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Jetty at #2 Boat Ramp Upgrade

The jetty is now open to fishers!!

The Jetty is now functional and access is permitted (5/11/2016). The platform will be a spacious area for everyone to use with excellent non-slip fibre-glass decking and low profile fasteners. The level nature of the decking to the car-park and the proximity to toilets (which also has good disabled access) will be a bonus for disabled fishers, whether the disability is of a permanent or temporary nature.

However when the lake is open and low (as pictured) boaters will have to be pretty fit to scale the ladder to get access to the jetty. Given that the floating launching jetties will be available alongside, this is not really a problem, and as the lake fills this will be even less of a problem.

The final phase has been installed with boxes for seats and fishing rod supports. Here is our latest resident fisherman, Morrie, on a crisp winter's morning, taking in the fresh air and looking for a bite. Go "D's".
Maurey using the Seats and Rod Rests at #2 Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach

This will be a premier spot for many fishers this summer, and many good fish will be taken, as was the history of the previous old wooden jetty. On the whole a "thumbs up" on the design and standard of work. Tight lines!!
Finished Jetty at Nos2Boat Ramp, Lake Tyers Beach
Finished Jetty at Nos2Boat Ramp, Lake Tyers Beach
Final stages are going into place with the railing along the edges.
Railing added to #2Jetty at Lake Tyers Beach
Nearly completed Jetty at Lake Tyers Beach

The work has not progressed a lot, though the ramp onto the Jetty has been built over with bitumen. This will make this an excellent access Jetty for people with any sort of disability, from wheel chairs through to people with a bad hip or a leg in plaster etc. (20/10/2016). The sun was out and the water was an amazing sparkling delight. The blocked off area has been reduced with much less fencing, so the major part of the work must be completed. Maybe just the railings need to be added?
Ramp at Nos 2 Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach
Wheelchair Access, Jetty2, Lake Tyers Beach

It would appear the boat ladder
has been added on the far end of the Jetty and the earth ramp from the car park to the deck is also in place (14/10/2016). It look as though there will be bitumen over the top of this that will meet with the car park.
Jetty at #2, boat ladder, Lake Tyers Beach
Walk on ramp to #2 Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach

The work is proceeding smoothly with the fibre-glass tread being cut to size and screwed with stainless steel fasteners. Anyone familiar with the boardwalk between the Post Office Jetty and the Marina Jetty in Lakes Entrance will know what to expect. These surfaces make an ideal hard wearing and safe marine pathway. (29/9/2016)
Jetty #2 Upgrade at Lake Tyers Beach
Jetty #2 Upgrade at Lake Tyers Beach
Jetty #2 Upgrade at Lake Tyers Beach
Jetty #2 Upgrade at Lake Tyers Beach

Progress is being made with the jetty now that the road by-pass is a more manageable situation. The main beam supports for the walkways are being put into place. The boys were really swinging on those bolts so I reckon they are doing a great job, and the jetty will be here for quite a while. Balancing on a small pontoon and doing the hard yakka would not be easy. (23/9/2016)
Upgrade of Nos 2 Boatramp Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach
Upgrade of Nos 2 Boatramp Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach
Upgrade of Nos 2 Boatramp Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach
Upgrade of Nos 2 Boatramp Jetty, Lake Tyers Beach

Below is the start of the works before the Princes highway upgrade was begun and it looked like this for a few weeks. The plans are laid out and looking promising.
Well work has begun and a little progress made. The railway line supports have been pile-driven into the lake bed and are awaiting the super structure to be added. As you may recognise, it is close to the original #2 Boat Ramp concrete base. It should make a handy fishing platform for those that prefer to not use a boat. It will not be as flash as as the all aluminium floating jetty at Fishermans Landing, but will serve the same purpose quite easily, so no complaints so far. (3/9/2016)
Fishing Jetty Lake Tyers Beach, Sep 2016
We have seen the plans passed around at the Tav' (thanks Nick!) on the 9/3/2015. It looks as though the structure will be a fixed construction (not floating like Fishermans Landing) positioned within about a metre of the original, and similar size and shape. The plans also called for the alteration of the parking and bitumen for access as well, so it may end up more complicated than a few poles with a platform on them.

Below is a nostalgic view of the old jetty, which is a jetty no more!!! (c. Sep 2015)
You will find planks being reused and recycled at a local Back Packers Accommodation and through the various parts of the upgraded Water
Wheel Tavern. :-) Lovely aged timber full of character.
Old Jetty at Number 2 Boat Ramp, Lake Tyers Beach