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Bream at Lake Tyers

Fishing Tips from No Fuss Guss 

Guss knows the local conditions
and has skippered many fishing parties
 on the lake over the years. So here it is -

The Lake Tyers

Fishing Report

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No Fuss Gus at Lake Tyers
23rd December 2017: Bream are on the move. An excellent day on the Bream at Lake TyersGood catches of Bream are coming in.  Not all are taking bait with some of the lure specialists indicating they are as effective as bait. The lake is  still as low as it gets, though the water has not got too hot, with a pretty cool Christmas and New year (30mm rain 2 days ago). However it is possible, in the upper reaches shallow water maybe low in oxygen as it warms up.

We wish all our readers a happy and prosperous New Year, tight lines.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

We were greatly saddened by the passing of Loraine Frances, Guss's wife.  Her recent passing was totally unexpected, though she had been ill for a few months before hand. Lorraine was a good fisher and in any of the competitions that we were in, she held her end of the bargain, catching good sized, very competitive fish. Though she would remind us Guss was her best catch.
The community here at LTB is going to miss her infectious, irreverent humour and generosity.  She is greatly missed and we extend our sympathy to Guss and her loved ones.
The LTB team.

23rd December 2017: Big Flathead on the move. Jo lands another beauty, at Lake TyersFantastic Corroboree assisted by the FLOAT people last night. The spirits of the lake should be in a good humour after that epic performance.

Reports of big monster Flathead coming in. Warragul Angling Club (Happy Hookers) hooked up with quite a few last week. Our resident expert Jo has also landed quite a few already.

If you catch one of these monsters make sure you handle them correctly, that is, use a net to land them into the boat or on the bank, lay them on a brag mat for the photo and quickly slip them back into the water. If you do hold them up, grab the body as well to take the weight off the fish's "neck" (see Jo left), otherwise you effectively "hang" the fish and survival rates go down.

The number of fishers and boats will peak over the next week, so take your time relax, and help others. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7th December 2017: Heavy Rains and Freshwater. A beautiful day and a few on the water reporting good catches of Bream on bait, local Prawn, and keeper Flathead on darker lures, rather than bright and cheerful.  The fresh water has increased the turbidity to as far down as The Island.  This should mean boats don't spook them as easy as before.  Even just a wind change is enough to put them on the bite. However, generally the lake is in good condition with water quality (to the eye) very high. Small Salmon are being taken off the Nos2 Jetty and if they are trapped for the summer there could be some good sport around Easter and heading towards winter.  The 65mm of rain recorded at LTB raised the lake only by a few centimetres and did not even look like causing any significant movement towards the lake opening. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

21st November 2017: Good catches in many areas of the lake. A good keeper 49cm Flathead form Lake TyersWhile the fishing activity has not been intense, good catches are being more consistently reported. Flathead are being taken at good size and Bream from small to keepers around the Green Cabin and towards the Glass House drop off. Visitor and enthusiastic fisher Leigh Diana (Pictured left) caught a few nice 49cm Flathead in Black Fellows Arm using a pink coloured, slider style lure, a "Kari Bay". Our regular visitors, The Happy Hookers also had a success with Flathead as well.

Just a last minute reminder that the Tavern Fishing Comp is on this weekend  (Fri, Sat & Sun) and it promises plenty of fun and prizes for all entrants to have a go at. Head down to the Tavern to pay your entry from Thu evening on wards, and pick up your ID and measuring strip. Best of luck to all the entrants. It will be interesting to see if any of the recently stocked species, Estuary Perch or Mulloway are caught this weekend.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
13rd November 2017: Lake temperature on the rise and so are catches. Much more activity, and only a fortnight's difference. Catches reported of a many small Flathead and Bream, with a good likelihood of keepers. One huge Flathead 95cm (surely the maximum?) by Wolfman last week. Using simple bait like Prawns and Pilchard are attracting Bream, Flathead and Tailor.  Places as far up as Devils Hole and all through the Toorloo Arm are producing bites.  The water has clouded up a bit with recent rains, though not enough to lift the lake level more than a couple of centimetres. The lake's temperature has risen to 22ºC at #2 Boat Ramp and temperature probably accounts for most of the increased activity.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

3rd November 2017: Things are looking better Colin Hanner, Local Fishing Tours operator. Reports are coming in that a broad range of fish are on the move and starting to shrug off that winter sluggishness. Flathead and Tailor have been reported in the Blackfellows Arm, and Tailor and Bream up as far as Devil's Hole, with some success using a cocktail approach to bait, eg Prawn and Sandworm on the one hook. The temperature is on the rise, as we would expect, and local seasonal rains have added a little cloudiness to the water making sneaking up on them a bit easier. However this is the spawning season, so you may see big numbers on the sounders, but to be honest they aren't thinking of feeding ATM. However quite a few big Flathead continue to be landed (Nick the Painter got a 65cm off the #2 Jetty), so keep you hooks sharp, and lines tight.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

Pictured left is Colin Hanner with a catch from a morning run today, with a handy feed of nice Bream. (Lake Tyers Beach Charters)

6th October 2017: Low turn out Well the boat ramp car/boat parking at Number 2 Ramp told the story. Hardly more than 3-4 trailers per day in it over the September school holidays. One quick sortie up the Toorloo Arm proved fish-less on the 1st Oct. However on the return Journey we mapped the surface temperature of the lake back to the boat ramp.
Water temperature at Lake Tyers Beach
This shows the temperature just up past Long Point was about 17.5C and fluctuated on the way back, down to about 15.6C across the main lake, and returning to about 17.3C at the boat ramp. Quite some ups and downs.  Given that this is the type of sampling that boats read on their sounders it makes one wonder what use it is generally.  Anyway we will be looking for better weather and more consistently higher lake temperatures before things begin to move.  No opening this winter so things will certainly be different this year.
Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

25th September 2017: Fish still elusive We are struggling for decent rains at the moment. It looks as though the lake will stay closed this winter/spring. However this illegal netting incident, where local fisheries officers apprehended 3 people using a 22.5m mesh net, shows that there are fish moving around the lake.  Significantly though, most of the Bream netted look just size to a fair way under. This lines up with other reports that under size Bream are about the only ones active at the moment. Isolated catches of good Flathead have occurred, but often this is the single catch of the day.

Remember you can help our Fisheries Officers protect the lake by putting their 24/7 hotline 133474 (13FISH) into your phone. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

3rd September 2017: Cloudy water needed There has been a slight increase in cloudy water around. Without serious rain the water is going to remain crystal clear, which is a good indicator of the health of the lake system, but means fish are easily spooked. So stealth is main strategy, either very early mornings, or being prepared to stay out near dark, no noisy anchor launches, use the electric motor to position, and long casts from the boat or bank.  If you don't have much luck on the lake, guest tipper Paul, has said the Salmon are on the bite in the surf on lures that only need be cast with a Bream rod for good success. The temperature is still only just above 10 degrees. Rob has completed his trip up the lake measuring the temperature, so check out the Lake Temperature Profile. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

14th July 2017: LTB Trailer parking nearly empty Twin Rivers Competition this weekend. Preliminary investigation of Tambo River, on Wednesday, at the mouth and above the bridge with prawn and spider crab only proved the fish will be hard to find this weekend.  There has not been any significant storms and subsequent rainfall for about 5-6 months now, and the waters are clear, and only really running significantly with the tides. Previous years, with murky sediment laden water, is just not happening. Likewise at LTB, the lake waters are very clear, plenty of Mullet fry in the shallow waters and temperature at #2 Boat Ramp is 7.8ºC (Interestingly the water near Reeves Channel, off Kalimna, is about 12ºC). Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

26th June 2017: Hard to pick a good day Scattered reports of catches some with Flathead and some with Bream, mainly with bait. Very hard to see any trends at the moment, though fishing later in the evening around dusk, and the bank appears as good as a boat, up the Toorloo Arm.  Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

18th June 2017: A few a still givin' it a crack Positive reports are thin on the ground at the moment.  The weather's cool, the fishermen are getting choosey, and the fish are even more indecisive.  Even on a fine day like today, clear sky, chilly wind, only a few brave souls have put in to try their skills.  They will need to be canny and patient as the fish are mouthing baits and even when taking bait for a 'run' are more likely to drop it, than get hooked. The water temperature at #2 dropped to 8.88º C since a fortnight ago.  Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

4th June 2017: Cooling off.... Nice Bream in May at LTB 2017The lake temperature is cooling quicker and the fish are harder to tempt. The water is extremely clear with no significant rain to bring down tannin-laden catchment water.  The days are short and the algal blooms are all gone.

Catches are being reported by the fishers who are keen enough to fish the evenings, but mainly up the arms.  Smaller Flathead are still being caught.

Photo left is a 42cm Bream caught just on dark with bait near Pile Bay.  Lower down in the main lake is pretty much a waste of time, however I am happy to be proven wrong.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

Rainfall LTB 1st Half2017
Just for interest's sake: Rainfall at LTB first half 2017.  Not good!

17th May 2017: Experts required "There are still good fish in the lake".  This could be just wishful thinking on our part but people have said that they are getting good fish, Flathead and Bream, and with quite a bit of interest in Pinkies. However the comments are usually pretty guarded and difficult to tease out on detail, through to one incredible bragger who said his brother caught 1400cm Flathead in the lake.  Our own experience last weekend would suggest they are very hard work to find, and then catch.  The lake is teeming with bait fish and the water is very clean and healthy looking, so it is hard to to tempt them in that paradise. Don't forget the Twin Rivers Comp' is coming up on the weekend of July 15/16. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

6th May 2017: Slowing down, but good fish still there Chasing the bigger Bream is possible even though the temperature of the lake is dropping. Some jaw dropping sized Bream have been reported. We were reminded this week of our readers when an avid follower caught up with me at the Tav'. Neil and Allan got some nice Bream and Flathead last week and a huge Tailor. They have had a good time and will be back in August. We hope to catch up again folks! Don't forget the Twin Rivers Comp' is coming up on the weekend of July 15/16. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)
23rd April 2017: Snapper are an option Snapper taken from Lake Tyers BeachPeople are picking up Snapper on Prawn near the channel markers.  Bream are around, and you are just as likely get one of those, but they do seem to have dropped off. Flathead are still taking standard baits like Prawn.  However the lake is full of food at the moment and trying different baits such as Spider crab may give you the edge. This Snapper was given to a fellow fisher man at the cleaning table, and in another act of kindness one bloke took time off hopping into his waiting boat to give an elderly couple help to retrieve their boat.  Nice to see folks.  Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

22nd April 2017: Prawns are still around Walking back from the Tavern last Friday night I was pleased to see 4-5 prawn lights around the lake.  There must be still a few around. We don't often report on the Prawns, and last time we heard they were not very big, but that was a few months ago, they must have grown since then. Now that the Easter full moon is on the wane it might be time to get out the net and light and see if we can find a feed.  However the bumper catches in recent seasons after the Prawn release experiment seem to be over.  Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

11th April 2017: Lake is healthy and ready for Easter Luderick tiddler at Lake Tyers BeachPlenty of small fish taking (pinching?) baits with Prawn and Mussel producing results in most parts of the lake. People are reporting good catches as far as Devil's Hole and Toorloo Arm Bridge. Left, a small Luderick caught by young children chasing tiddlers for practice.  These boys were learning quick, and the Luderick were looking healthy.  All fish were returned to the lake unharmed. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

2nd April 2017: Flathead mainstay

Flathead are on the bite from Blackfellows Arm up to Crystal Bay on trolled Prawns. Bream plentiful but small, and it is hard work to get serious fish.  The Reel it in Flathead Challenge Competition last weekend yielded some magnificent fish and some fierce competition.  Check out their Facebook Page, I have and they were awesome!  The comp was catch and release so all those caught should still be out there in the lake for you to find. School holidays this fortnight, followed by Easter so you might be struggling to find a quiet spot if the weather is good. Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

20th March 2017: More fish, in more places

Bream, many small but good ones among them, are on the bite around Blackfellows Arm up to Long Point.  Flathead are around the shallows in the main lake.  Lure fishers have been reporting consistent Flathead results this season. Luderick with Sandworm on the right set up is also working around the snags.  Other species that have made their way in have also been caught in small numbers, such as Leather Jacket and even a John Dory caught by a dog!  People may also be interested in Wayne Thorpe's Booklet on the lake and benefits of natural openings.  Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

2nd March 2017: Is the tide turning? Garry from Bannockburn Angling Club
Garry (from the Bannockburn Angling Club) is showing the way here with a tidy catch of mainly Bream and some Flathead.  Lake Tyers and other popular lakes such as Sydenham Inlet and Tambo Inlet have been slow to kick the summer season off.  It has been reported by experts hard work to get a decent catch.  However it looks as though the season may just be beginning.  Local reports in the last few days would suggest an upturn and it is time to get hooks sharpened and get into them.
Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

22nd February 2017: More people catching more fish Simone at Fishermans Landing
Our good mate Rowey (from the Happy Hookers Angling Club)has been down with a few friends and landed a 85cm Flathead.  We have the other photo on the measuring mat so we know it is no bull!! I went out with my mate Trev' the other day and got onto Bream with Trev' on a PB with four nice Bream, and I caught two Tailor, a Flathead and ten Bream, all on local Prawn and Pilchard. In all the lake continues to fish well and when some of the wild weather quietens down, should be Ace! Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

11th February 2017: Good results across the lake Simone at Fishermans Landing
Plenty of fish being caught, with Bream in fine form, with smallest to largest aggressively taking baits, notably up around The Island. Flathead, Eel and Snapper have also been found there as well. Flathead are active again around the lower lake drop offs and working well on lures.  Other spots to consider are Whelans and Long Point where Bream have been active.

Simone (left) has landed a good sized Bream recently at Fisherman's Landing.

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

4 February 2017: Lake has quietened down and still fishing well. 40cm Bream on peeled Prawn at Lake Tyers Beach Size Bream caught near Fishermans landing
A couple of nice Bream catches to report this time, David Ray and Colin near fishing man's landing David's Bream 40cm caught on peeled Prawn.  An excellent catch and without having to go right up the lake to catch them.
Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

28th January 2017: Plenty of action on Flathead and Bream Flathead have been the most talked about, but Bream are also there for the taking as well. However results can be variable: Wife and Husband in boat together. Husband nearly bags out on Bream and Flathead and wife has only one "just size" Bream. Wife is a local champion fisher! A bad day can happen to even the best of us.
But if you are going out anyway, here are the tips. Around the Glasshouse area for Flathead in a metre or less and along the banks and drop offs, and around The Trust below the power lines with Pilcahrd. Best on plastics. Bream from Fisherman's Landing up to The Island. Bream on peeled Prawn and Pilchard. Fair few small but good catches reported of larger fish. For those of us who will be around after this holiday weekend, the fishing is bound to improve when the mass churning of propellers calms down.
Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)

7th January 2017: Good results across the lake No Fuss Guss at Fishermans Landing The year has got off to a fine start with many people taking good catches. Welcome back and I hope it is a good one for you too.

This haul was picked up by myself and Maurie on Thursday.  As usual the local Prawn produces regular results and these were taken from around the Trident (50cm Flathead) and Fishermans Landing.

The weather is improving and people have been getting good Bream around the Nos2 Jetty late afternoon.  Evening fishing with bigger baits, eg chunks of Pilchard and more rugged rigs will give you some decent sport with the Tailor that are frequenting those areas.   

Easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss (www.laketyersbeach.net.au)