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Lake Tyers and The Gippsland Lakes offer a wide range of fishing experiences.  From the exhilaration of crossing the bar at the Entrance and heading out to the open sea, through to relaxing in a secluded spot in the upper reaches of the Toorloo Arm in Lake Tyers. In between there is fishing ranging from a tinny to cruising in the yacht. The majority are probably people who are either casuals, and fish from the bank, or the small boat owners who energetically ply the waters of the Lake. Don't forget Flathead now has lower limit 30cm and upper limit 55cm with bag of 5 max staying the same. Click here for the current sign for Flathead catches.

Whatever your preference is you will be sure to find an access point and style to try your hand at, whether going for the big one or just the elusive one, or the one type you are yet to catch. Here is a quick photo montage of the different styles used locally. Just remember though, before you rush out and buy the $1000 surf rig, talk to the locals and tune in to what is the best way to go. If you believe in local sayings try - Wind from the East, or No Fuss Gus's fishing tips may suit you better. A local's comment recently heard, the "The Flatties begin to bite when the Ti-Tree comes out" - what do you reckon?
To check out what fish are possible catches see this Fish page.... or Popular baits
Good Bream catch at Lake Tyers Making a great moment at Lake Tyers Beach
  Father and son living the dream on the floating jetty at number 2 boat ramp on a crisp winter's morning.

  Shaun, a previous operator of the local Lake Tyers Beach shop with a great night time catch of Bream near number two boat ramp . Also recently pulled in a 3lb Mulloway (released) in the lake on a lure he sold in the shop!!!
Lad on new jetty at Fishermans Landing, Lake Tyers
Grant and Buster fishing off the bank
  Grant and Buster trying their luck off the bank.

  Young lad on the new Jetty, Fishermans Landing at Lake Tyers Beach.
Johnny Jol with a wintery morning's catch  at Lake Tyers Beach
Johnny Jol with a nice lot of Bream and Flathead after a brisk May's morning outing. Just in before the rain!
A happy angler who was down from Corawa trying his luck in front of the tavern when the water was pretty high.
A chilly morning in front of the Tavern at Lake Tyers Beach
Wind from the East -Fish Bite Least. Do you believe it? A discussion of a bar room favourite.