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On the trapeze at L:ake Tyers Beach
Rigging up at Lake Tyers Beach
Ol' rigging the 125 dinghy and checking the gear.  A solid craft that that has given many years of sailing pleasure.

You be surprised how sturdy this construction of ply and fibre glass it, believe me, it is great, we have tested it, thoroughly!!!

Built by 
Ron Peacock, he was farming in the Willaura - Lake Bolac area - probably about 1977.  Ol' has owned since 1981.

Sailing at Lake Tyers, rigged and ready.

Ready to go! A brisk 10-15km/hr gusty day made for a great morning of sailing, with a couple of tacks nearing full planing speed.  No doubt if Ol's crewman working the jib had lost a few kilos he would have made an even faster pace.
A very nice kitted out Hobie Catamaran
Hobie Catamaran at Lake Tyers Beach
A great craft and good performer with Ian on the trapeze.  Handled the 20kph winds quite nicely.

Hobie Adventure Island Frank Morton
Here is another excellent bit of Hobie gear, the Adventure
Island.  This is a  trimaran (a central canoe like hull, with two lighter outriggers) that has alternative power systems - sail, paddles, Mirage flippers or even a motor.
Hobie Adventure Island Frank Morton
The wheel's frame slip into tube into the central canoe section, and allow the boat to be maneuvered quite easily down to the waters edge.   They can be removed when the boat is floating and clipped into the hull again, upside down and behind the operators seat (see first photo).  Note the sail here is wound up to simplify the launch.

This shows a bit more of the central hull, with the Mirage flipper style drives resting in the front.  These are easily inserted and locked into their mounting and could be left out altogether if only sailing was desired.  When they are vertical they also help the (off) center board (to the right of the operator) provide that critical resistance to sideways slip (As the outriggers resist the center hull leaning very much with the wind, the center board does not have to be symmetrical, ie not centered, to be effective on either tack).  Thanks Frank for the sail, pedal and paddle, it was a very illuminating experience to see all the features in action.  It would make a formidable system for touring closed waters like Lake Tyers.