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Nowa Nowa Mens Choir

These men are a group of local enthusiasts who enjoy singing together and have been performing for many years now. What began as a bit of fun at a party long ago has become a local legend.
The group has performed at many venues, ranging from charity events to private functions.  They have joined in at places like "East Gippsland On Show" and more recently providing performances at the Wyanga Winery.  This last venue is no coincidence as the Choir is very grateful for the use of the pleasant winery surroundings for  practice every Thursday night from about 7:00pm to 9:00pm. If you enjoy singing, then come along! Notable this year are the performances given to support other local non-profit groups.

Tonight I heard about the death of Leonard Cohen.  He was not my favourite performer as he was the idol of the well do of my university peers (c.1979) who enjoyed privileged upbringings and indulged themselves in their own sophomoric sentimentality.  However as a member of our choir we have come to appreciate at least one of his works, "Hallelujah", and in spite of all my attempts to simply list a song with YouTube or Facebook, I offer it you now as a raw un-pretentious, innocent offering, recorded 3 days before his death.

Hallelujah  I hope you enjoy it, as we did singing it, thanks Leonard!!!  Thanks Surf, your backing was brilliant!

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The Nowa Nowa Mens Choir at Paynesville Music Festival 2016
Paynesville Music Festival: Busking Competition.
The boys were giving their all that day, but in the finals became "runners up" to the the mighty Vanuatu Workers Alliance Chorus who  captured the day and went on to be very popular winners!!!  Nice work guys and welcome to the  happy world  of men's choirs. We hope to sing with you soon...

Nowa Nowa Mens Choir handing over Palliative Care cheque

Front row: Rein Jongkryg (Secretary), Sheryl Bush (Palliative Care), Ian Hood (Treasurer), Nick Nagy. Back row: Geoff Mahlook, Rob Ward, Chris Bury, Ken Morrison, Zap Zanoni, Kevin Brew, Paul McKenzie, Kevin Edwards. The cheque donation was worth $1000+!  (Absent: Norm Borg (President)), Guitarist Andrew (Surf) from Loud Music who took the photograph!! ).

NNMC at Lakeside Nursing Home October 2014
Above: A recent gig at Lakeside Nursing Home. October 2014

Below: Here we are in a fund raising mode for churches in Orbost, with the two world wars as a costume theme.
Nowa Nowa Mens Choir, Orbost July 2013
The Choir at Orbost for the July 2013 annual churches Fund-Raiser.  It had a "two world wars and in between" theme. So many of our favourites were sung, along with a few special war tunes thrown in. A splendid night and a credit all involved. Left to Right: Surf (+guitar), Rob, Geoff, Nick, Paul, Ian, Rein, Ron, Zap,  Kevin and Norm
1. Lily Marlene
2. Albany Whaling Song
3. Catfish John
4.Year of the Somme
5. Judy Drownded
6. Lost Highway
7. The Whale
8. Badly Bent
9. Under the Boardwalk
10. Wartime Medley
11. Talk of the Town
12. Isa Lei
13. Freight Train
14. Born Free
15. Sounds of Silence
16. Shaving Cream
17. Don't Knock
18. Those Were The Days
19. Po Kare Kare Ana
20. No Hopers Jokers and Rogues
21. We'll Meet Again

Seafarers 2012 Nowa Nowa Mens Choir
Here the boys are doing the right thing off the back of the deck of the Lonsdale. Dec 1, 2012.
Hope you enjoyed it and  had a great time as we did singing to you.  Seafarers 2012.
 Thanks to Sue and James Haig for the photo.

Here are some upcoming performances and where you can hear them in  -
  • Coming Up

    • 30th March Nowa Nowa Hotel
    • 2nd April  Bull Ant Brewery
    • 25th April ANZAC Pop Up Concert
    • 29th April Men's Breakfast
    • 25th May Windmill Pizza Tambo Upper
    • 28th May Choral Festival Bairnsdale
    • Orbost Anglican Hall
  • 2017
    • 29th April Men's Shed Dinner
    • 5th March Kalimna Aged care
    • 4th March Frouteville Festival
    • 17th February Rotary Dinner ,Central Hotel

And what we have done in previous years.....

  • 2016
    • 26th September Lake View, Opal Nursing Home
    • 27th August Relay for Life, Orbost
    • 23rd July  Orbost Churches Fund Raiser
    • 26th June Bang on the Beach Fundraiser
    • 24th June Lakeview, Opal Nursing Home
    • 17th June Central Hotel, Rotary.
    • 12th June Surf Performance at Post Office Jetty
    • 18th March Chris Bewry Art Exhibition Opening
    • 27th February Paynesville Music Festival Busking Comp (Runners up!!!)

  • 2015
    • 24th May Kalimna Nursing Home
    • 31st May Lucknow Choir festival
    • 27th September Kalimna Choir Festival
    • 15th October Waterwheel Beach Tavern
    • 18th October Wyanga Winery
    • 23th October Lions Club Annual Dinner>
    • 31st October LEGS + NNMC at Lakes Senior Citiziens
    • 14th November Walk for Life at Orbost
  • 2014
    • 23 August Wyanga, Rein's 70th
    • 19 July Orbost Churches (Agatha Christie theme)
    • 25 May EG Choir Festival  (Lucknow Church)
    • 22 May Big Morning Breakfast  (Anti Cancer Fund Raiser)
    • LEGS dinner for NNMC 13 Mar
    • Kalimna Aged Care 6 April
    • Walk for Life Fund Raiser  8 Jan
    • Nowa Music Festival 18 Jan
  • 2013
    • Orbost Church Christmas Evening 14 Dec
    • Busking at the Sea Farers 7 Dec
    • Domain Nursing Home 15 Nov
    • Geoff's 70th at the Central Hotel 21 Sep
    • Busking on the Esplanade Sat 19th October
    • Orbost Anglican Hall Sat July20
    • Choir Festival (see You-Tube clips)  19 May 2013
    • Jazz on the Domain at Lake View 12th January 2013
  • 2012
    • Seafarers Festival Wyanga Winery 2 December 2012
    • Seafarers Festival Blessing of the Fleet 1st December 2012
    • Winnebago Club Eastern Beach 11 Nov 2012
    • Lake View Aged Care 9 Nov2012
    • Seniors Week at Wyanga 7th October 2012
    • Surf's Birthday Party  22nd September 2012
    • Fund Raiser at St Brendans, for combined churches of LE 16th Sep 2012
    • Orbost St James Anglican Hall 7pm, Sat 21st July
    • Paynesville Men's Shed Opening Wed 9th April (10:30am)
    • Choir Festival Bairnsdale Uniting Church 1:30pm, Sun 6th May
    • Bool Pool Cultural Exchange  29th February 2012
    • Bruthen Blues Festival - Mass choir Sunday 20th February 2012
  • 2011
    • Lions Club Xmas Dinner Breuthen 10 Dec 2011
    • Seafarers at Wyanga Park Winery 4 December 2011
    • Nowa Nowa Nudes 29th October 2011
    • Saint Brendans - All Churches Fundraising 18th September 2011
    • Xmas in July at Wyanga  31st July 2011
    • Lakes Entrance Lions Club 25th June 2011
    • Mitchell River Rotary Hand Over 18th June 2011
    • LuckNow Choir Festival  29th May 2011
    • Bool Pool 16th March 2011

  • 2010
    • Sea Shanties, Wyanga Park Winery (Phone Geoff for 6 Dec (03) 5155 1508 BH 
    • Fund Raiser for Pallative Care, Senior Citizens Hall, 4 Sept 2010
    • Rotary Changeover Lakes Entrance July4th
    • Combined with Lakes Entrance Womens Choir 17 June 2010
    • Rotary Dinner (informal)  10 June 2010
    • Uniting Church at Lucknow 16 May 2010
    • Bool Pool Cultural Exchange  12 May 2010
    • East Gippsland On Show   1 May 2010
    • Senior Citizens  3 April 2010
  • 2009
    • Break up Party at Wyanga 19 December 2009 (Thanks John and Nick)
    • Probis Dinner  14 December 2009 Evening
    • Rotary Dinner - 25 November 2009 Evening
    • Bruthen Seniors Citizens - 6 December 2009 Lunch
    • Combined with Lakes Entrance Female Choir - 12 Nov 2009
    • Combined night with Metung Singers - 31 October 2009 Workshop
    • Nowa Nowa Angel Flight - 25 September 2009 Evening (see photo in paper!)
    • Wyanga Park Winery - 13 September 2009
    • Loud Music  (Surf's Music Shop)- 12 September 2009
    • Lake View - Domain Aged Care - 25 June 2009
    • Wyanga Park Winery - 31 May 2009
    • Bairnsdale Primary School 754 - 13 March 2009
  • 2008
    • Pete Ryans & Arnhem Land Women - 26 February 2009
    • Hoody's House Warming - 13 December 2008
    • Wyanga Park Winery - 23 November 2008
    • Police Remembrance Day - 29 September 2008
    • Wyanga Park Winery - 10 August 2008
    • Orbost Town Hall - 12 July 2008
Previous Choir Masters -
Other Occasional Supporting and Past Musicians -
Sam (Guitar).Ross (Cajun Percussion Box)
Col' and the Snare Drum
 Cliff (Guitar and Rice Shaker)
Ed (Bass)
Stan (Mandolin)
Rob (Flute/Whistle)\

Photo Album: Re-Opening Party at the Water Wheel Beach Tavern 27 Oct 2012
Nowa Nowa Mens Choir
Photo Album: Rotary Changeover 4th July 2010  (Photo from Nick Nagy, reduced for WWW distro)
Nowa Nowa Mens Choir, Wyanga Sep 2009
Surf (below), who with James and Trevor (on Guitars) who accompany us in all our musical endeavors .
Nowa Nowa Mens Choir "Surf"

A previous Wyanga Show