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Frozen BAITS

Generally speaking  the fresher the bait the better the chance of catching a fish.  Fortunately frozen bait is a practical option for people who are wanting to try their luck, and in places like Lake Tyers Beach where fishing is very popular even the frozen bait will be relatively fresh.  The baits listed below are good ones to try and some hints are given on where and how to use them, however part of the magic of fishing is that if you have a particular bait on hand and it is doing the job, then stick with it, all fishing rules are meant to be broken. 

Bait (against a 5 cent coin) Hints
whitebait at Lake Tyers Beach Whitebait:
The smallest of the whole fish baits.  Useful for any of the lake species. If the kids are losing baits very quickly off the jetties these maybe an economical way to go. Use a #4 hook or thereabouts.
bluebait at Lake Tyers Beach Blue Bait:
Popular for Flathead and Tailor and can be used in the surf and lake with success. Try with a #4 to #2 hook.
If the hook is "bitten off", then try a wire trace, as there are probably decent Tailor around.

A good all rounder for the boat, jetty, bank or beach.
Prawn bait at Lake Tyers Beach Prawn:
Pictured here is the "local prawn" (top) caught in the local lakes system and bagged up as bait. Below is the farmed prawn, smaller in size and paler.  Either are very effective on Bream, though the bigger prawn on a bigger hook (eg #2) will reduce annoying strikes on under size fish.
The Prawn is also very effective with Flathead if the bait can be kept on the bottom and on the move, out of the weed. Try in any sandy bottom areas you can find.
Peeling off the head and first two bits of shell is a good local tip worth a try.
Squid Bait at Lake Tyers Beach Squid:  These baby Squid are great for the surf if there are sand crabs around stripping the softer whole body fish bait off before the target fish even see them.  Cut them into strips and they will present for a longer time.  Try a whole body fish bait on the higher top hook and squid on the lower bait to cover a few bases at the one time.  If the crabs are really bad use a popper on the lower hook and squid on the upper hook. (or catch the Crabs!!!)
Pilchard Bait at Lake Tyers Beach Pilchard: A whole one or two of these on your surf rig can add casting weight, and allow a lighter sinker for a more sensitive rig set up, and less drag overall when you do make a strike.  They are the premium surf bait and using them means nearly anything is possible, and if you are good at it, usually big....


If you can get them then use them, if you can find you own even better!!!
Pilchard Bait at Lake Tyers Beach Sandworm: Here is the best local bait but not easy to get as the local suppliers have to wade around at some ungodly hour up to their knackers in cold water to pump them for you guys.

However they are a very versatile bait hooking a wide range of species if used correctly.  They will be explosive on Bream on the right day, and great for Luderick under a float with the right set up.  Dynamite on Garfish with a #12 hook and bread crumb/tuna oil berley.  If you can get Sandworm and you don't get a bite don't blame the bait.

Caution though as the removal of these worms causes considerable damage to their habitat and as we take more, the more their habitat is broken up and they become harder to find, and colonies recover less and less.  Are we killing the goose that laid that golden egg??

Best for you to find your own bait in the long run. Cheers.

Generally speaking  the fresher the bait the better the chance of catching a fish.Other baits we hope to
cover in the future are Spider Crabs, Pippies
What are your bait preferences?  Email me if you have any comments.... info@laketyersbeach.net.au

PS: Sand worms don't live in "sand alone" (as shown above), they live in watery aquatic environments, so as soon as you buy them, if you release them into a bucket of fresh sea or estuarine water ASAP, they will last a lot longer.  If you want to keep them overnight, or longer, use an aerator pump and just change the water regularly, like a complete change once day and use about 5 to 10 litres of water at that.  The more the better.  Why waste good bait when common sense can make your expensive purchase last much longer?