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The World of Boats on the Water
This page is devoted to the more off-beat modes of transport on the water.

Experimental boat at Lake Tyers Beach
Now this one really put a smile on my dial as I would loved to have done something like this with my kids.  It is really cool, like home made and unique.  Not bouyant enough for an adult (so a bit of redesign needed) but what an experience for a young scientist or future engineer!!!  Well done Dad!!!
The line of the main sheet from the bottom of the back end of the boat, to the sail I had not seen before.

Boat People at Twin Rivers Bream Fishing Competition

Who said Australians don't have sense of humour??  Snapped at the Twin Rivers Bream Competition July 2013

 A classic Lake Tyers cruiser
A classic Lake Tyers Cruiser, not many true clinkers to be seen on our lake,
but they do cut a stylish elegance at the water line.
Paddleboard on Lake Tyers
Making the most of the space, but hey it works! But don't ignore the weather - Lake Tyers is relatively shallow but can produce a difficult swell quickly with a wind change and being caught off the bank, even a small distance, paddling like this is quite dangerous.
A pontoon boat designed and built by a self confessed Pirate
A pontoon boat designed and built by a self confessed Pirate (Mick) on the shores of Lake Tyers.
Plastic Inflatable Toy Boat on Lake Tyers
Not the most expensive alternative, however it does work.  Just don't get a puncture!
A amazing House Boat at Metung
An amazing House Boat at Metung, the inspiration for this page.
An amazing House Boat at Metung under way
and just to prove it also works, here it is under way!!! Can you believe it?  It was actually transported to Tasmania for a festival, floated for display and returned.  Not bad eh?
A plastic folding boat on Lake Tyers
A plastic folding boat with 4hp Yamaha.  It looks like a huge surfboard when folded down and on the roof racks.
This one, a Portaboat, has explored waters right  around Australia.
Pedal Powered Kyaks on Lake Tyers
These pedal powered fishing kayaks from Hobie may not look unusual on top, but underneath there are no propellers, just a pair of leg powered cross-swishing flipper like paddles (Mirage Drives), based on the shape and action of Penguin fins!!! Extremely efficient way to move on the water.  Check out their site for details.

Hobie Adventure Island   Frank Morton
Now this is a Hobie Adventure Island(YouTube)  that can be powered by sail and/or foot pedals and/or hand paddles in any combination.  I have Frank Morton to thank for a demo of this ingenious boat.  A very versatile craft with great stability and quite a fast mover because of its design.  Free, clean power from the wind is fantastic, and the back up of the human power is a great safety feature.  Franks reckons, if becalmed, then just start pumping the pedals.The sail can be wound back, out of the way, onto the mast (it rotates in its socket on hard nylon ball bearings) just by pulling a "yo-yo" style cord at the base to wind it in, neat huh? 
Inflatable Sailing Boat at Lake Tyers Beach
This vessel was an inflatable and also a sailing boat as well. Neat eh?
Zodiac at Lake Tyers Beach
A couple of young lads refining their rowing coordination in an inflatable Zodiac.  Nice one Lads!!!