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Boat Ramps

There are four main boat ramps around Lake Tyers Beach and one at Nowa Nowa.  They differ quite markedly and a bit of information may help your decision about which one to use.  There is also a wide range of vessels that don't use ramps.

Boat Ramp Number Two.  The latest boat ramp in town and functional for light to medium boats all year around.  It has twin floating jetties and has an excellent concrete block driveway.  It also has a fish cleaning table, picnic and public toilet facilities.  There is plenty of parking that only overflows for a day or so in the holiday peak seasons.  GPS UTM: 55 H 0595729  5810021
Boat Ramp nos2 www.laketyersbeach.net.au
A place for trouble free easy launching, plenty of car parks and a small fish cleaning table on the floating jetty.
Jetty Nos2Ramp www.laketyersbeach.net.au
The Jetty next to "Nos2".  Has been removed and we await its replacement.  This jetty served many non-boat owners and many good fish have been caught in this area.
Revamped Nos2Ramp www.laketyersbeach.net.au
The twin ramps are ready for use. There are now walk down ramps from shore to the jetties as well for pedestrians on both sides.  The concrete anchoring blocks for the walkways have been raised to a lake level of about 2.3m (according to the rule alongside it) so that pedestrian accessshould be possible at the high water mark we have had over the last ten years.
Map Nos2Ramp www.laketyersbeach.net.au
Map of the locations and the layout of the lake.
More useful fishing maps are also available from LTB Shop

Mill Point The next most heavily used boat ramp is at Mill Point.  It has fewer facilities, just one fish cleaning table!  But has a high angle into the water and is very popular with the owners of heavier boats such as inboard ski boats and the heavier outboards.  This is very popular with people who love to play on the water with tubes, skis, knee boards and jet skis.

Mill Point www.laketyersbeach.net.au This is a very, very quiet shot compared to the hustle and bustle found here mid summer.  A good straight forward ramp, close to the sheltered Toorloo Arm.  Parking with trailers can be a problem at times when crowded.  Four Wheel drive or similar advisable for the heavier boats.

Fishermans Landing is a ramp mainly used by lighter to medium boats, but is well maintained and access only depends on the height of Lake Tyers.
Fishermans Landing boatramp Lake Tyers Beach

A much improved ramp, and unlikely to let you down if want to avoid the pressure of some of the other ramps in the peak season.  A recent upgrade has seen a floating jetty like at Nos2 Ramp added with self adjusting walk on ramp. A good cleaning table and BBQ/picnic area is now there as well.

There is also a brand new floating jetty for the angler who does not want to use a boat but enjoys a convenient spot to set up and try their luck or skill, however you may feel about it.  There is quite a bit of parking for car/trailers.
Jetty Fishermens Landing www.laketyersbeach.net.au
Fishermans Landing at Lake Tyers
This jetty has been recently upgraded to a 'state of the art' fishing jetty.
Fishermens Landing www.laketyers.beach.net.au
Fishermens Landing is away from the main areas and has picnic and public toilet facilities. An ideal spot for a quiet Lake Tyers relax!!

Opposite is the all electric EMS Rubeena.  It used to provide comfortable and serene tours on the lakes water ways, venturing across the main part of the lower lake and into the Nowa Nowa Arm.
HMS Rubeena www.laketyersbeach.net.au
Sadly Rubeena has been sold and lost from the lake.  However we wish her well in her new location, she is a beautiful boat and deserves to be looked after.

Boat Ramp Number One While sounding like the premier ramp, it is in fact the most limited ramp. At the moment there is sand on the concrete and and the waters from there out to the main lake are shallow and treacherous.  Only the lightest craft should consider using this and certainly give it a miss when the Lake Tyers Beach Tavern is in full swing on the peak days during the holidays.  It is a popular spot for people to launch inflatable boats, canoes and kayaks and do a little paddling.

Boat ramp nos1 www.laketyersbeach.net.au
The ramp at this level is practically unusable for trailered boats.  However when the lake is full, all sorts of boats are known to tie up here, and make the short walk over the Tavern for supplies.  There is a public toilet on the hill to the right of this photo.  Apparently the last toilet block was washed out to sea many years ago when the sand bar broke open.

Opposite is the encouraging sign giving the ever hopeful angler tantalising information on what has been caught at one stage or other in Lake Tyers.
Fishing Sign www.laketyersbeach.net.au

Nowa Nowa Boat ramp
Nowa Nowa Boat Ramp  This is on the south side of the Nowa Nowa township and is advisable for boat owners who want to concentrate on the upper reaches of Lake Tyers and not get there by boat from the ramps mentioned above.  The Nowa Nowa ramp is a good one with a jetty next to it to assist with launches.   It is about  a 20 minute drive up the Princes Highway towards Orbost.  Watch out for the right hand turn in the main part of the town that will take you down behind the caravan park.  They also have picnic, playground and toilet facilities.  A good quality ramp quiet most of the time.  Popular with paddlers of all descriptions.  There is also a floating ramp for getting in out of boats a little further on.  The water is shallow and there are many rocks just under the surface as shown on the sign, so just go carefully and take your time!