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Table of local weather parameters
Graphs read: Left (12 hours ago) to Right (Now)
AIR PRESSURE (over 12 hrs)
Air Pressure Graph
AIR TEMPERATURE (over 12 hrs)
Temperature Graph last 12 Hrs
WIND SPEED (over 12 hrs)
Wind Speed last 12hrs
WIND DIRECTION (over 12 hrs)
Wind Direction Map last 12hrs
An original graphical representation of wind direction and strength.
Each set of vertical blocks is an hour of activity (ago).
HUMIDITY (over 12 hrs)
Humidity last 12hrs
Main bushfire danger indicator, around 30-40% means look out!!

RAIN FALL (over 15 days)
Rainfall last 15 days
The rainfall is the exception to the other graphs above, as it needs a little
longer timespan to make for interesting viewing. Rainfall Experiments

Emergency Services Button Rain Radar for 256km  Button Synoptic Chart Button Ultra Violet Radiation Button
CFA Button Rain Radar for 512km Button for Moon Phases Solar Energy Button

The Student Data file: RAWDATA
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