fisherman's Landing, Is the Stocking of Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers a Forgotten project?, VRF News, Surf Fishing and the Maasbanker.

Apologies to readers but the following meeting has been cancelled.....
Readers of "Around the Jetties" pleas note this previously advertised meeting has been cancelled....
"Tuesday 9th December  in the Lakes Entrance Mechanics Institute between 7.00 8.30 with Fisheries Victoria". CANCELLED

Issue 85: December 2014: Contents -
Editorial: Licence Buy-Backs, Inaction on Netting Restrictions at the mouth of rivers. Major Upgrade for Lake Tyers Launching Ramp, $65 Million beter bay Plan for Port Philip and Corio bays,  By-Back of Commercial Licences, Gippsland Lakes Get $2 million Voluntary BuyBack, Are Gippsland Lakes a Sustainable Fishery?, Ten years Ago, Wooden Fish Structures on the Tambo, Illegal Opening of Lake Tyers, Mercury in Gippsland Lakes Fish and Dolphins, Economic Study of thr Recreational Fishing Contribution, Bemm River Report Highlights Ramp Problems, Bob McNeill's Report for Lake Tyers. Letters:  A comment on the Maasbanker and Beach Netting, A personal Note.

ssue 84: October 2014: Contents - Editorial - Issue of netting at River openings, A disaster for the Gippsland Lakes, Collapse of Dusky Flathead Numbers in the Gippsland Lakes, Black Bream in the Gippsland Lakes, Black Bream in the Market, An Amazing project to save Port Phillip Bays Shellfish Reefs, The Gurnaikunai People and Indigenous Fishing, Port Phillip Snapper Stocks have a Bright Future, The Lake Tyers Opening, Big Boost in Barramundi Aquaculture, VRFish September Update, The Bemm River Report Provided by Don Cunningham, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Cormorants and the Gippsland Lakes, Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable 13 th June 2014, Letters Letters, and more....

Issue 83: September 2014: Contents - Editorial No Government Action taken on protection from netting at river mouths, More on East Gippsland Trout Streams,  Ross Winstanley Provides  another view, Major Government Announcement  3rd Sept,  Lake Tyers opens amid controversy,  VR-Fish Monthly Report,  VR-Fish has a new Address, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Letter to the Editor (Dr Peter Wheeler), The Puzzle for the Ministerial Advisory Committees Approach, Artificial Reefs in East Gippsland Inlets, Coalition Invests Licence Fees to improve fishing or Does it?, Bemm River Report, John and Jazz!

No Issue August 2014.

Issue 82: July 2014: Contents - Editorial State of trout fishing, research on Dusky Flathead in Eastern Victorian waters, Nowa Nowa Iron Ore Project, VR-Fish Monthly Report, Welcome to Senior Program and Partnerships Manager, Fisheries Patrol Vessel, VR-Fish 20th Birthday, Bemm River Report, Artificial Reefs (Lake Tyers, Bancroft Bay and Mallacoota)  Odd Bits and More - Beginning  of the end,  Congratulations tyo local fisherman (Wayne Dredge), Growth in Barramundi Aquaculture, New Murray Cod limits proposed, lakes Tyers opening controlled, Dam on the Nicholson River, Fishing and your Health, Portland's new state-of-art Boat Ramp opened,  Black Bream in the Market, News from the South East Trawl Fishing Association, mangrove Jack caught in Eden, Survey Finds 10 Million Roughy off Eastern Tasmania, Johnsonville get Rowing Platform, Lake Mokoan Golden-Perch Paradise, A Recreational Angler's Wishlist, talk to your local parliamentary representative or candidate.

Issue 81: June 2014: Contents - Editorial Possible increases and broadening of fishing licence base, Planning for the Future, Gippsland Ministerial Advisory Committee in action, The Licence History, Bob McNeil Lake Tyer's Report, Hobie Competition, Gippsland Trout Stocks Questioned, Bemm River Report by Don Cunningham, Conditions at the Bemm, Great News on Bemm River Access, Odd bits and more, unusual catch and rare sighting in Gippsland Lakes, Minister comments on stocking in Gippsland Lakes,  Boating on Lake Tyers, Petition on Netting in Cunnighame Arm, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Seven Anglers face heavy fines, and unusal event, Fish Kill reported in Lake Tyers, VRFish report (May), Is a flood event possible?, VRFish in Canberra, New and Innovative Approach to Monitoring Recreational Fisheries,

Issue 80: May 2014: Contents - Editorial Delay on Introduction of Licence Changes, Stocking of Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers- a Progress report, Lake Tyers and Mulloway, Bemm River Fishing Report by Don Cunningham, Ramp Problems at the Bemm Again, Twenty Five Years Ago, Actions that Could have made a Difference to Recreational Fishing, A View of the Black Bream Problem in the Gippsland Lakes from the Past, A problem ignored -Identification of Dusky Flathead, Drawing the Line, Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable Forum, ODD Bits and More, An Opportunity Lost, Changes in our rivers, North Eastern Trout Inquiry, Wish List for coming State Election.

Issue 79: April 2014: Contents - Editorial - Protecting Spawning fish at river mouths, Increases in Angler Licence fees.  Iron Ore and Lake Tyers, Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers Diary report, Plenty of Fish in the Sea Again, Your Fishing Licence under consideration (Government cost shifting), Statewide recreational Anglers Round Table Meeting, Bemm River Report for April, Protection of Spawning Fish at the Mouths of Rivers,  VRFISH Monthly report, The Law and Recreational Anglers,   Some Observations -Macquarie Perch releases, Dining Out - Hapuka,  The Maasbanker and Surf Fishing, North East Trout Populations, Learn More about our Estuaries, Nicholson Angling Club,  What fish is that?, Letter regarding Bemm River, and Don't forget to read up on what your increased fishing licences maybe paying for!

Issue 78: March 2014: Contents - Editorial - Estuary Perch and Bass in the Gippsland Lakes, The Bemm River Report, Gippsland Lakes Dusky Flathead Tracking Project Dec. 2006-June 2008, Dr Jeremy Hindell Report from Fisheries Victoria, VRFish Report, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Poaching on the Tambo, Illegal Equipment Used to Target Rock Lobster, The Longest Flathead Competition, Some Observations, Increase in Licence Fees, Bream in the Tambo, Twenty Five Years Ago, From 25 Years Ago, Writing for Feathers and Fur Magazine, That Unidentified Jellyfish (An Update), Letters Letters Letters, More Tarwhine Information, Another Report on Lake Tyers

Issue 77: Febuary 2014: Contents - Editorial - "Review of Victoria's Recreational Fishing Licence. Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable Forum (Dec13th 2013), History - Introduction of a Fishing Licence, Looking back at Lake Tyers in 2001, Tarwhine in Lake Tyers, Finders Keepers - An Angler's Contribution, European Green Crabs,  A disturbing report (October 2009, European Green Crabs), An informal Meeting, Odd Bits and More, A strange "Jellyfish" Visitor to the Gippsland Lakes, King George Whiting and the Gippsland Lakes, Now this is a Fish (Kangaroo Island Whiting), An Unusual Morning (Emus swimming), Some thoughts on the Fishing at Lake Tyers (Bream Classes, Otoliths), Another Factory ship close to Australian waters, VRFish Summer Magazine Released, Artificial Reefs (at Nungurner, Metung and 2 at Lake Tyers),  Letters (Flood Netting - progress report, Sea Spurge increasing distribution).

Issue 76: January 2014: Contents - Editorial, Gippsland Ministerial Advisory Committees in Action, Fish Assessment in the Gippsland Lakes, Social Value of Fishing, Investigation of the Economic Value of Boating on the Gippsland Lakes, The Contribution of an Angler, Estuary Perch Stocking In Victoria, Purchase of Estuarine Fish, Minister Walsh goes Snapper Fishing, The Bemm River Issue, Recreation Fishing Initiative 2013-2018, Lake Tyers Update, Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers Report, Odd Bits and More, Large Snapper Caught off Lakes Entrance, The Law and Recreational Anglers (Abalone thief),  A correction, Operation Tempus in Corio Bay, Bemm River, Sea Bird Contact Study, Your VRFish Update, Still no action on protection of spawning fish at river mouths, Letters.
Issue 75: December 2013: Contents - Word from the New Executive Officer of VRFish,  Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, Mulloway in Lake Tyers?, Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers Diary Report August- October, ACCESS AT BEMM RIVER FOR ROUNDTABLE CONSIDERATION,  Additional Fisheries Officers Appointed, A Loss for Fisheries Victoria, High Court Decision May Have Implications for Victorian Anglers , Boating Plan Released ??????, Round Table Summary Still Unavailable to Anglers, EPA Report on the Gippsland Lakes, Protection of Spawning Fish at the Mouth of Rivers,A Most Unusual Catch, Artificial Reefs,  Waterways Strategy, Bass Stocking in Gippsland, VRFish, News On Dusky Flathead, Note from Former Director of Fisheries Management and Science, A Comment on the Maasbanker and Beach Netting, A VRFish Report to Anglers New Emphasis Needed for Recreational, Retirement of Dick Brumley Fishing,Norfolk Island Sketch of the style of boat used to unload supplies for the convict settlement in the 1800's. An L.G.Barr oil painting.

Issue 74: November 2013: Contents- Another view on the buy back of Commercial Licences,  VRFish appoints a new Executive Officer, VRFIsh Action, Statewide Recreational Fishing Round Table, Lake Tyers and Estuary Perch, Questions on notice to our Local Member, Bemm River Launching Ramp Development, Odd Bits and More, A Great Charter, Love our Lakes at a Price, Letters, The Value of Feathers, Further comment on Estuary Perch,  Circulation Advice.

Issue 73: October 2013: Contents- What will Lake Tyers offer this Time?, Annual Funding for Fish Care, Cost recovery and Commercial Fishing, Fisheries Staffing Decline Worrying, Feathers a big Business in Fly Fishing,  Gippsland Boating Coastal Action Plan a Public Relations Disaster, Rock Banking in our Rivers, Letters; Estuary Perch again,  Round Table Forums Defended,  Correction, Around the Jetties On-Line, Cormorants on the Mitchell River.

Issue 72: September 2013: Contents - Fisheries Advisory Council, Recreational Round Table, Study of the Effect of Tuna Catch at Portland, 2013 Release of Bass in Nicholson River, Gippsland Lakes Commercial Catch Statistics for 2011/12, Fishing Licence Increases Under Discussion, Fish Stocking Record, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Problems on a Launching Ramp, VRFish Marking Time, Commitment Delays, Locations for Estuarine Artificial Reefs Announced

Issue 71: August 2013: Contents  - Increased Fines for Boating Infringements, An Independent Recreational Fishing Body, A Personal View of Fishing Competitions, A view of the Black Bream Problem in the Gippsland Lakes from the Past, Quotas on Netting in the Gippsland Lakes,  Bob McNeil's Lake Tyers Fishing Diary Report for May-July,  Fishing as  a College Sport,  A Note From Fisheries Victoria, Fishing Definitions, The Victorian All Waters Fishing Licence,  A Delightful Story, Snag Survey, The Law and Recreational Anglers, A Product Review - Frozen Sandworm, Estuary Perch and Lake Bolac, Release of Trout, From the Latest Fish Fax Newsletter - Twin Rivers Bream Classic, Letters, The recreational Fishing Licence Contribution to the Fisheries Budget.

Issue 70:July 2013 Contents - Notice of Appointment of new Director of Fisheries Victoria, Sustainable Black Bream in the Gippsland Lakes,  Another Flood Event and no protection for Spawning Fish, VRFIsh CEO Resigns, Estuary Perch in Lake Tyers, Anglers Forum, Lake Tyers breakout a Possibility and Reality, Gippsland Lakes Black Bream Stock Assessment 2012 Report, Craig Ingram on Landline, Growth rates of Dusky Flathead, The Law and reacreational Anglers, Retirement of Dr Murray McDonald, Fisheries Research, Letters,  Those Prawns in Lake Tyers, Boating Fines Rise.

Issue 69: June 2013 Contents -  NSW considers Review of Fishing Regulations, Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee, Actions that could have made a difference to Recreational Fishing, Wooden Debris Does it make a Difference?, Sustainable Lakes Commercial Fishery, The Law and Recreational Anglers, Stiff Penalties in Warrnambool Abalone Case, A Great Catch,  Back in Time, NSW South Coast Estuaries Under Attack,  SETFIA slams NSW Flathead Decision, Australian Bass in the Nicholson River, Future Snapper Bonanza in Port Phillip Bay, Movement of Black Bream in Flood Events, Dusky Flathead are Tough, Artificial Reefs, Changes at the Top, Letters, Tackle damage to Wild Life, A mixed Bag, Surf Fishing and Tourism.

Lynton has decided to not continue publishing his newsletters due to ill health and the fairly onerous task of gathering important news material, and then to go and make critical comment on this news.  He has made a gigantic contribution to angling in this state, and further afield, with his vast experience and critical eye for detail by keeping abreast of current practices. He was not afraid to make his opinion heard through these newsletters, and, most importantly, first hand in the many meeting he has attended to directly bring his views, face to face with the people in power.  This courageous, and at times provocative, approach has earned him the respect of many and that he is someone who can not be bought off easily.  We will miss his contribution in so many ways.

To encourage other aspiring fishers who may like to follow in Lynton's footsteps, all of Lynton's 104 newsletters will provided on this website to allow other researchers and campaigners to access his thoughts and ideas.  hopefully it will allow some of Lynton's unfinished goals to be taken up by others, and maybe Lynton's work will help them avoid "reinventing the wheel" if Lynton has already addressed the issues.

I personally would like to acknowledge Lynton's courageous and untiring efforts to reform many of the informal bad practices of the average angler (eg leaving rubbish at fishing sites) through to high level government policy (eg Restricting netting across flooding rivers in the Gippsland Lakes), as well as keeping us in touch with so many of the positive things that have happened as well such the Flathead Slot Size, and upgraded fishing jetties etc.  He will be sorely missed.

NB Editorial responsibility and copyright remains with Lynton Barr.  This material is strictly not to be redistributed electronically or otherwise without the author's permission. People are welcome however to redirect links to this material.