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Santa 2015

The arrival of the of the big red Toorloo Arm Firetruck heralds Santa's entry for 2015.  Christmas Morning at Lake Tyers Beach would not be right without Santa coming along and giving a little joy and delight to the local's children and visitor's children alike.  They are all welcome at Lake tyers Beach. 
Santa and his hardworking helpers had been for days getting the bags of sweets and iced lollies to hand out free to the kiddies.
This time of the year has a great atmosphere and it is due to the generous people who give their time or donate money to this memorable Lake Tyers experience.
Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach
Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach
Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach
Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach
Santa getting special encouragement from his very special helper.
Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach
Elf Graeme checking the progress of the distribution and helping Santa keep up with his important work.

A special thank you this year to Alyssa Warfe for the photos, her help to document this occasion is greatly appreciated.

Santa's suit is an institution in this area have been handed from a previous generation of Santa to this Santa.

Santa 2015 at Lake Tyers Beach

Thanks to all the helpers whose sense of fun helps make Santa happy and have a good day too!!

Thanks to the Lake Tyers Angling Club, Safeway , Lake Tyers Beach ShopFoodworks
and the Toorloo CFA for their help on this occasion (the Real Truck was attending a real fire!!),
and especially to Santa and his helpers- you know who you are!!!
A fantastic community effort, a treat to delight local and visitor alike.
Bless ya, Santa!!