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Number 2 Boat Ramp Upgrade

Open for  business....

The upgrade of Boat Ramp Number 2 has finished!  The northern floating pontoon has had its securing poles and footramp removed, and is been shifted into place, in parallel with the other jetty.  The securing blocks for the  walk ramps have been raised above normal flood levels and should allow better pedestrian access during the high point of the lake filling.  Work on the wooden jetty has not begun yet, and the access road and parking area has only been widened a small amount at the top of the new lane.  But the ramp has been finished, and we now await the next stages to the jetty and car park/access lanes.  Excellent work!
Boat Ramp Nos2 upgrade Lake Tyers Beach

Fishermens Landing Jetty Upgrade

Fishermens Landing at Lake Tyers Beach
Not to be outdone the old jetty at Fishermens Landing has also been pulled out and a new floating fishing platform "T" shape is going to replace it. NB The boat ramp here is OK to use.
Fishermens Landing at Lake Tyers Beach 2
Walkway in place for the new floating jetty at Fishermens Landing. It should be flood proof as it appears very high!! The hinged Ramp section may end up very steep. NB The boat ramp here is OK to use.

Nos2 Boat Ramp Upgrade

Here is a quick photographic history of the upgrade.

The mechanical shovel just went into the water, up to its treads, and pulled the securing poles for the northern jetty out!!  The concrete runway will be prefabricated and just laid in place (ie not poured on site).  This will allow the concrete to have an angled slotted finish that will aid the water draining off boats, waves etc to clean out debry.  This would be be hard to achieve if the concrete was poured and finished on site.
Next Stage at Number 2 Ramp, Lake Tyers Beach
The bank between the Number 2 Ramp and the old jetty (which has been removed by the way and is to be replaced with a wooden "T" shaped version) has been shaped into a nice curve.
Upgrade at Lake Tyers Beach #2 ramp
The top concrete section of the original jetty has been removed and a new one is being boxed up to take the swinging end of the walkway.  I hope it is a good bit higher this time.
The old Jetty being stripped away
The old jetty, some say about 20 years old, being stripped away and lifted onto the bank.  Maybe used to extend the Tavern Decking?
Pulling out the old railway line that had been holding all up.
Pulling out the old railway line pillars that had been holding all up.
Crane to place the concrete ramp blocks in place
Large crane to lift and lower the pre-fab concrete slabs onto the rampway.
Herringbone concrete surface of ramp
Herringbone concrete surface of ramp made of prefabricated concrete slabs. No hump in ramp, a very flat run into the water, and quite deep.
Cement Blocks coming out of the Lake Tyers Beach #2 ramp
Pulling up the broken up bricks that was the old ramp-way. They were threaded together with cords of stainless steel that looked like bits of string after the excavater had dealt with them.
Pulling up the ramp at Lake Tyers beach
Something close to what it will look like when finished.  View taken from the old wooden Jetty that apparently is to be replaced with a modern floating jetty just for fishers.
Lake Tyers Beach Boat Ramp Upgrade
This may look a little wierd but the 'bridge' is just there so the workers can get from this side to the other easily.  The two vertical pipes that also look strange are the tops of pipe extenders that were used to push two other pipes (underneath) down to the lake floor.  These extenders will be removed later on and the lower part of the prefabicated concrete ramp will have two large spikes on it to locate into the pipes below.
Lake Tyers Beach Boat Ramp Upgrade progress
The general view of the boat ramp from here won't change from this view very much (apart from the walkway being removed from bridging the jettys of course!)
The prefabricated concrete ramp sections will have a slanting herringbone pattern about 10mm deep.  This will give traction for tyres and the slope will allow any accumulated debry to be washed away.
Setting the Jetty at Lake Tyers Beach
Setting the separation of the jetties.  The tractor arm is being used to nudge the furtherest one to the correct distance for the closest jetty.
Lifting the footramp at Lake Tyers Beach
Trial run? Aligning the foot bridge ramp to the jetty.

The digger waiting to begin...now that waters have gushed out the level has dropped 2.2m!!
Boat Ramp Nos2 Lake Tyers Beach Upgrade
Here is a couple of pictures of what is was like before the upgrade began, above is after the August 2015 opening.  Below is before the opening.
Too much water for boat Ramp Upgrade Lake Tyers Beach

This is what it looked like, complete with mystery central pole??
Boat Ramp nos2 www.laketyersbeach.net.au
A place for easy boat launching, plenty of car parks and a purpose built  fish cleaning table onshore to the right..
Here is what it looked like on a nice sunny day......
Fish Cleaning Table Nos2Ramp www.laketyersbeach.net.au
A beautiful place to go boating.