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Archive 2013: How much water is in Lake Tyers?

How deep, or what is the lake level at?  It is relatively difficult to say what the level of a small-ish lake is when there there is no "mean tide" level to work against.  So what ever is given here is just general advice and needs to be qualified by any local experience you can glean when visiting.
26 July 2011:  There has been a little rain, but mainly the down flow of the rain in the catchment above Scrubby Creek, slowly pushing the lake up.  Here is a photo for David showing the view from the front of the Tavern at dusk.  As he will be able to see, plenty of windsurfing area here now, but for how long?
Water Wheel Tavern at dusk with Lake Tyers full.
22 July 2011: Lake is filling quickly, but still away off opening.  However you can see the  floating jetty is about level and fixed jetty is now under water, so it has risen this much in exactly 48 hours!!!  Checking the level tonight it has not risen much more after another 12 hours, so may have stabilised.
Lake Tyers Beach  22 July 2011 8:00am
Below is how high it was last time it went.  We have a little way yet to go.  29th November 2009
Lake Tyers Beach about to break through

20 July 2011:  Very consistent falls over many days, with very little let up.  The level is getting close to the break through point, though a little way off yet as far as I can see.  The rubbish bins in Tavern car park are not floating yet, nor is the fish identification chart under water yet.  Could be a little way off yet.  It would be nice ot have this level over a summer.  We live in hope.
Lake Tyers filling quickly July 2011
19 June 2011:  Considerable rain has fallen in the catchment area and the lake has risen significantly.  I made it to be 36mm here at the LTB, maybe considerably more in the headwaters.  Anyway the lake is starting to hit prime depth at the moment, however a bit cold for many fish. (note the bottom rung under the jetty is well and truly covered)
Lake Tyers Beach #2 Boat Ramp and Jetty
15th April 2011: Some quite heavy falls have maintained the level of the lake at about what is shown below, about 100mm (6") below the lower rail on the jetty.  We could have hoped for a slight lifting of the level with the amount of rain we have had in East Gippsland, but maybe it just hasn't fallen in the lake's catchment area.
27 February 2011: Occasional falls in the headwaters of 20 to 30mm but not enough to top the lake up.  It has been steadily declining since mid December 2010,  probably a drop or 15-20mm.
Lake Tyers 27 Feb 2011
21 January 2011: A bit of scattered rain, in 5 to 10mm lots. The lake has fallen about 80mm over the last month or so.  Probably due to evaporation off the lake and leakage across the bar.