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Flying like the Birds

Autumn and the flying machines are here

A lovely Autumn day at Lake Tyers Beach and for once the skys are not the unchallenged home of the soaring Pelicans and Sea Eagles, a noisy mechanised flying bird has taken over the sky.

Powered para Wings at Lake Tyers Beach
If you are looking for some exotic ways to travel then this is probably one the best.  Just put your faith in aerodynamics as Wilbur and Orville did almost exactly a hundred years ago, strap a motor to your back and use  parachute technology (Wilbur and Orville did without them, however I don't think they ever flew high enough for them to work anyway, so they just carried on regardless, true pioneers :-)

Powered Para Wings Lake Tyers Beach
Only the Pelicans could compete with the elegance, though the birds do manage to do it much more quietly.  But for the occasional Sunday arvo with a little noise, who really cares.  That true aviator spirit is on show at Lake Tyers Beach and good luck to them.