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2011 Archive

21st December 2011:  No Algal blooms and plenty of fish...

Lake Tyers continues to produce great angling with both the surf and lake doing well and with all the confusion about the Gippsland Lakes people will certainly putting Lake Tyers high on their agenda with no algae blooms and great fishing, plus top accommodation packages available for early January onwards. Give me a ring at the tackle shop for the good oil, have a great xmas and drive safe.  We look forward to seeing you soon , so  get out and get amongst them  Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

17th December 2011:  Variety of fish....

Why would you want to fish anywhere else?  Lake Tyers continues to produce great results this week with a large variety of being caught.
The surf saw some good quality Salmon on Blue Bait and Squid the odd Snapper and a few Gummies on Eel throw in the odd Tailor and that's some entertaining angling.
The lake is producing some nice Flatties on plastics and bait best being Prawn and Pilchard.  Plenty of Trevally and Tailor about taking plastics and hard bodies either from the bank or boat.
The Bream are still a little harder but the ones caught are good size, and as we get closer to the lake closing take advantage of this pristine water system and
 get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

12th December 2011: Action all around 

Lake Tyers has seen plenty of Flathead all round the lake on both bait and plastics.  They have moved down in big numbers providing anglers with plenty of action.  Bream are starting to play the game as well with Prawn best bait and vibes accounting for some good catches.  Trevally and Tailor are in big numbers around the sand flats and taking lures and plastics.
The surf is still a little mixed, but some are doing well best bait Bluebait and Squid and if chasing Gummies this weekend on the full moon try some Eel as it keeps the crabs at bay for longer.
The lake is still tidal to the sea and looks like it might stay till xmas this gives excellent swimming for the kids and with the fish going nuts Lake Tyers is the place to be so
 get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

24th November 2011: Biting all over... 

A great week of results with some excellent catches reported from big Tailor from the Number 2 Jetty on lures and bait to Trevally from the banks on plastics, Flathead taking plastics and bait all over the lake, and the Bream getting more active every day.  Spent a day in Black Fellows Arm catching some good Flatties and Bream.The boys from Warragul are down this weekend so plenty of fishing to be done.
The surf produced some Gummies on Eel at night caught, and Salmon on Bluebait, Squid and lures with light gear so get the gear out and
 get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

12th November 2011: The Lake is fishing well all over

Lake Tyers showed why it is going to be a great season this year some great catches of Flathead on both plastics and bait best bait Prawn and Pilchard.The Bream are also getting active both on baits and hard bodies with some very good fish being taken.  Tailor, Salmon and Trevally up to 40cm are down in the bottom lake providing anglers with some great sport on light gear.
The surf has been slow with a few Salmon and the odd Gummie but with the full moon this weekend it might be ok.
Just keep in mind the best rig is a running sinker as small as possible and enjoy your fishing
Reports this week came from Devils Hole to the main lake, Burnt Bridge, Mill Point - it seems like they were everwhere, so
 get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

2nd November 2011: The lake's heating up and so is the fishing

The fishing over the weekend is the best we have seen since the lake opened with the Flathead really starting to fire up with best results on plastics and some big fish being caught. The bream have also decided its time to get active both on plastics, vibes and Prawn.  Some big Tailor down in the main lake with lures claiming most hits.
The surf is a little slow with a few Salmon and the odd Gummie shark.  Best baits are Bluebait and Squid and Eel at night.  Lures also providing some fun on light gear.
Some Yellow Eyed Mullet in the entrance at the in coming tide on Pilchards and also a few Trevally travelling in and out with the tides.
Water temp closing in on 20 deg, and this improves the fishing with each degree so 
get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

21st October 2011: Opening is working its magic

Flathead are on the march,they have started to finally arrive in the bottom of the lake and been very active on plastics as John Lewis and his team from Seymour found out this week with some excellent fish and suprises for some of the older members who previously had been bait men.
Some nice Trevally and Tailor chasing lures and good Bream on Prawn, although they are still in the arms.
The surf while a little slow is still seeing Salmon and the odd Snapper best bait is Bluebait, Squid and surf poppers.
The entrance looks like it will close soon, but it has done its job.  With a good flush out and a restock of fish and prawns we can look forward to a big season, so brush the dust off those rod and
 get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

13th October 2011: Good signs all round

Lake Tyers is starting to live up to its reputation of one of Victoria's best angling destinations.  As the weather continues to improve and the tidal water coming in daily, the fish are starting to respond.
Heard about some very good Trevally between 40 and 50cm chasing bait fish in the channel taking lures and Bluebait in a frenzy.  Flathead are not fired up, but taking plastics best where water temp 18C or better,  some Bream taking Prawn and vibes looks like they are on the move towards the bottom lake.
Lots of Tailor on the trawl any form of lure will work.
The surf remains a little quiet but the odd Salmon on Pilchard and Bluebait or Squid if your around Beacon Reserve with the odd Snapper being taken.  I would still try your lures from the surf for great fun on light gear.
The weather next week is on the improve - it is just getting better from now on, so get yourself motivated and get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

2nd October 2011: Flathead on the move

Lake Tyers has started to see the migration of Flathead to the main lake with some nice fish taken on the jetties and banks on both plastics and bait best being Prawn and Bluebait. The Bream are still a little quiet but Prawn and Shrimp are producing quality fish up the arms.  As the temperature continues to rise the fish will continue to improve.  We are getting big tidal flows as the lake remains well open to the sea. This will ensure a good Prawn season as well as the fish coming into the system.
The surf has been slow with some Salmon on Bluebait and lures but have you to work hard.
Great to see the flathead fire up so 
get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

22nd September 2011: What a great fishing comp'!!!

What a weekend, great weather, fantastic numbers registered for our fishing comp and some nice catches recorded.
115 people entered with most taking to the water on Saturday with what I would say was mixed results.  With three boats from the ABT tournament boy,s and only one of them finding Bream on Saturday which they described as "that's fishing".  Then on Sunday the fishing gods smiled and most anglers got amongst the fish.  
Best Bream caught by John Jol with a great fish at 1.354kg on Prawn up past The Island, and it was only part of a great bag.  Best Flathead was weighed in buy Geof Manley at 0.884kg although we did see one at 1.220kg by some one not registered.  The Flatties are starting to take plastics up around Burnt Bridge and high up the arms in shallow water at around 17 degrees, as this rises they will become more aggressive.  Plenty of Tailor in the lake taking lures.  Best baits are Prawn or Shrimp of which the lake is teaming with at the moment, and light sinker as the Bream continue to spawn.
As the weather gets better so will the fishing. To all that supported our fishing comp' - many thanks we will load photos up soon and look forward to our next comp so
 get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

1st September 2011: Recent reports are promising.

Finally started to get some action with some nice Bream being reported in the bottom of the lake around the channel markers with the best method being vibes,  the occasional Trevally and some small Tailor to also create a bit of fun.  The lake is still has that dirty water flowing out on the low tide, and a fair bit of weed to go with it, but it is looking promising and settling nicely.  I have heard of some Bream caught on Prawn at Burnt Bridge, so Cherry Tree and Long Point will also be worth a try.  September is when we see the Flathead start to come down the lake, so we won't have to wait long.
The surf has its days, I think, depending on water clarity working with Bluebait and Squid should the be best option, or throw a lure on light gear and stir up some action.
Enteries for the  Lake Tyers Fishing Comp' on September 17&18 continue to flow in so it will be a great event, don't forget if you wish to enter prior, please ring the shop in the morning on 51565817 to register, or on the day but before 11am.   With some of the top Bream men confirmed already, it is a chance to talk to them and learn about techniques used to lure that, at times, crafty fish.
So with it restarted get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

26th August 2011: Signs are looking good

Lake Tyers is getting a good flow of water on the tide changes at the moment and while the fishing hasn't fired up as yet, however it will soon. There has been reports of Tailor chasing Garfish around Long Point and the odd Luderick  taking vibes.  Some Bream are also taking vibes, but with big numbers showing up on sounders they are slow.
The surf is starting to produce some Salmon and Tailor as the water starts to clear with best bait - blue bait and squid, or try a lure on top of the tide.
The lake should be excellent for our Lake Tyers Fishing Comp' on 17&18 of September and with entries already coming into the shop. A great weekend with excellent entertainment on the Friday night at the tavern and great prizes for the comp.  Mick Pressnell will be on hand to talk to all fishermen interested in Bream fishing plastics,lures and vibes.  It is shaping as a "do not miss" weekend.
Heard on grapevine Mick is coming on Thursday to pre fish.
So with it only improving from here on get out and get amongst them Pagey@Keepers bait and tackle   

18th August 2011: Fishing should improve next weekend

With the lake open only a few days, it is taking its time settling down with plenty of salt water pouring in with each tide and plenty of brackish water going on the outwards flow. As yet I have a few people trying down the front of the tavern with little or no success, although I have seen tailor chasing garfish in the shallows. I would think by next weekend we will start to see action with some of the places up the lake that we have not been able to access for last few weeks being fishable again.

The surf is starting to clean up and should be good again with plenty of salmon around before the breakout.

Best to be patient for a couple of days. Get the gear ready as it will be awesome in the months to come.

Don't forget to put the 17&18th of Sept in your diaries for our Lake Tyers Fishing Comp' - perfect timing - now glad I picked the date.   Pagey@Keepers

7th August 2011: Fishing Competition Announced

The water continues to rise and this has caused the water temp to drop and the fish have gone quiet as a result. This is an unusual situation and I hope they let the lake go naturally as I have been told it will be artificially opened this week. I hope this is the correct decision as it makes a huge difference to the time it remains open and the amount of mud and weed it takes with it. I am aware fisheries surveyed the water this week and are concerned with some dead fish but this is a natural happening that has been doing the same for many years.
On a lighter note the Waterwheel Tavern announced its annual Lake Tyers Fishing Comp' for the 17 & 18 of Sept with great prizes and a huge weekend planned. Entries available at the Tavern or Keepers Bait &Tackle or phone 51565817 or email keepers@live.com.au  We can help with accommodation if you wish. Special entertainment on the Friday night at the Tavern with Alex Kyle  <AKA> The Brickie he's great.  cheers Pagey


22nd July 2011: Opening is possible?

With continued rain and the lake rising fast it will be interesting to see if the fish come on before the lake opens. I have had some great sessions from the car park with some unexpected species taking baits. With continued rain the lake should go soon so take the time to come, and have a look at this natural happening and lets hope no human involvement this time, as it will stay open longer and the fishing will be great for all  - get amongst them Pagey (How deep is the Lake)  NB Details of the Lake Tyers Fishing Comp' are up.

21st July 2011: East Coast Low brings rain and more rain!

Hi Guys!  With heavy rain over the last few days the lake is rising fast and could break in coming days with water coming down the system and rain today forcast it would be great for Tyers and the fishing both before it goes and after with new channels pools and different fish coming and going - get amongst them Pagey 

17th July 2011: Flatheads make it worthwhile

A few of the boys from Woodonga spent a very good weekend at Lake Tyers.  The weather was great and the fishing produced plenty of Flathead on a mixture of vibes and plastics. The boys fished between Camerons and Devils hole in up to 2 metres of water.  The Bream are scarce - you can sound them up but they show no interest in anything at present.
The surf has been rough with a few Salmon on lures and Bluebait but as conditions settle it will improve.
The lake continues to rise with plenty of water down the front of the tavern, so the fish will be down here soon catching bait fish, and with the good weather
  get amongst them Pagey

12th July 2011: Flatties still on the go!

You wonder why sometimes you take holidays and go fishing away from some of the best fishing grounds in your own back yard.
Well I did, I ventured to Merrimbula fished hard and got plenty of undersize yellow fin bream.  So when I arrived home my son suggested we try Burnt Bridge and bingo - Flathead still going on plastics. I was suprised. I believe the best fish are still between Devils Hole and Camerons Hole, with plastics working to produce Flatties and small Bream. I would look for deeper holes if bait fishing, and Prawn is best option.
The surf has been rough so not a lot of good reports, but when the wind backs off it will be good again.  Try Bluebait and a popper, or a lure and have some fun.
The lake has risen dramatically in the last three weeks so this will change the fishing with the fresh water coming in and the temp dropping.
Had heaps of emails asking for a report.  Next time I am going to have a break I will let everyone know. Only 6 weeks of winter left so   get amongst them Pagey

3rd June 2011: Cooler weather but lake looks great!

The Surfs up at Lake Tyers with some great catches of Salmon being caught with the best results on lures and light gear, making lots of fun.
If using bait try Bluebait or Squid plus a popper and you will catch fish.
The lake is a little quieter, but there are still some nice Flathead up the lake and a few Tailor still about - try plastics avoid the weedy spots and there are fish playing the game.
Best bait continues to be Prawn and Pilchard so rug up an   get amongst them Pagey

27th May 2011: Flatties goin' hard at 'em.

Lake Tyers continues to amaze with some big catches of Flathead caught this week on plastics both from boats, and the bank in the top part of the lake, a little unusual for them this time of year.  Spoke to some boys fishing hard bodies for Bream and they said the Flatties were rising up and hiting the lures in 4 to 6 feet of water.  Drifting pilchards are also working.
Bream still a bit quiet, but sure to fire up soon with water temp dropping.  Best bait seems to be prawn or worm, although small bream are plentiful, and love worm.
The surf has Salmon on Bluebait and Squid or try a lure on light gear for fun.
With plenty of good accommodation packages available for the long weekend take advantage of this great fishing lake, it is safe in all conditions so   get amongst them Pagey

20th May 2011: Lake still providing good catches

As the weather cools and the water temperature begins to drop the flatties are finally moving up the lake with continued good catches up above The Island on plastics with fish 40 to 60 cm. Those drifting baits such as Pilchard and Prawn or Bluebait are also seeing some nice catches, but beware of Tailor who are hiting hard and biting through rigs with ease. Not a lot of Bream being caught but the few that are Prawn are proving the best bait.  Good Garfish are still around the jetties and provide not only great eating but also excellent bait.
The surf provided some Salmon, although the last week seems a little quite, I did hear of some Snapper off Beacons Reserve - the preferred bait is Bluebait and Squid and a surf popper is also a good idea so rug up and  get amongst them Pagey

6th May 2011: Seasons change but angling is good.

As we start to get cooler weather the fishing conditions will change accordingly,so best we take advantage of the Flathead that are taking plastics in the higher reaches of the lake as I think we only have limited time left.  If fishing with bait, try pilchard or prawn with a light running rig, and keep the bait moving then you should get results.  Bream are still hard with lots of under size fish taking prawn, but with water temps falling I think we will start to see bigger fish coming to shallower water soon.
The surf is still producing Salmon on poppers and bluebait with some Snapper being reported on Squid plus the odd Tailor as well.
So with fewer people on the water it is a good time to  get amongst them Pagey

15th April 2011: Excellent festive season.

Naomia and her BreamWhat a week of great weather over Easter and the fish played the game as well. Really good catches of Flathead caught in all parts of the lake with plastics holding their own with many bag limits being achieved. Those using bait found Prawn and Pilchard to be best, with Bluebait also accounting for some.  Quite a few Tailor have taken baits and lures, with some big ones amongst them.  Bream have been a little harder to catch with a few falling to Prawn or Shrimp. Naomi (left) caught a nice bream on Gulp plastics and showed up her father by landing it herself - well done. Last week the boys from Warrigul came down, and over a good couple of days caught some good fish and gave a new meaning to ROWE your boat ashore with captain Rowe running aground that will linger in our memory for some time.
The surf continues to produce Salmon on Bluebait and Squid with lures also working. Only a few Gummies reported caught over the break but plenty tried. I think everyone would agree it was a great holiday period and now my chance to,  get amongst them Pagey

15th April 2011: Easter news - good signs.

With Easter quickly approaching and my phone in the tackle shop running hot with enquiries I thought it might be time to share some thoughts.  The lake is fishing very well with people catching Flathead on plastics and bait, the best being Pilchard first, then Prawn and Shrimp.  The best plastics are anything with a good tail action around 3 inch.  The fish seem to be all around the lake from Mill Point, Long Point, Burnt Bridge and Cherry Tree to above the Island and to Devils Hole. The Bream are also starting to bite on Prawn but are still in the deeper drop offs.
The surf is continuing to see some great catches of Salmon on the top and bottom of the tides. The best results are on Bluebait with a surf popper on a double rig.  Silver lures are seeing some good sporting fun best at high tide.  With the number of people due down please have thoughts for others, there are plenty of fish for everyone, so obey the rules and limits, and fish for the future. Hope everybody has a great easter and most of all stay safe.   get amongst them Pagey

3rd April 2011: The Lake has many surprises!!

Estuary Cod at Lake Tyers 2011Just when you think you have seen everything fishing throws something new that amazes.This fish was caught by "Burkett" a local and good judges are identify it as an Estuary Cod the first I have seen taken from Lake Tyers, it took a Garfish on a running rig.
The Flathead have continued to be aggressive on plastics best up from the Island to Camerons Hole. A variety of colours keeping them happy. If fishing with bait try Pilchard and Prawn. The Tailor are still active in the afternoons, either trawling a lure or unweighted bait are best.
Salmon Lake Tyers Beach 2011A few Bream starting to appear around Mill Point best bait is Prawn.  The vibes are still a little slow.
The surf is still good with some nice Salmon taking Bluebait, Squid and Pilchard as well as silver/blue flashmaster lures.  Young local fisherman Tim Wilson caught this Salmon on Bluebait on the bottom of the tide this week.
It is looking good for Easter so dust off the gear and   get amongst them Pagey

18th March 2011: Good results all round!!

Trevally at Lake Tyers 2011Lake Tyers is continuing to produce the best fishing in the area with good reports of Flathead, Trevally, Tailor and the odd Bream this week.
I managed a days fishing with Dean from Melbourne on Thursday this week.  We decided to head up around Camerons Hole and after a slow start we started to get some good quality Flatties on dark coloured plastics and although I was out fished on the day we probably managed 15 fish between us.  Slow retreive and short wait, gave best results.  Best baits Pilchard and Bluebait with Prawn coming in third.
Mick Owen caught a nice Trevally on Prawn near Mill Point on Sunday 2.254 kg gave him a great run.
The surf has also seen some nice Salmon taken on Bluebait and lures.   Good to see everything holding up so   get amongst them Pagey

11th March 2011: What a choice!!

Thought we would get in early this week to get you the most up to date information to make your fishing experience at Lake Tyers the best we can. Reports coming from the lake see some good catches of Flathead on Prawn, Bluebait and Pilchards from The Glass House, up around the Trident and The Island right through to Devil's Hole.  Plastics are still taking plenty of fish in all those areas - light colours seem to be best.
The Bream are a little harder but vibes are accounting for a few mainly in the deeper drop offs.  A few pinkies in different spots and the Luderic seem to be back at Mill Point in the afternoons, add to this the Tailor at dusk and it gives everyone either boat or bank a chance to have fun.
The surf is still seeing great Salmon on Bluebait and Squid and a surf popper is a must.  Even heard of a few flatties off the beach this week so there is no excuses so  get amongst them Pagey

4th March 2011: Bream are around. Flatties moving up.

We have had a week of mixed reports coming to the tackle shop, some people struggling and others taking good catches. There have been some excellent Bream taking Prawns in the deeper drop offs in around 5m of water.  Vibes are also working so don't be afraid to give them a try - you might suprise yourself.  The Flathead appear to have started to move up the lake, the best catches from the Glass House to the Trident and up around the Island.  The best bait is Prawn or Pilchard whilst soft plastics are also taking a lot of fish in these areas.
The surf has continued to see great Salmon and Tailor on bluebait and Squid with surf poppers a must.  With the weather reports this weekend good we should all get amongst them Pagey

20th February 2011: Wow!

Lake Tyers never disapoints with this top Salmon taken on Bluebait during the week it went 5kg and is the best I have seen off the beach here.
The surf had plenty of action before bad weather hit us on Friday with both lures and bait seeing good results.
The lake is also producing plenty of fun with some nice Flathead still being taken on Prawn, Pilchard and plastics accounting for some respectable catches.  But the best has been the large numbers of Tailorr attacking baits and lures in the evenings all round the lake, these hard hitting sport fish give plenty when hooked so no excuses get amongst them Pagey

13th February 2011: It's on for young and old

Lake Tyers has given mixed results this week with some anglers having good results on White Bait, Pilchards and Prawns seeing Flathead feeding on the flats and drop offs. Some good Tailor being caught between the Boat Ramp and The Point.  One of our young anglers Tim Wilson (left) has been recording some nice catches in the late afternoon.  Bream are a little scarce but vibes are seeing some in 5 meters and they are good fish.
The surf is still producing Salmon and Tailor a popper is a good idea best baits being Bluebait and Squid.The weather looks good for the next week so   get amongst them Pagey

6th February 2011: Good options available

As we look at fishing in the past week you have to wonder about the weather, after 40 degrees earlier in the week we now have 19.
All that said we have had some strong results.  Dave Hocking told me he managed some nice Bream on vibes in 5 metres of water in Blackfellows Arm, the best being 42cm.
Flathead are still taking plastics in 3m of water all around the Bottom Lake and up the arms, Pilchards drifted off the Glass House is also seeing nice catches of Flathead, some Trevally and Tailor.  Late in the afternoon trawling any type of lure will provide some fun with quality Tailor being active.  The surf seems a little quieter probally due to a local trawler netting just off the beach again this week.   This normally slows things down for our recreational fishermen paying licence fees and love their angling from the beach, but that being said, generally a good week and with the weather about high 20's mid week you should   get amongst them Pagey

23th January 2011: Bream are back!

The lake has seen the Bream come out to play, with vibes taking the majority of the fish in up to 5m of water, Prawn still is the best bait with Pilchards next.  Flathead are also active on both bait and plastics, just on the edge of the drop offs, once again Prawn and Pilchard are the best baits.
The surf has seen some wild conditions but between those rough days there has been some very good results with some large Salmon being caught on Bluebait and Squid.  Lures are working well on the top of the tide - Flashmasters and Lazers best choice.
It looks good so   get amongst them Pagey

13th January 2011: Try a light plastic...

Lake Tyers is continuing to see very good catches of Flathead on both plastics and bait.  The Trident arm and around The Island, in the deeper water, will see Pilchard, Prawn and Bluebait taking fish. Or try catching some Garfish and use them.  The Bream are scarce, but a few have been caught on prawns and vibes in the drop offs.
The surf is hard work with people having trouble with weed, but amongst that is some good fish.  A surf popper is a handy tool, and Bluebait and Squid are best baits.
Best tip get yourself some light plastics, and give them a try you may be suprised lets hope we get some good weather so you can
  get amongst them Pagey

6th January 2011: The Fishing is "Flat" out!

Flathead Suprise!Santa has delivered Flathead everywhere in the Lake Tyers system, try 3m of water to avoid the weed that is close to the edge. If using plastics give them time to reach the bottom then move them - slow you might get the shock of your life.  While preference is for plastics the bait fishermen are getting good results on Prawn and Pilchards.A lot of Tailor taking anything from lures to bait and a trace might be a good plan.
The surf has finally lost the weed and some encouraging reports in the last 2 days with Salmon Flathead Tailor and some Snapper being taken on Bluebait and Squid, so with good weather predicted for the next few days   get amongst them Pagey

For those that love their records:  ARCHIVE 2010 ARCHIVE 2009