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Bream at Lake Tyers

Fishing Tips from No Fuss Guss 

Guss knows the local conditions
and has skippered many fishing parties
 on the lake over the years. So here it is -

The Lake Tyers

Fishing Report

Check Water Wheel Beach Cabins for your mates' next trip.
No Fuss Gus at Lake Tyers
31st December 2016: Good year behind us, good things to come! We hope you you have enjoyed our 2016 year of fishing tips and news from Lake Tyers Beach. Just to finish off this year and give you a head start in 2017: Good Flathead have been taken midway up near Reedy Arm, Pirates Bay (aka Bulmers) and right down to the Glass House.  Baits used at the time were local Prawn and chunky Pilchard.  If the wind is light, then a slow drift along an edge is good to cover more ground, and hungry fish lurk around drop-offs.  Reports of good sized Bream around sandy areas and same drop-offs.

And remember we keep all our tips over the last 7 years online, so you can check back historically for the same time of year for more inspiration.  Rob and I wish you a safe and prosperous new year, as they say, "Tight lines!" and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

15th December 2016: Lures and bait working well on Flathead Smokin' Joe at Lake Tyers BeachThings are shaping up well for the Christmas/New Year holidays.  I have invited guest tipster Phil' from the Tavern to share what he has heard lately.  According to him: "The Flathead are biting well on both lures and bait.  There are some big ones around, so don't be afraid to put on big hooks, 15lb leader and chunky baits such as strips of pilchard or even whole banana prawns. You won't be annoyed by having to de-hook tiddlers, and you will be in the running for a Whopper!!" Joe has landed another recently, (see left and Brag Board) and you might just catch him at the Tavern as well. Not only can you catch up with Phil' about the latest fishing news, but you can enjoy a beautiful frosty glass of your favorite brew at the same time.  Take care, have a happy and safe festive season and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au) (PS see you at Santa-Time Dec 25, 11am Tavern).
Have you seen people keeping Flathead less than 30cm, or bigger than 55cm?  Dial 133 474 or 13FISH
20th November 2016: Bait, and along the edges did the trick No Fuss Gus at Lake Tyers Beach
Finally got out of the big smoke and back to LTB and caught up with a few mates.  As I have been reporting, things are steadily on the improve and I managed to bag a few nice ones myself.  Bait fishing with local prawn and slices of pilchard fished along the banks, in shallow water bought consistent results.

The banks from The Island down to the main, bottom lake were producing good sized Flathead and Bream.  Catches of oversize Flathead are continuing to be reported and the slot size restrictions ie "55cm and over goes back" seems to be paying off with many anglers getting to up their PB's, by pitting their skills against an LTB monster.  As well as keeping the breeders in the lake!!  Handle with care.

Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

Reminder: The Waterwheel Tavern is holding its Annual Fishing Challenge on
23rd-26th November 2016. Check their website for all details on registration and activities.
Fisheries are also offering Prizes for any Mulloway that are caught, photographed and released.

20th November 2016: The lake is fishing well
Boys make a good catch, Lake Tyers Beach Matty at the Tavern should be confident there will be good fish caught in the Comp' next week.
Good catches of Bream and Flathead are being taken, though the more competitive locals are not sharing too much detailed information and are unusually tight lipped at the moment.  There are plenty of boats around.
The mouth is open and strongly tidal, still keeping the lower lake in fine condition.  There has not been much algae around tangling lines etc
One catch of an Octopus large enough to be cooked (well done Tommy!) was reported last weekend.  These blokes (opposite) caught a handy feed this Sunday, fishing higher up, out of the wind. Well done guys!
Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

13th November 2016: Consistent Flathead can be found
Joe making good with a very nice Flatheade Tyers Beach Joe has landed another excellent Flathead last week and has generously shared this photo with us.  Joe likes the lures, plastics in particular, and has been doing well with the occasional thumper of a Monster.  This fish was handled correctly and returned safely to the water.  We have heard reports of selfish people in last year's season who did not comply with the Law and kept Flathead over 55cm.  These fish are invariably breeding females and provide the next generations of Flathead.  These girls do a better job than any fancy fish hatchery - if we look after them! So please respect the little Aussie breeders and give 'em a fair go to keep our recreation sustainable. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

29th October 2016: Bream in top end
Shane succeeds in upper reaches of Lake Tyers BeachBream are to be found in the upper half of the lake.  Don't worry about the brown tannin coloured water. Maybe easier to launch at Nowa Nowa and come down rather than take the long trip up the lake.  Jillian (staying at Frank's Place) caught this bag with his family and friends on the Melbourne Cup weekend.  Recent storms have freshened up the lake opening and it will probably stay open until Christmas.  The water quality is excellent and the summer break is looking very positive. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

23rd October 2016: Flathead are improving
Flathead Oct 2016 Joe using Lures, Lake Tyers BeachThe Flathead are beginning to come on the bite with good catches being taken by the keener anglers.  The temperature of the water in the lake is still a good bit below the lower end when fish begin to become more active.  However people like Joe (opposite) who regularly go after Flathead with lures do quite well.  A combination of local know how and skill! Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

2nd October 2016: Good catches coming in
Bream Sep 2016 Rowey from the HH's Lake Tyers BeachThere some good reports of very healthy Bream being taken in the Lake at the end of September.  The water in the lake in lower part of the lake is very clear and in great condition.   Rowey and friends from the Happy Hookers had a day out on the Bream and checkout the Brag Page for the full photos.  Similarly the Cooper family hit the right spots with some very handy Bream and Flathead catches.  People have felt the lake has been a bit slow recently, but these reports indicate that things are about to change.  Again check the Brag Page. For those without boats and have enjoyed the jetty at Nos2 Boat ramp, will be pleased to hear the new Jetty is quickly taking shape and will be a goer for the season in 2017.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

26th September 2016: Signs are things are on the way up
Early Flathead in 2016/2017 season Lake Tyers BeachThere have been encouraging catches of Flathead coming in with people having success.  Our featured anglers this week is Sharni Fudge with a 64cm Flathead on a vibe.  Great experience for a young angler.  No doubt dad's advice was a great help as well. Hopefully the sunshine in that photo is on the increase and the temperature of the lake will be rising.  I may have been a bit hasty saying the lake might close soon as recent rains and surf activity have it pretty wide open at the moment. Many of the fish are spawning around now so take care with your catches, and return prospective breeders (after the photo of course!!) Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

23rd September 2016: Highway report!
More a traffic report than a fishing report!  There is now a temporary single lane bypass beside the old Princes Highway path that provides a sealed road access from Lakes Entrance to Lake Tyers Beach, Orbost and beyond.  Vehicles towing boats will find it easy going, as it is gently sloped and with regulated 24/7 traffic lights.  When you drop into the Lake Tyers Beach Shop to get your Lake Tyers Fishing Map, you will see that once past the roadworks all the western access roads into Lake Tyers are still available.  The Lake has had about 100mm fall at LTB over the last two months, but with the lake still open, well - just open, the level has not risen.  The water quality is good, and the lower number of visitiors fishing fishing recently, should mean there are more for those who make the effort!  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

1st September 2016: Very quiet!
Reports from some experienced anglers are that the fish are not biting and quite hard to catch.  People were having some success on Clickers a few weeks back, but reports were scattered and not easily cross checked.  However more recent reports has indicated Mussels are definitely worth a try as they have been pretty hot in the Tambo and Nicholson.  The road works on the highway between Lakes Entrance and the Lake Tyers Beach turn-off are underway to fix a major subsidence problem.  People coming from Nowa Nowa to LTB won't really care, however all other traffic (including big busses!) are being redirected from Lakes Entrance to LTB via the old Bunga Road.  While not difficult it adds about 15 mins each way to LE, a real pain!  If you are towing a boat, take your time and you will be ok.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

30th July 2016: Good ones around
Bream Lake Tyers"Rub it in Rowey" has landed a very good Bream (see photo, 42.5cm)  :-)  Seriously though, nice one Rowey, well done. At this time of the year this is a premium fish.  The sharper readers will notice that it was taken on a red vibe and that maybe essential at this time of the year.  Generally it has been hard work to get decent sized fish, but they are around for the persistent!  The lake is flushing well with clear water extending as far as The Island.  We may see a return of the other species such as Leather Jackets, KG Whiting and Snapper next summer season.  Not to mention Mulloway and Estuarine  Perch that have been released last summer season.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

24th July 2016: Not easy, but good fish possible
Reports have been slow coming in as the fish are not very active, but for the persistent and patient anglers there are good Bream around.  In the Toorloo Arm, around the middle to upper reaches and across to the East around the Glasshouse, and also near the channel markers where the tidal effect is strong.  People have found that vibes are effective and have taken a few large Bream (>40cm) with them.  However others have returned empty handed, so expect to work hard for any catches, but if you do catch one, you could be handsomely rewarded.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

19th July 2016 : Very Heavy Rains and fishing hard going
The lake has opened and is now tidal again with a natural breakout occuring on 7/7/16.  The entrance is quite wide and good flushing is occuring.  This is quite early as seasons go , so we may see another opening before Christmas.
The Twin Rivers Bream Comp' was very enjoyable, though somewhat cold in the mornings!!!  Many good fish weighed in, but not by my team.  We tried all three rivers, the Mitchell, Tambo and Nicholson and the lake system but without finding any big ones.  The flood conditions had made things very hard to read, and the people who caught good fish did very well indeed.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

11-12th June 2016 : Local Fishing Club Competition
Weigh in at LTBAC v PA fishing clubsTwo clubs competed on Saturday and Sunday, The Port Albert Fishing Club, and my club, Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club.  The visitors were the winners, but a very good comp' was had by all.  Weather was challenging on the Saturday.  The visitors were using Clickers (or One Armed bandits) and had great success up around the Island.  The less fortunate anglers were pestered by huge numbers of very energetic small fry.  11anglers  weighed in fish totalling 44 Bream and 2 Leather Jackets.   Overall Port Albert won the comp, we must try harder next year.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

30th May 2016 : Parking area near ramp nearly empty on Saturday
 Things are very quiet on the lake at the moment. People are still catching fish, but winter has settled in and more challenging in general.   Recent success for Jillian between The Island and Cameron's Tracks with local prawn and netting both good Bream and Flathead.  Try earlier in the morning and along the banks and shallows.  Hope to catch up with a few of you at the Twin Rivers Bream Classic.  See you there. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

14th May 2016 : Fishers very active on Lake
There were boats  everywhere today on the lake.  Best Bream catches were taken early in the morning, with most catches getting smaller, and smaller as the day goes on.  Plenty of small ones stripping bait, so take plenty.  Half peeled prawn was the most successful.  The cooling waters appear to be reducing Flathead catches, though many small ones are around last week.  Fishing the shallows (warmer?) around inlets near the Trident produced good fish. Plastics will also work with Bream as well as Flathed.  The lake is very clear and in beautiful condition.   Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

News has arrived that Mulloway released as fingerlings October last year have been caught just below legal size of 60cm.  The local fishing club is helping collate scientific information on catches (and releases) of these fish in Lake Tyers.
Please visit this page if you land one, as your help will be greatly appreciated.

2nd May 2016 : Season not quite over
Around the end of the Channel Markers, Glass House and the bays into Fisherman's Landing have been providing good Bream action. Around the Red Cliffs down from Pirate Bay are yielding good sized Flathead.  The temperature of the lake is dropping quickly now and if you were thinking of fitting in one more fish before the winter break, this maybe the best opportunity.  The Autumn weather has been delightful with many days for good boating and fishing.  Don't forget the surf fishing is also easy access at LTB and well worth a try if sitting in a boat all day doesn't spin your propeller!  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

15th April 2016 : Quiet, but good fishing
Bream keepers around the 30-34cm mark are across the lower lake with Flathead being picked up over near the Glasshouse and the drop off alongside the sand flats and the Mud Islands.  Recent rain has not made much difference to the water levels, but it has  freshened up the local water and campsites. 
 Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

1st April 2016 : Lake is healthy and plenty of fish
Jillian with a good haul of Bream Lake Tyers Beach 2016 Good bags of Bream on local Prawn being taken with anglers revelling in the warmer water and active fish. Use 1/0 to 2/0 hooks if you don't want to be taking small fry off your hook all the time. They will be hammering your bait so take plenty. The last few days of Easter holiday were dampened by 25mm of rain. However people down for the school holidays are getting some sunshine now.  Try the banks and shallows in the bottom of the lake with lures and plastics for some good Flathead.  Jillian makes our photo opportunity this week with a good haul of Bream taken at Easter time.
 Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

25th March 2016 : Big catches around, but not for everyone
Nice Flathead from Lake Tyers, East Gippsland The Easter season is showing good catches of Bream, with warm water fishing is good across the lake.  Dave Ray, Colin and Cal did well fishing Labor Day weekend with Bream up to 35cm plus Flatties. In  3 days they managed 35 fish on the party boat, mainly Bream but we will feature a "keeper" Flathead in the photo.  Local Prawn and Pilchard are still the popular baits.  I hope you have a safe and productive Easter holiday, and don't forget all your safety gear as the Water Police are active at this time of the year. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss
Check out Lynton Barr's comments on the Licence Fee rise.
9th March 2016 : Big catches around, but not for everyone
The Happy hookers angling club had there comp at Lake Tyers Beach last week end the weather was perfect with excellent fishing.  Some very good fish landed the comp winner's were Nick Hume Friday 70cm Flatty, Luke Hume Saturday 41cm Bream, and Sunday Frizzle 60cm Flatty.  The Jetty at Number 2 is being replaced. Catches of Flathead around Crystal Bay, Glasshouse and Blackfellows Arm.  Check Joe on the Brag Board for his monster. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

29th February 2016 : Weather and fishing are both good
Flathead 83cm Flathead, Pauline, Lake TyersThe lake is in tip top condition and while at a seasonal low is still popular with anglers.  One of the highlights reported in to me was a catch by Pauline from Geelong.  She caught a cracker 83cm Flathead and demonstrates the best way at the moment to handle a monster Flathead and get it back to the water with the best chance of surviving.  We also have had visits from the Torquay "Oldies and Youngies" a fortnight ago and the "Happy Hookers" last weekend.  Both groups had a good time and took home some very good fish.  Young Damian (the Publican) from the Nowa Nowa Hotel  has reported good Flathead in the Nowa Nowa end of the lake in the shallows flicking plastics from the banks.  If you want any further details drop in for a chat. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

13th February 2016 : Plenty of activity
Estuary Perch caught by Jack Crooks, Lake TyersPlenty of fishing boats and good fishing going on here at Lake Tyers.  Car park full and cleaning table busy.  Apparently Pilchard has replaced local Prawns as the bait of choice at the moment.  There are good Flathead to be had, and try inside the curves of bays.  There are plenty of undersized Bream around, but in between good fish if you are patient. Recently had a post from Jack Crooks who caught this Estuary Perch on a Z-Man Grub in Black Fellows Arm.  Certainly not one of the recently released fingerlings (they don't grow that quick!) but a nice indication of what we hope to see more commonly happening at Lake Tyers over the next few years. Nice work Jack. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss  PS  Sorry about the absence of a recent tips page update as my mate Rob, who posts these for me, apologises to you all as he had been called away for a while on family matters.

26th January 2016 : Mixed Results
Flathead caught in Fern Bay, Lake TyersThere have been various reports around, some people people have found their favourite spots have been stirred up by the high level of long weekend boating traffic and are finding the fishing quite difficult.  Others, around Fern Bay for example, have been taking Flathead, Bream and Tailor.  As a result it may be time to try some spots high in the arms, above the 5kmph signs, and look for quiet spots along the banks.  If you believe the motors stir up the natural berley, then maybe alongside the channel markers is for you.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss  PS Hope you have a safe and enjoyable Australia Day!

9th January 2016 : Lake in tip-top condition
The streak of bad weather is over and with good weather comes good fishing.  On our outing today we caught Bream and Flathead, just missing a monster (got him to the top of the water for a look and he snapped the line :-( ) . Tailor were also in abundance and making a mess of light rigs.  Other catches were Trevally, many of very good size, and the occasional Leather-Jackets.  The lake is crawling with Garfish as well and they can be tempted with small bits of Prawn.  The Garfish are fairly small and maybe a more reasonable target in a month or so.  Good catches of Bream have been reported by others in the middle 30's to lower40's and plenty of Flathead in the keeping zone (>30cm and <55cm).   Prawns are reportedly running enough for the keen fishers.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss