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Bream at Lake Tyers

Fishing Tips from No Fuss Guss 

Guss knows the local conditions
and has skippered many fishing parties
 on the lake over the years. So here it is -

The Lake Tyers

Fishing Report

Check Water Wheel Beach Tavern for your mates' next trip.
No Fuss Gus at Lake Tyers
23rd December 2019: Tailor lurking
25cm Bream hooked, then attacked by a Tailor @ Lake Tyers
Local gun fisherman, Joe, hooked this undersized Bream (maybe 25cm, but who knows?), then before it was even near the boat a second major bite was felt, and it was landed in Black Snake Bight with the back half neatly chomped off.

Jo is convinced it was a large Tailor that took that bite. It is an amazingly clean bite. If you are inclined to chase the not so famous monsters in our lake, the Tailor, then you better pack some decent wire traces and leaders. These are high level predators, and very fast, the Cheetah of our waters.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a happy and safe holiday period and we would love to hear of your exploits.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

21st December 2019: Don't discount shallow water

Bream have been taken in the shallower Northern side of the bay after the Trust going up the Nowa Nowa Arm using local Prawn from a boat, fishing back towards the side. The fish were good size and provided excellent sport in the afternoon. Deeper does not always equate to bigger fish.

Others have reported really good catches of Estuary Perch further up the lake. These fish have been stocked into Lake Tyers in 2016 and have had nearly 3 years of growth, so would be reaching reasonable size by now. This is a part of the "Target One Million" program and was supported by the Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club members. This a classic East Gippsland fish the we should hear more of over the next few years.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

14th December 2019: Trevally, a giant!
Trevaly 70cm landed after 30min battle in a kayak @ Lake Tyers
A reader sent in this worthy photo of a 70cm Trevally caught by Flynn Shields after a 35minute battle in a kayak. Now that is some feat, as Trevally are notorious for fast powerful runs and sharp turns, let alone a biggy like this one.

Well the lake continues to offer up surprises. Any interesting catches, large or small we would love to hear about them.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

14th December 2019: Chicken anyone?
A 101cm Faltty By Kev' from the Tav' @ Lake TyersKev' from the Tav' bagged this 101cm monster a week or so ago. Mention was made of marinated chicken being involved in the catch. Now you will have to either figure that out yourself, test it yourself, or just go and talk to Kev' over a few, to find out what really went on.
There is plenty of interest in Lake Tyers so far this season. We have long running fires to the North of us, around Bruthen and Buchan. There are plenty of fishers that come from that way and enjoy a fish down here, so we hope that they are going ok. There has been plenty of activity from our local East Gippsland volunteer fire fighters and we applaud their skills  and dedication in difficult times. Thanks folks!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

9th December 2019: Flathead on the go

Frank (Caltex) with a 40+ Bream Lake TyersGood reports coming in of Flathead and Bream on lures and bait, even marinated chicken (but more of that later). The lake is still very low and plenty of algae growing in the warm shallow waters.  This year these parts are very shallow and the algae is trapped for the most part and not drifting into the open waters. However it should be providing plenty of food and cover for fish fry working their up the food chain.

Plenty of boats on the water and the cleaning table is busy. Frank, from the Caltex Servo (+61 3 5155 5966) in the Esplanade is featured today with an excellent 40+cm Bream. He is also running fishing tours we believe, so give him a ring, and/or drop in for some supplies (bait and tackle) and have a chat about the local scene.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

27th October 2019: Waking up and Hungry
Dusty Stalker on Lake Tyers, Oct 2019
Trent Davis (aka Dusty Stalker) and his mate Tim have also shared a photo with us of early Flathead and Bream catches. Like Joe these guys are early starters in the season, and the extra effort pays off.

I gave the boat a run last week, to get ready for the season. The lake is in good condition. We are getting some fantastic weather for fishing, but occasionally very strong winds when the cold fronts from the west go through. Unfortunately they are carrying very little rain for us by the time they get here. Keep an eye on the forecasts.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

20th October 2019: Catches are trickling in

 Jo and the GT at Lake Tyers A couple of locals have contacted me with news of catches in the lake. A regular, and known for his huge Flathead achievements has teased us with a photo of a Trevally, but apparently he also caught Flathead and Bream as well. Joe is an early starter and his interest is a signal for all of us that we should get moving, because the Flathead and others are warming up.

The lake continues to be low. We have have not had any really decent rain now for about 4 years and the lake has not opened for the last 3 winters. 

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7th October 2019: Winter season over?

Things are warming up, Flathead observed but hard to catch, not really on the bite, more news soon.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

28th August 2019: Early or Late Bream?
Brodie and Guss'  haul at Lake Tyers.
Just thought I would take Brodie out on his first trip to target Bream. It looked like the weather, later in the week, was going to cut up rough, so Tuesday was it. We fished up around The Island and managed 4 Bream with two of them 40cm. Now whether these are early Bream for the coming summer or should be considered late Bream from last summer is just splitting hairs, but it was a great day using the local prawn (deep frozen supplies from last summer's Prawn runs) and made history with Brodie landing his first official "No Fuss Guss" Bream.

These are particularly good fish for this time of year, and given how low Lake Tyers has been, it is incredible how good the fishing still be. No doubt though the lake like the rest of the country around our lakes is under stress, so take care!

Great day, thanks mate!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

10 August 2019: Snapper
A large Snapper for Lake Tyers.Last week a pair of mates went out on a recreational fishing trip and caught a 50cm Snapper just before Devils Hole. Using local Prawn they managed to bag a very nice fish. Thanks for the photo Gazza!

Other very persistent fishers have also bagged good Bream on local prawn lightly weighted at the top of the lake, launching their boat at Nowa Nowa.

Though the rains have been disappointing so far this year, no sign of any opening and a freshen up, the fish continue to be caught, albeit in much lower numbers.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

19 Jun 2019: Mal brings a change of fortune
Mal and me went out last Monday and bagged four nice Bream near the Green Shack. Using local peeled prawn from the supermarket we got a few and lost a few. The higher up we went the smaller they got, the water was about 9C degrees, moving to about 10.5C above The Island. Things have slowed down considerably. There was one lone trailer in car park on Tuesday. However the recent rains of about 40-60mm in the last 30 days have lifted the lake a few centimetres. Better than nothing!

The "No Fuss Team" are gearing up for the Twin Rivers Competition for 2019. It is hard to snag a decent bream in these conditions, and it demands the very best from the anglers. Hope to see you there to share a yarn at the very least.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

27st May 2019: Hookers hooked on LTB
Rowey, reported to us, the Happy Hookers Fishing Club have been successful once again at Lake Tyers. This happy band of fisher-gentlemen have bagged some nice fish.
A handy bag of flathead and a Bream, Happy Hookers, May 2019
A handy bag of flathead and a Bream, Happy Hookers, May 2019
Notably they also reported an Estuary Perch around the 40cm mark. This is a fine fish, not often landed and hopefully we will see more of these appearing in catches as the fingerlings released in 2016 also mature. This fish can be distinguished from other species by the notch on the gill cover high up the shoulder.
Estuary Perch, Lake Tyers, May 2019
People are gearing up for the Twin Rivers Competition for 2019. lake Tyers is fishing quite well, but this current bout of cold weather (record snow in the alps!) will slow things down considerably. Catching any sort of fish in the middle of July will test the best of us!!!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

21st May 2019: Temperature dropping quickly
The lower lake has meant the water temperature has dropped fairly quickly this year. Accordingly the Flathead are going quiet, but encouraging reports of Bream and Snapper catches are coming in. Again try around the buoys and the Glasshouse. The preferred bait for Snapper are whole Pilchards, and the Bream are on local prawns, and in places hitting vibes really hard. Others report heaps of small fry, while irritating now, are the catches of the future. So the lake is looking to have healthy fish stocks, even though its been locked for the last three years now.

I am hoping to fit a few trips before the winter really draws in, so stay tuned.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

23rd Apr 2019: Snapper on the bite
We have heard that Snapper, in the form of 30-45cm Pinkies are to be had in the lake on Pilchard, either pieces or whole ones if you have the right size. Those in the know have bagged out. Around the Channel Markers and over at The Glass House have been good performers. There also plenty of undersized Bream around so keep a bit of bait on hand.  You may also get a big run from a Tailor that will make short work of a Bream rig.

Still looking for some good rains though, as is half the country. we did a level measurement last week and it had actually risen 4cm, so Rob was wrong and that 40+mm of rain had made a small difference.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

17th Apr 2019: In spite of very low levels...
Reports have been indicating Easter should bring joy to many fishers. Mixed bags of good Flathead and bream have been taken, though on bait mainly. The boat ramps are getting a bit challenging and a few boat owners that have have not taken care have found themselves stripped to the underwear and pushing vessels off a muddy bank!! We are in for a little rough weather in the next day or so, but it should blow over in time for major outings from Friday to Sunday, the lucky ones will get Monday too! The recent 40mm storm has not caused the lake level to rise to any noticeable degree. Fingers crossed for a very wet and stormy winter.

A special hello to Neil M who has provided some valuable feedback on this column for us to work on. Comments by readers are greatly appreciated and always read in detail. Thanks Neil!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

20th Mar 2019: Even, more catches
Just to add, Flathead have been quite prominent too in catches with people who target them regularly getting the trophy sizes (remember 55cm and over, handle and return safely!). Huge Tailor have also been encountered, so if you want to catch them heavy traces and lures are recommended. If they are around expect to lose your Bream tackle!

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

11th Feb 2019: More catches
Anglers have enjoyed more success this weekend with people able to get their bag of Bream and a few "take home" Flathead. Reports of the larger Flathead are around with recorded catches of the monsters sizes around the 85cm mark. Other reports suggest that there are many Flathead in the lake at the moment and the lake would be appear to be in good condition in spite of being at its lowest level for a couple of years. Check the report on the Lake Level.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7th Feb 2019: Plenty of Variety
Neil, a local gun, with a very nice TrevallyApologies for the long holiday break. We have no excuses there has been plenty going on, but keyboard time has been low!

The lake continues to be at it lowest level for many years with sandbars appearing everywhere. However local gun fisherman Neil has been cutting through and has shared three nice catches with us. Show here is the very nice Trevally taken last week. He also landed a really decent Flathead and Bream that are shown on the bragging pages.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)