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Digital Photography

 The beach and surrounding areas can be a rich and stimulating environment for a photographer.  Here are a few photos to whet your appetite and to inspire you to get the camera out and have a go!

Sand Crab on the Beach
For example, a dead sand crab on the beach and with some processing
Sand Crab with processing
Left Arrow - Special effects from Paintshop Pro - Right Arrow
Lightning by Frank Flynn 2009 Jul
Now if you are really patient you can grab a really great shot like Frank Flynn did,
 one dark and stormy night.
 Here are the details - f11, 16 secs using a bulb release, 100ASA
Lens set at 14mm (28mm equivalent for a 35mm film camera)
Olympus 510 digital SLR and a good tripod
Originally 3248 by  2233 pixels.

Can you do better?