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Lake Tyers Beach

Activity Around The Lake

If you are interested in the Great Outdoors then you will be keen to know about  Weather around Lake Tyers Beach.  This site provide free 24/7 weather observations.
An  Oregon Scientific Weather Station on my house monitors 24/7 current -
  • wind speed and wind direction
  • air pressure
  • air temperature and humidity
  • last 15 days total rainfall

The last 12 hour histories are shown on graphs that are easy to read and easy to correlate changes in conditions between them.
15 day histories of rainfall and air pressure graph are also provided.

Of particular interest to fishers, sailors and surfers will be the checker board of the wind direction and intensity.  This original concept has been developed by the site's author to allow a quick interpretation.Click here and all will be revealed.
Forgotten where something is? Use the GOOGLE Search, it is all crawled.
After the official line on our beautiful Lakes?? Official EGCMA Site

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