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Wood and Steam

These machines are just a glimpse of what was used to fell the mighty trees and fashion them into marvels like the Tressle Bridge.
Ruston Proctor Steam Engine
This is a steam engine in the true sense of the word, not a steam locomotive.  It would have been a portable power source that could have been dragged around the local district to power all sorts of tools, but ripping local logs to size with huge rotating saws immediately springs to mind.
Wooden Wood Trailer
This is a simple design but very rugged and no problems with the tyres on wheels going flat or punctured!!  It must have been hard work on any sort of soft ground.
tressle Bridge Colqhoun Forest
What a Bridge!!  A marvel to see .  A reminder of a technology that did not last, though it has survived  a lot longer than some sections of freeway in Melbourne.  It would have been amazing to see a fully steamed up locomotive heading across this bridge.  Keep an eye out for the signs just before  your get to Nowa Nowa from Lakes Entrance.  The made roadway in the foreground is the cycle path between  Bairnsdale and  Nowa Nowa.  This is the real alternative way to see the bridge, cycle to it.