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The O'Donnell Collection circa 1903

Some photos collected from a forgotten photo album in an attic by Shane and Christine O'Donnell,
Lost for years, found now for your interest and enjoyment,  circa 1903.

Steam Boat www.laketyersbeach.net.au

Steamboat probably turning around at near present Nowa Nowa boat ramp. This is the “Delma” which was owned by Lake Tyers House  

Steps of Lake Tyers House

On the steps of Lake Tyers House, maybe a family holiday photo?  Notice the camera on the step.  One opening for the lens and two for viewfinders, portrait or landscape of course!

Toorloo Arm Bridge

Toorloo Arm Bridge or maybe "Burnt Bridge" was my guess, but more advice has come to hand.
It has now been suggested that this bridge is Hospital Creek now Jonsons Road, Tostaree.
(Thanks Theresa and Ian).

NearNumber 2BoatRamp

Near Number two boat ramp looking south east towards the Ninety Mile Beach.   Possibly around Dan Gen Dore Point.The sharp eyed observer will see that this is a posed construction, most likely by the photographer for sale to tourists who used to visit the Mission (as it was then) by boat.  This photograph probably reveals more about the photographer in those days and some of the common attitudes towards aboriginal people.

Toorloo Arm Bridge Fishing

Fishing off the Boggy Creek Bridge, Nowa Nowa?

Rain Forest near Cherry Tree Creek

Rain Forest near Cherry Tree Creek.  Another camera on a tripod?

Nowa Nowa Gorge

Rescuing a hat near Nowa Nowa Gorge

Sunday Lunch Lake Tyers House

Sunday Lunch Lake Tyers House?

Whelan's Place

Looking across from Whelan's towards Toorloo Arm and Blackfellow Arm

Boating on lake Tyers

Boating on Lake Tyers, or possibly Lake Bunga?

Bee Hives at Lake Tyers

Cottmans Bee Farm,  opposite Cameron Nos 2 track.  Photograph is probably looking west with the cliff above the lake behind photographer.
Thanks to Jack Whadcoat for help with indentifying and adding to the information here.

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