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Fishermans Landing at Lake Tyers

Fishermans Landing has been upgraded with a state of the art fishing platform.  Just check out the photos below and if you knew the previous old wooden jetty, which was a traditional wood one but definitely crumbling away, you will appreciate how much nicer this is.

The Fishing Jetty at Lake Tyers Beach
Fittings on Fishing Jetty at Fishermans Landing
The fittings are excellent and the jetty is spacious enough to cater for all comers, wheelchairs no problem!
Father and Son fishing at Fishermans Landing Lake Tyers Beach
 Boat Ramp at Fishermans Landing, Lake Tyers Beach
The boat ramp with floating jetty alongside.  Not a lot of car and trailer parking space, but it is properly organised and orderly.  As with all Australian coastal tourist locations, don't leave your car unlocked, or any items of potential value in plain sight, eg don't leave bags of any sort that may indicate they contain something valuable in view (even if you know they are empty!).
Lake Tyers, Fishermans Landing Fishing Jetty
There is also a cleaning table and picnic tables available as well.  Don't forget to take any rubbish with you and don't leave plastic bags, discarded fishing line or unused bait lying around.