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The Biota of Lake Tyers

Insects - Beetles - Coleoptra

Soldier Beetle at Lake Tyers Beach
We seem to have a huge plague of Soldier Beetles (Coleoptera  Cantharidae, Chauliognathus lugubris )

For a great site to identify Insects of all types try  CSRIO What Bug Is That?. Truly fantastic!!!!


Whales Mother and calf off Lake Tyers Beach
The above mother and calf were captured by Frank Flynn with his telephoto lens off the beach at Lake Tyers Beach, late August 2014.

Whale at Cape Conran
A great Humpback Whale photographed by my brother Peter Ward off Cape Conran middle of August 2011
Echidna at Lake Tyers Beach
An ancient visitor underneath our car on the driveway.  Regularly drops in to scratch in our flower beds.