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The Biota of Lake Tyers


hawk at Lake Tyers Beach
Above is one of my own photo of a hawk, or Peregrine Falcon(?)  spotted by tourists along the track between Boat Ramp#1 and Boat Ramp#2.  Quite a magnificent sight.
Immature Silver Gull
Immature Silver Gull
Cape Barren Goose
Cape Barren Goose - Probably only visiting!!

I am indebted to Malcom Daff who has donated a number of bird photographs he has taken over the years around Lake Tyers Beach.  An avid fan of Lake Tyers Beach as a holiday destination, these photographs represent many yearts of work.  For those of you who appreciate the beauty of our feathered friends here is a selection from his collection.

Black Faced Shag by Malcolm Daff
Black Faced Shag
Crimson Rosella  by Malcolm Daff
Crimson Rosella
Black Swans  by Malcolm Daff
Black Swans
Blue Wren  by Malcolm Daff
Blue Wren (Male)
Fire Tail  by Malcolm Daff
Fire Tail
Galahs  by Malcolm Daff
Crimson Rosella  by Malcolm Daff
Crimson Rosella (Immature)
New Holland Honey Eater
New Holland Honey Eater
Pacific Gull
Pacific Gull
Pelican  by Malcolm Daff
Pelican by Malcolm Daff
Pied Oyster Catcher  by Malcolm Daff
Pied Oyster Catcher
Rainbow Lorikeet  by Malcolm Daff
Rainbow Lorikeets
Silver Eye  by Malcolm Daff
Silver Eye
Sparrow  by Malcolm Daff
Pelican  by Malcolm Daff
Chorella at Lake Tyers Beach
White Heron at Lake Tyers Beach
White Crane