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Bike Trail Joining

Nowa Nowa to Lake Tyers beach

 and Lakes Entrance

via Burnt Bridge

There is a proposal to construct a bike trail from Nowa Nowa down to where Burnt Bridge is, through to Lake Tyers Beach and onto Lakes Entrance.

Bike Track The trail can be seen in red coming from Nowa Nowa and mainly using existing roads to head down to where Burnt Bridge was.  From there it continues along made roads (but not on the highway) to the BungYarnda information site, then through to Mill Point and Lake Tyers Beach.  Keen riders can then continue onto to Lakes Entrance.  Obviously the return trip will be preferable for people staying near the coast.
Proposed new Burnt Bridge
To keep riders off the highway the rebuilding of Burnt Bridge is essential?
An over view...
In early 2010, Michael Ryan along with SLAP Architects began to develop the idea of a bicycle/pedestrian route, which linked Lakes Entrance and Nowa Nowa. This came about, as cycling along the Princes Highway is considered too dangerous due to the high volume of traffic. Furthermore the existing Rail Trail which runs from Bairnsdale, passing through Nicholson and Nowa Nowa then terminating in Orbost does not provide a link between Lakes Entrance and Nowa Nowa. Additionally the section of Rail Trail which runs between Nicholson and Nowa Nowa can be too challenging for most cyclists, due to the steep inclines throughout the section.

View along proposed Burnt Bridge reconstructionThe proposed bicycle/pedestrian route linking Lakes Entrance and Nowa Nowa can be achieved through utilizing minor existing public roads and tracks which run throughout Lake Tyers State Park. With the addition of several small sections of track along with a two bridges one over the Toorloo Arm waterway and a much smaller bridge to transverse a small lake arm between Mill Point Road and South Boundary Road. The distance of the Proposed Bicycle/Pedestrian route is approximately 31km from Lakes Entrance to Nowa Nowa and can be ridden in 2-3 hours and walked in 5-6 hours depending on physical fitness. This track will also show case the natural beauty and history of the Lake Tyers State Park.

It has been envisioned that the proposed route will attract people to the East Gippsland region and provided extensive access to the Lake Tyers State Park and associated waterways. Additionally it has been recognised by the Healthy Parks, Healthy People campaign run by Parks Victoria that the development of infrastructure throughout existing state parks brings environmental, economical and social benefits to the local, regional, state and national communities. It has also been established that accessible parks lead to social cohesion, social capital and healthy communities.

The development of the proposed bicycle/pedestrian route linking Lakes Entrance and Nowa Nowa will benefit not only the local communities surrounding the Lake Tyers State Park and waterways, but will provide an accessible resource to be utilized by all members of the public.

Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike Park

There is also another great cycling attraction for the more energetic and adventurous 1 km from Nowa Nowa.
Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike Park (map resource available)
This document has been prepared by the DSE - Bairnsdale and possibly be picked up in Nowa Nowa before starting on the Mountain Bike Park rides.  Its availibilty is not guaranteed.  However the map is replicated at the start of rides and on the DSE site as  a PDF Document. It will make it easy for planning of appropriate rides.

These are some of the track names and distances:

Skull Track (5.7 km)
Scat Track (5.9 km)
Jumping Jackeroo Track (5.2 km)
Heartbreak Track (0.5 km)
Little Track (0.3km)
Wallaby Ramble (4.8 km)
Uphill Track (4.9 km)

Sounds like some interesting challenges thrown out there folks....

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