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GOOD FRIDAY Royal Children's

Hospital Appeal

We are taking a break from our normal format and supporting the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal.
The center for this  activity will be the Lake Tyers Beach General Store, ran by Shaun and Leanne.

The 2014 Raffle raised $966.00
Here are the prizes and the winners!!!!  Thanks everyone, Leanne and Shawn.
Trailer Load of Wood - $200 worth
Ellie Locke
Accommodartion at the Bell Vue
Julie Cameron
No Fuss Guss - 4hrs Maintenance Work
Bec Thompson
General Store Bottle Red & White Wine
Barb Tucker
Sportsco - Gift Voucher
joy Kaylock
General Store +WWBT - Kayak Hire 4 adults for 2 hrs
Bec Thompson
General Store - Fishing Tackle (corporate sponsored)
Geoff Tierney
Steve Cobb - Lawn mowing+clean up Valued @ $100
Lake Tyers Camping and Caravan Park
Fay Kleehammer
PFD - BBQ Tool Set
Big Gaz!
Handmade Doll
Jim Beam Stand
Joan Lynch
General Store -Bottle each of a Red and a White Wine Lakes Entrance Golf Club  TBA
Lee Noden - Local Surfing Prints
Joan Lynch, Amelle Cesbron, Crackcers
Betta Electrical Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Wayne Peel
Tumbler and olive Oil Set
Barry Jessep
Water Wheel Beach Tavern - Voucher $30
Barb baker
Number 2 Boat Ramp
Two Fishing Rods
Linda Noden
Salon Classique Voucher
Jessica Fraser
Fresh Food Hamper
Jason Burns
Fresh Food Hamper
Charli Leadbeater
A huge thank you to all those participated,
Leanne, Shawn at the General Store LTB

Face Painting

There will also be face painting at the LTB General Store between 11:00am and 12noon, and again 3:00pm to 4:00 pm all for just a gold coin donation.
Prize for the Tavern RCH AppealPrize for RCH Appeal at the Shop

First Prize - $200 worth of wood!!!

Even the Water Wheel Beach Tavern has been getting into the act with Phil, (our best known, and best loved barman), getting into the spirit of it all by grunging around at the bottom of the water wheel return water pond to retrieve all the loose change thrown in there by wishful thinkers over the last few years.  This is not an easy job and this particular evening was not a warm and balmy evening, so Phil has our extra warm thanks and regard for such a noble gesture.  PS No fish were harmed in this excercise.

So Please drop in to the LTB Gen Store on Good Friday and be a part of the fun
and the good vibe by supporting this very worthy cause.