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Artificial Reefs

Artificial reefs have been built in Lake Tyers in the following locations. They have been built to improve habitat and breeding opportunities for our local fish. Anglers should consider only using larger hooks eg 2-0 Baitholders and larger baits eg whole prawns to avoid catching small undersized fish. Any fish, big or small, that is caught and has to be returned is a potential fatality, and often the survival rates are low. (See how to Handle a Monster). Please respect these potential nursery areas in our lake and try not to damage under size fish by unwanted hookups with fish that have to be returned to the water. This could simply undo whatever positives the reefs are providing.

Artificial Reefs in Lake Tyers
(This lo-resolution summary map is from the official DEPI website and if you click on the map you will be taken to their hi-res maps site for more information. All the GPS Coordinates can be read properly for each location. This is highly recommended, don't use this map for important navigational purposes).

These multi holed and faceted structures are designed to give fish cover and improve the chances of smaller fish surviving and populating our waterways.

The DEPI are to be congratulated for trying this innovative experiment, and it may herald other interesting and effective ways of improving the catches for amateur anglers through out the lake.

Check out the Youtube clip about how they made the biggest artificial reef in Victorian waters. Now, it is BIG!!!