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Sand Castles

Just a few examples to get you interested in getting out the shovel and spade and heading down to the beach to carve out a new masterpiece to cause all passers-by to smile in admiration and appreciation.

Beach Goddess?  Lake Tyers Beach It is always a wonderful thing when someone's wit shows through with this beautiful mermaid.

The shells and sand say it all, though it may have been a bad sea-weed hair day :-)

Sand Car or Castle?  Lake Tyers Beach Here is a great idea for kids and parents to copy.

Why stop at cars?  Maybe a truck, or a ute, or a plane or a boat, even a submarine?

Here are some more Sand Castle tyros, honing their skills, step by step, seeking that deeper artistic fullfillment.
Sand Castles
A team effort in the early stages....
Sand Castle
Who said size does not matter????
Sandcastles at Lake Tyers BEach Sandcastles at Lake Tyers Beach

Huge Sand Trench at Lake Tyers BEach
The boys have been going hard on this huge project.  Budding Engineers???

Now for the really ambitious sandcastle builder....
Sand Castle at Lakes Entrance
This was made in Lakes Entrance, commissioned by the local authorities.  A great effort folks!!!