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Walking the dog

Great for the dog, great for the owner!

But restrictions do apply - dogs must be on a leash at all times and and only allowed on the beach between
April 30th, through winter, to Nov 1st .
Dog Regulations Lake Tyers Beach
However these signs are posted at the Tavern Car Park and the reserve immediately below the caravan park. In other words the main Lake Tyers Beach and the sandbar across the lake to the sea.   There are plenty of other access points to the beach (which may involve going down and up steps) that are not marked in this way and presumably are Ok to take your dog for a walk.
Walking Dogs Lake Tyers Beach
No doubt the regulations are to restrict dog owners to the less popular stretches of beach.  This would seem a reasonable deal for their freedom to have a really good run around, unhindered by tourists.
Two Dogs in the Surf, Lake Tyers Beach
At Red Bluff there are no date restrictions about dogs on the beach, but they must be on a leash at all times. You can form your own conclusions here about this bit of beach, or other more remote parts of the 90 Mile Beach.

Airie  Jacinta's dog Lake Tyers Beach
Why not teach your favourite pooch, like Airie here (Jacinta's dog) how to do some frisby tricks?  Jacinta's tip is buy a very cheap but strong frisby as you will probably go through a few of them.