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22 December 2009: Seasons Greetings

With Xmas here I thought I would give a report with a difference knowing we have a lot of visitors and the questions I get asked at the shop.
Lake Tyers delivers a diverse waterway giving both bank and boat anglers great options, and plenty of variety of fish. Those looking to fish the lake from the bank can drive to many good spots like, Burnt Bridge, Cherry Tree, Long Point, Fishermans Landing, Camerons Hole and other spots easily accessible by the many tracks. The best general rig is a small running sinker with a 2 foot leader. Best baits are Prawn, Pilchard, Pipi, White Bait etc.
For those looking to fish with plastic lures it also gives you a great chance to land the big one.

For those looking to the surf - Salmon, Tailor and Gummies are taking baits like Pilchard, Blue Bait and Eel, lures are also attracting Salmon.
Anyone with a boat can chase good Flatties on plastics and vibes.   Bream are also starting to show up around the lake, although not in big numbers as yet. Just get in close to the bank fish near the snags and you will be rewarded.
We now have our customised charters up and running taking max 3 persons so if you want a great half day fishing give us a call 51565817 or 0418509149 to book
During the holiday period the tackle shop will be open at 6.30 am daily to help you with all your needs so from all of us at Keepers bait@tackle have a great chistmas, stay safe, and get out and  get amongst them Pagey

17 December 2009: Where are the Bream?

The fishing is really hotting up at Lake Tyers. The surf is seeing good Salmon on both bait and lures, plus some Gummies - best bait is Eel.  Plenty of Prawns in the lake being taken shortly after dark.   The lake is producing Flathead on plastics and bait.  Tailor are taking lures and the odd Bream caught on Prawn but as yet they have not arrived in large numbers.  So whether its by boat or bank get out and  get amongst them Pagey

10 December 2009: Night and day sounds good

Great week at Lake Tyers - some good Gummies on the surf taken on Sunday night along with Salmon and Tailor.  Best baits were Eel, Squid and Blue Bait.   The lake has seen a lot of Flathead on plastics in the shallows, Tailor with trolling in the deeper parts , but not a lot of Bream to report yet, but sure to improve shortly. Bank fishing is also producing results up the arms and in front of the Tavern along the channel. Try Prawn and Pilchard.The Prawns are also a great size on the flats in front of the Waterwheel Tavern so get amongst them Pagey

3 December 2009: The action begins

The big Tailor have finally shown up in numbers in the bottom lake taking lures behind boats around the channel. Nice Flathead taking plastics on the flats. Some reports of Bream in Blackfellows Arm on Prawns. Plenty of Prawns at night in the shallows keeping people busy. The surf is continuing to see fish caught on Bluebait and poppers with some Gummies due in the next few days with the full moon. With the weather and the fishing getting better, it's time to get amongst them Pagey

25 November 2009: Things are on the up and up!

Good news. Great reports coming in to the tackle shop this week, although i am sworn to secrecy so I will only share them with you. Fishermans Landing producing Flathead Bream and Luderic best in the afternoon the sand flats in front of the Tavern is seeing Flatties taking plastics.  White Sliders are working well. Boats drifting near the Glass House are reporting Flathead and Bream on Prawn and Pilchards in.Blackfellows Arm (also fishing well) so things are looking good. The surf is just doing its thing with some Salmon, Tailor and small Flathead taking Bluebait, Pilchard and Squid so whether its the surf bank, or boat,  get out and get amongst them Pagey

19 November 2009: Bottom Lake Improving fast

The weathers been good and the fishing is hotting up.  Flathead have finally woken up and are all over the lake taking plastics on the sand flats, as well as bait on the drift, best performers being White Bait, Pilchards and Prawns.  Plenty of Tailor around taking lures, not a lot of size, but good fun.
   The surf is continuing to produce Salmon. Best bait is Blue Bait, Pilchard or Squid.  We had some water come over into the lake on Monday at the top of the tide.  Adding salt to the lake will stir the fish and prawns in the bottom of the lake so get out and get amongst them Pagey

12 November 2009: A great week!

The fishing has been great this week at Lake Tyers with good catches in the bottom lake with Flathead on plastics and bait plenty of small Tailor on White Bait.  The surf continued to see catches of Salmon and Flathead being taken although crabs are still pesky\.   Best bait Bluebait or Pilchard and a popper so get amongst them Pagey

5 November 2009: Things are hotting up!

This past week has seen some great results as Lake Tyers delivers the type of catches we have been waiting for.  Flathead have been active on plastics on the sand flats in front of the Tavern, as they have finally arrived down to the bottom lake.  Some good Bream on Prawns from Long Point to Cherry Tree, with plenty of small Tailor taking everything.
  The surf is still seeing Salmon on Bluebait and Pilchards and reports of Gummies over the past few days all looks positive with the best yet to come so get out and   get amongst them Pagey

27 October 2009: Flatties on the move?

Some very promising reports starting to float into the shop. Good Luderic at long point, Bream in deeper drop offs on Prawns, and some Flathead on plastics.  The Flatties are starting to migrate into the main lake spoke to some people who were looking for Prawns the other night, and they reported some Flounder and Flathead lays on the sand flats. The surf continues to see Salmon on Bluebait and poppers so enjoy the better weather and  get amongst them Pagey

13 October 2009: Lake is on the Rise

Continued good reports from Cherry Tree , Burnt Bridge , Crystal Bay , Long Point with White Bait and Prawns best baits with some Flathead, Mullet, Trevally and some Bream being taken.  The Heathmont Angling Club had some good catches last weekend.  The surf is still seeing some Salmon on Bluebait and Poppers on the top of the tide.   The recent rain continues to see the lake rising and this will improve the fishing so get out and  get amongst them Pagey

6 October 2009: Turning Point?

LakeTyers has started to produce some interesting results in the last week with a lot of Yellow Eyed Mullet and small Trevally being taken on White Bait from Fishermans Landing Pier and Long Point to the highway bridge.  They were very active. Some Flathead still on plastics,just starting to work down the arms. If you want some Tailor throw out a lure and they will find you. The surf is still producing good Salmon and should keep going for a while yet.  Top of the tide is best, so enjoy and  get amongst them Pagey

30 September 2009: Nature in control

Nature struck hard this week with very few people fishing, but as the weather settles we will see some good results. The surf is still showing positive results with Bluebait and Poppers the go. Some Flathead around Long Point, Crystal Bay, Burnt Bridge and Cherry Tree on Prawns and Whitebait. Plastics are also taking some fish in a slow retreat motion.
Look forward to some warm days and  get amongst them Pagey

23 September 2009: Holiday Action

Good reports from visitors to Lake Tyers this week with people catching fish at Fishermans Landing on Prawns and some small Bream on plastics.  Mill Point also giving some good results as well as Burnt Bridge and Cherry Tree.  A promising sign of things to come.
The surf is still fishing well with some nice Salmon being taken at the top of the tide. Blue Bait remains best.
With more rain forecast for the next few days, it will continue to improve, so get out and get amongst them Pagey

17 September 2009: The Fishers are stirring

 TYERS FIRES - well not quite but we are starting to see some fishing clubs coming up to fish and there have been some mixed results.  Not a lot of Bream to report , but those that were caught are taking lures and vibes on longer leaders than usual.  Some average Flathead on both bait and plastics starting to move in the lower part of the arms .   Also heard a rumour of some Mulloway in the lake but I sworn to keep the location a secret <have to call out to the bait shop>.
The surf continues to produce Salmon on blue bait and poppers so with the school holidays starting this weekend it looks encouraging so go and get amongst them Pagey

11 September 2009: Rain may well equal fish

 I am writing this report looking at the lake with the rain pouring down and wondering if this will turn the Bream on. I think it may.  Blackfellows Arm and Crystal Bay,  Burnt bridge, Cherry Tree are all producing early season Flathead nothing big, but a good start. Nowa Nowa arm remains clear and a bit quiet.
The surf remains constant with nice catches of Salmon reported blue bait remains best with poppers still a must.  Spring rains and warmer weather will soon see things improve quickly, so don't be afraid to get out there and  get amongst them Pagey

28 August 2009: Hopes are with changing weather

Well what a week of weather it turned out to be, with wind,rain and cold. I believe this will be what we need to stimulate the lake into action.  The water level has increased and the wind has dirtied the water a bit, plus we are about to get to September with the water temp starting to rise. Some reports of Flathead on plastics around Cherry Tree, Burnt Bridge, and the surf continues to give anglers some good results. Look for a big improvement this next couple of weeks.   get amongst them Pagey

21 August 2009: Surf's the Go

The surf at Lake Tyers continues to produce great options for anglers with bait, combined with surf poppers or lures all giving great results.  I had the chance to fish at Cherry Tree during the week with encouraging results (although out fished by my daughter) we managed to catch 3 Flathead on Whitebait, 2 Bream on Prawns and 3 Luderick on Weed so it looks like the water temp is rising and with some good spring weather due it wont take long for the action to start  get amongst them Pagey

13 August 2009: The Weekend Coming Up

Some reports of Flathead taking Pilchards between Burnt Bridge and the Toorloo Arm highway bridge in the holes.    Plastics are also producing some Flatties from the banks. The surf has continued to produce Salmon on bait, poppers and lures.  With good weather this weekend we should see many anglers out and about, so good luck and,  get amongst them Pagey

6 August 2009: A Quiet Week

Lake Tyers has had one of its quieter weeks with the lake producing few fish.  Some Tailor have been taken on lures, and the best being lasers.   The surf has continued to see good results with Pilchards and Blue Bait combined with a surf popper have produced some nice catches.  Looking forward to some rain to stir the lake up a bit.   The fish are there, just sitting in the deep drop offs, so a challenge indeed.  <get amongst them> Pagey

30 July 2009: The Surf may have it!!!

While writing this report I am wondering why, on such a lovely winter day, I am not on the water? The fish have been hard to find this week, with the surf still producing more fish than the lake.  I am taking some friends out tomorrow and I am debating where to start thinking, maybe up around Long Point and Crystal Bay trying a variety of plastics and vibes.  If that does not produce results, we will go to Cameron's Track and the Devils Hole. I have heard they are still getting Luderic at the Burnt Bridge area. Good luck and <get amongst them> Pagey

23 July 2009: Steady as she goes, again!

I noticed over the last week a lot of birds chasing bait fish down in front of the tavern as the water level continues to rise. This can only mean one thing - fish will also be following and I wonder therefore why few people are testing the water down at the bottom part of the lake. I will have a go myself in the next few days and see what happens.
Reports from the surf still strong with some good catches over the past week.  This should keep up for a while yet.
Burnt bridge is still producing Flathead on plastics.  Dark colours are best worked very slowly and getting many hits with the plastic while still on the bottom. Best plastics are Fire Baits or Berkley Craws.
Good Luck <get amonst them>  Pagey

15 July 2009: Steady as she goes!

Well I have had a couple of good days fishing this week.  Started at Cherry Tree on Sunday afternoon with a friend from Melbourne, Rick,who comes up 4 to 5 times a year we had a ball on Luderick on weed under a float they pull like trucks on light gear.  Then Monday we ventured up to Burnt Bridge with my plastics rod and although early for Flathead we managed some really nice fish on dark plastics , worked very slow but when they struck, they were biting hard.  Lost a few plastics in the snags, but that's fishing the water level has continued to rise and this is helping.  The surf has continued to produce good catches of Salmon on bait and lures, and don't forget your surf poppers.  Good luck and get amongst them,    Pagey

8 July 2009: Surfs Up

The surf has been the savior this week with continued good catches of salmon on both bait and lures. Still the need for surf poppers to beat the crabs. Even had two Flatties off the beach on lures! The lake is the clearest I can remember it and I suspect this is why it is not producing as many fish as normal.
I fished up high on plastics for no result.  Changed to vibes and got 2 fish but hard work .  Still some nice Luderick at Cherry Tree on weed and got a few small Bream.  Best news is the lake has risen in recent weeks so things will improve shortly.  Good luck and "get amongst them"     Pagey

1 July 2009 :  Mixed bag at Lake Tyers past week.

The surf has continued to to produce large catches of Salmon with those using lures and doing best on either the top, or at low tide.  Bait fishermen reporting some catches, but crabs are often beating the fish to the bait, so you must use surf poppers for top hook.
The lake fishing has been mixed with reports of people with good catches of Flathead around Devils Hole on plastics with the fish in the deeper drop offs. The front lake has been poor.
 I fished at Cherry Tree on Tuesday with a lot of small Bream taking prawns, but watched with envy a family catching a nice bag of Luderick on weed under floats. They enjoyed their day. Any rain this week will dirty up the water and this should stir them up again,  good luck and get amongst them!      Pagey