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Show me! Lake Tyers Beach Tides

What is the tide? another handy reference

The tides don't follow the moon exactly, there is a slight delay as the moon is pulling the water around, like a phase delay. Also, the highest tides are about three days after the New and Full moon.
The best local conditions site for Lakes Entrance
Tide Prediction for Lakes Entrance
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Spume at Lake Tyers Beach Don't forget the locality's tides are moderated by the swell.  Prevaling winds or storms can enhance or moderate tidal activity. The movement in and out of the Lakes systems to the sea (when they are open) are also effected by the prevailing winds and swell (both duration and time).  This can cause considerable deviations from the theoretical tide chart predictions.

Check the weather page to see the recent 12hr wind speed and directions.
Wikipedia - Tides
This shows the common pattern of two tidal peaks in a day, though remember that the repeat time is not exactly twelve hours but 12.4206 hours. The two peaks are not equal: the twin tidal bulges beneath the moon and on the far side of the earth are aligned with the moon.
Thomas Dodson - Hero of the Tide Analysis
Phases of the Moon - a very Nice graphic calendar of the moon's phases.

Another graphic calendar that also makes the links with fishing and the Moon Phases in USA.