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Ultra Violet Radiation
Today's UV radiation so far....

UV Radiation (No Units as yet)

Here are some cloudless days chose close to the main seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. This will give you some comparison as to how much you might get on a clear day across the year. Cloud can reduce the UV significantly, but while you may feel a lot cooler, there is still appreciable UV coming through the cloud and it is easy to get burnt skin on these days.

  Examples of days in the Seasons with low cloud to show the general shape

Summer UV Light at Lake Tyers Beach
Autumn UV Light at Lake Tyers Beach
Winter UV Light at Lake Tyers Beach example
  UV at Lake Tyers Beach in the Spring
A past day to show effect of clouding

Cloudy Day UV Light found at Lake Tyers Beach
Cloudy day at Lake Tyers Beach in Summer.

The Student Data file: RAWDATA

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